Tumay Ulutaş Ertuğrul

Tumay Ulutaş Ertuğrul

She works as a Special Digital Projects Manager at DAN Global with 10+ years of experience and knowledge of digital marketing. Nowadays, her focus areas are digital project management, digital PR, content marketing, growth hacking, online learning and also digital startups. Apart from these, she is also a professional scuba diver, amateur photographer, traveler, and food lover.

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Developing an Effective Content Marketing Strategy for Startups

Getting started in content marketing, particularly if yours is a startup, can seem challenging. It encompasses more than just creating engaging blog posts, infographics to drive sales, videos, etc. Beyond writing incredible copy or creating remarkable visuals, you have to incorporate content management tools and social media algorithms to improve […]

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Best Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B Lead Generation in 2021

With the current conditions that are going on in the world, online platforms have taken over the business sector. For the systematic growth of a business, proprietors should have the knowledge to utilize digital marketing to the max. The enterprise’s growth depends on the number of leads generated. Therefore choosing […]

Web Design & Development | Blog
13 Essential UX Designer Interview Questions and Answers

Landing your dream job is all about finding the perfect balance between upscaling your work skills and mastering your soft skills to ace interviews. Similarly, jumping head-first into any interview as a UX designer only after working on your design skills and portfolio can lead you to roadblocks in the […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Small Business Guide to Video Marketing: Ideas & Strategies

Video marketing is self-explanatory. It is the usage of videos to promote or market one’s company or services. It can be used from something as small as live videos to something as big as product promotion. We often see ads on television or videos on social media platforms. These are […]

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Digital Transformation vs. Digital Marketing: Differences & Similarities

The times we are living in demand us to be present online. Every aspect of our lives is now connected to the internet in one way or another. The business sector is experiencing digitalization the most with their customers being digitally sound and demanding, their services to be digitalized too.  […]

Web Design & Development | Blog
Best Slack Groups & Communities for UX Designers in 2021

With the ever-evolving networked spaces for professionals across the world, Slack groups and communities have been advancing with giant strides. These communities are more or less like or nearly identical to other social media groups. What makes them more and more preferable and dependable among the users is that these […]

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Best 5 Podcast Marketing Strategies for 2021 to Gain More Listeners

How would you better market your latest podcast in 2021? We give you all the best podcast marketing strategies you may need in this guide. You will find inside:  Some of which you might already know from popular podcasters Best practices to market your podcast effectively A step-by-step guide for […]

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How to Write a CV for Digital Marketing in 2021?

Advertising through digital platforms or channels like social media, email, and websites is known as digital marketing. In the modern world, digital marketing has become a necessity to grow a business. Below is a complete guide to writing a CV for digital marketing in 2021. What to put on a […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
How to Develop Digital Marketing Skills with Online Training

The business growth in a country determines the country’s status as developed or developing. Marketing is a central part of this business, thus it is essential to understand more about marketing. It is the act of promoting and selling products and services, which also includes market research and advertising. Presently, […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Best 7 Countries to Study Digital Marketing in 2021

Digital marketing includes all internet marketing or electronic device related marketing activities. Companies use digital marketing on various online platforms such as search, social media, video and email. Expectedly, it is a fast-growing field and a more and more common university degree. The position of the digital marketer is constantly […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
7 Most Popular Digital Marketing Job Titles 

Digital marketing in its simplest form includes any online marketing initiative. Like search engines, social media, portals, blogs and online ads, digital platforms. Since so many people spend so much time online, it is not common today to find a marketer whose position is not to some extent digital marketing. […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Impact of Digital Marketing on Small Businesses in 2021

Digital marketing acted as a lifeboat for small businesses in 2020. Companies with digital marketing solutions found themselves in a situation of development and demand. Every business, understanding the importance of digital marketing, opted for digital solutions. This trend has effectively followed itself to 2021. Many budding entrepreneurs have dived […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Best Growth Marketing & Hacking Courses and Training in 2021

Every start-up looks for one thing as they are setting up in the industry: a greater number of users. Only by expanding the user base can one expect to further business-related goals. Unless a start-up manages to grow with considerable speed, it will be considered a failure.  The requirement calls […]

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How to Practice Your Digital Marketing Skills?

In today’s digital age, a business cannot survive in the long run without digital marketing, as it provides a large scope for customer attraction. Digital marketing involves controlling how one sees your business through electronic media. You can brand your company the way you want, and with the right strategies, […]

Social Media Marketing | Digital Marketing | Blog
Top Differences Between Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing

We live in a world that is going digital increasingly. From shopping to marketing, everything can now be done through the internet. In recent years, two marketing fields have been getting a lot of attention from businesses across the globe: digital marketing and social media marketing. What are the differences […]

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