Best Clubhouse Online Courses & Youtube Tutorials

If there is one social media platform that has been getting tons of traction and attention lately from all kinds of internet users, it is the Clubhouse app. Clubhouse is one of the newest social platforms out there but you’d be surprised to know that many prominent celebrities, tech giants, and influencers have already started calling the app their home and have been using it regularly to speak to and interact with others on the platform.

But what exactly is Clubhouse? What is it used for and how does one install it?

All we know about the app is that it is an audio only platform where people create audio conferences or chatrooms for other people to join in and listen on what their favourite creators and celebrities have to say. The app’s features and usage are still relatively unknown because it is only available on iOS and the only way to access the app is by getting an invite to it. Even the people that do get an invite to use the app still get confused by the app’s interface and have no clue on how to utilise it well.

That’s why there are tons of online courses and clubhouse tutorials out there that you can use to get the most out of your Clubhouse app. To save you time and from trouble, we have already gathered a comprehensive list of these online courses and youtube tutorials that you can choose as per your requirements. We recommend reading the article till the end so that you can find the perfect learning material for all your learning needs!

Clubhouse App For Beginners: Complete Business Tutorial by Udemy

While there are several clubhouse tutorials and courses on Clubhouse out there, few come close to being as detailed and comprehensive as this free Udemy clubhouse app online course does. The business tutorial is a perfect way of starting up your Clubhouse app as it guides you through a detailed explanation of how to set your account up perfectly using a lead-generating bio and what responses you should have while using the app.

Ultimately, the clubhouse app online course can help you directly get leads on the app and help you generate revenue through it. In this free clubhouse for beginners course, you’ll learn how to set up your own Clubhouse profile in a way that helps you get more followers and assist you in configuring your app the way you prefer it to be.

It’ll also guide you through the various basics you need to understand before you start finding people with similar interests to yours. As you become more and more familiar with the app, you will learn how to start your own business there, how to make money on the app, and how you can get more followers from it.

While the course contents are immaculate, the teacher can be hard to understand at first because of her heavy accent which can make the learning process a bit difficult for those that are not native English speakers. Apart from that, this is one of the best, and one of the only, free Clubhouse tutorials out there.

Clubhouse Masterclass by Evyrgreen Networking

While many people would love to use Clubhouse as a social media app to interact with other like-minded people that have the same interests as them, it is crucial to understand that Clubhouse too, like any other social media app, presents an excellent opportunity for growing
your business.

In this clubhouse masterclass by Evyrgreen Networking, you explore this idea in-depth with a private paid clubhouse app online course that guides you through how to navigate in the app properly and how to use it for your business to generate actual revenue. This is one of the only courses on the internet that manages to create a comprehensive and accurate strategy for attracting clients through the app and gives users useful resources to do the same.

If you are looking for a new way to attract influential and major clients to your personal brand and business, this clubhouse masterclass can be an optimal choice for you. The only caveat to this clubhouse app online course is that it is paid and there are tons of courses and clubhouse tutorials out there that teach you a similar amount of content for absolutely free without any additional cost.

Clubhouse Explained (Full App Walkthrough) by CNET

While there are many courses and classes out there that go in-depth about using the clubhouse app effectively, many times the only thing you need the most is a detailed youtube tutorial that covers most of the basics of the app in a simple and straightforward manner. This youtube tutorial by CNET does exactly this and helps you understand the very fundamental basics of the Clubhouse app with relative ease.

The video is an extremely detailed tutorial that serves as a how-to guide for virtually every function and feature on the app. It tells you what button does what and what you should do to achieve certain goals on the app such as joining a conference or following someone you like on the app. From getting the app itself to setting up your profile, from joining a room to creating your own one, this youtube video covers everything in fundamental detail.

While the video is great in several aspects, it fails to understand the advanced functions of the app and only covers them in basic detail for the ease of the watchers. That can be easily remedied, though, with our next youtube tutorial on this list.

Clubhouse Tutorial for Beginners by Sharon Tseung

This youtube tutorial is the perfect choice for those that already know how most conferencing apps work and are aware about the basic features of the Clubhouse app. If you don’t want to deal with lengthy courses and detailed explanations while learning more about the application, this short youtube video of about 8 minutes can be an optimal choice for you.

The video nicely explains how you can use the Clubhouse app to increase your reach, the tips you should follow while using the app and what you should do during a live chat room with other people. It explains the various advanced aspects of the app that many courses and classes need a lot of time to reach.

While the video is a great way to get familiar with the app with minimal time and effort, it is also crucial to know that you will miss out on the fundamental feature explanations of the app that you may find in other videos and in dedicated courses.

There are tons of online courses and youtube clubhouse tutorials out there that talk about the clubhouse app and explain how to use it in an effective and simple manner. We hope this guide helped you find most of these online courses and tutorials and assisted you in understanding what the app is all about.

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