Best Messaging App Campaigns for Beginners

SMS Short Message Service (SMS) marketing will undoubtedly appeal to marketers and business owners.

As a communication strategy, text marketing is a favorite among marketers because of its highly responsive audiences, unmatched open rates, and promotions that succeed because customers and prospects receive them on mobile devices they carry with them 24/7.

Unlike other communication channels, SMS is a permanent fixture on every phone since it is built into every device by default.

Almost all SMS messages are opened and read by the individuals who receive them. Your customers usually look at their phones when they wake up since it’s the first thing they do. Imagine how captive these customers are.

If you are getting your head around SMS or considering integrating this channel with your existing software, you may be thinking of what SMS is.

If you’re trying to add SMS marketing to ongoing campaigns or your overall mobile marketing strategy, perhaps you’re unsure how to get started.

Let’s examine how you can make the most of text marketing and what best practices to follow.

Are messaging marketing campaigns still effective?

SMS marketing continues to prevail in the age of social media and email because it is relevant, straightforward, and opens directly to your customer’s device (among other benefits).

The world’s smartphone users number approximately 3.8 billion currently. There’s no need for them to be online on social media or check their email daily, but they should be receiving texts.

Thus, SMS marketing offers the possibility of keeping your customers’ attention and increasing conversion rates.

What are the reasons to use Messaging marketing software?

Deliveries that are faster

You can send your messages more quickly over SMS than social media or email.

The reason is that SMS messages are delivered directly to your customers’ phones no matter what type of device they use or who their service provider is. It’s easy to check the message on their social profiles or email because they don’t have to visit their profiles or emails.

Click-through and open rates are higher

The opening rates of SMSs are 98% higher than those of emails, and their clickthrough rates are 9.18% higher than those of other digital marketing channels. Text messaging is effective.

Results that can be measured

By tracking SMS campaign performance with SMS marketing software, you can see how well your SMS campaigns are working.

Using the dashboard, you can view how many SMSs were sent, how many were opened and answered, and generate reports for review. The outcome of your evaluation will allow you to adjust your strategy accordingly.


Lastly, let’s discuss which SMS marketing platforms will help you connect and engage with your customers and generate more revenue.

Bulk messaging allows you to send your customers a large volume of messages without spending much. With SMS marketing, you can avoid the cost and effort of email campaigns by not requiring more creativity, design, and effort.

6 Best Messaging App Campaigns for Beginners


SimpleTexting is a direct-to-customer SMS app focused on marketing more than many other SMS programs. Additionally, you can run marketing campaigns and send out preset messages and interact with them directly.

Once you click on the Campaigns tab, you will find a button to create a new campaign, and you can interact with your customers almost immediately.

The Apps tab of SimpleTexting allows you to create surveys, sweepstakes, polls, and other technical marketing tools. A keyword setting in the Keywords tab allows you to get new prospects immediately.

If a client texts SUSHI to 555-999, their name will be added to the sushi deals list. As soon as they join, an autoresponder will respond with an automatic discount code asking if they would like more information.

The autoresponder can send a second preset text message if the customer wants more information.

Analytics are a great feature of SimpleTexting. The Subscribers section provides detailed information on your subscribers, including the keywords they used to join, how many autoresponders were triggered, and how many people unsubscribed.


The most basic and simple web application on our list is SalesMsg. The power of Salesmsg is its ability to integrate with other apps and applications. This panel is easy to use because it only has four tabs: Contacts, Chats, Broadcasts, and Triggers.

Your local number is immediately created after you sign up for Salesmsg. You will use this number to send all your text messages. Individual numbers can also be assigned to members of your team.

A call forwarding feature is also available, so a customer will be able to reach you at your personal or business number if they call your number.

This software is excellent for handling and managing appointments since it is integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. If a customer texts you to schedule an appointment, the appointment will instantly be added to the calendar.

Furthermore, it integrates CRM software, which allows you to handle text messaging even more efficiently.

The Triggers feature in Salesmsg allows you to create a webhook that sends out various kinds of messages directly to your customers. Any service can be connected via Zapier.


Twilio is a canvas that’s completely blank when it comes to design. Using its powerful API feature, you can integrate SMS tools into any app and create whatever service or campaign you like.

Integrating Twilio with Zapier, Zoho, and HubSpot makes it very easy to use the app in more ways. With the Zapier account connected to your Twilio account, you can easily send and receive texts.

Depending on your needs, you may collect text from clients using Google Sheets or Slack.

Twilio includes Studio, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool that makes creating SMS autoresponders and surveys easy.

It would be best to have a trigger whenever a message is received, or an event occurs on the calendar.

Your marketing plan can then dictate the response criteria. The entire process is effortless, the tutorials built into the software are very helpful, and the project templates are extremely useful. With a few clicks, you can create a great SMS marketing campaign.

Whether you’re a developer or not, Twilio is very easy to use. When you open the app, you are asked whether you are one.

The interface becomes more complex if you are. You can freely customize your work environment, no matter your choice. Twilio is cheaper than other services because of the complexity of customization, especially if you are prepared to do the work to set it up.


Use TextMagic for easy SMS marketing. The mass texting software allows you to send personalized messages to your staff, suppliers, and customers.

With this application, you can send alerts, confirmations, SMS marketing messages, and notifications anytime. You can send mass text messages to users in more than 190 countries once you are logged in.

Convert emails into text messages for delivery to any smartphone. SMS gateway API can be integrated directly into the text message. Online SMS can be sent and received using the software on your Mac or PC desktop.

TextMagic provides an efficient, cost-effective, and secure communication method with partners, employees, and customers. You will also be able to create virtual mobile numbers, schedule text messages, send SMS attachments, send MMS, create mail merge templates, manage SMS opt-outs, and more.


You can send SMS messages online using ClickSend, an easy-to-use web-based SMS portal for businesses. The Web to SMS service allows you to send thousands of messages worldwide. The SMS Gateway API even permits you to control transactional SMS.

The ClickSend SMS gateway lets you send SMS messages to individuals or many contacts at once through a simple online process. The solution also uses the Microsoft Outlook Plugin.

Furthermore, bulk SMS can be sent through an existing application or online service. SMS service handles the rest, making your task straightforward once you add the list of customers and their details.

The features, plugins, etc., allow you to send marketing messages, transactional SMS, promotional SMS, events, and reminders easily. SMTP gateways enable you to send bulk SMS, giving you a powerful performance.


Drive more profits with Drip’s dynamic and personalized product recommendations. You can automate the processes by using Drip’s workflow builder.

SMS is a convenient, immediate, and to-the-point way of connecting with your users and customers. Using them is a great way to establish a relationship with them, send valuable messages, and generate revenue.

Use the simple Drip form to add top customers to your list. Most customers prefer SMS to emails and phone calls. Most customers like text messages, but they enjoy them even more if they contain a promo code. SMS marketing benefits reaching your customers wherever they are with a few clicks.

By sending holiday promotions, time-sensitive offers, VIP campaigns, and more, you can grab attention, boost loyalty, and drive urgency to your business. People do not like long and spam messages.

It would be best to write simple, short, and easily understandable texts to attract more customers. The delivery date and time can also be added, and the process can also be automated to prevent customers from being missed.

The SMS marketing industry is not dead; it is evolving along with technology. So, choose any SMS marketing platforms to enhance your conversion rates by connecting and engaging with customers. What do you say?
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