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Influencer Marketing (On A Small Business Budget)

This class is for business owners or marketers that are looking to expand awareness of their product or service. It will be particularly valuable to those who have never run an influencer program before, and who have a limited marketing budget to work with.

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Influencer Marketing Online Course

This 6 week course will teach you everything you need to know about Influencer Marketing to take your business to the next level. This course is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals.

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Influencer Marketing Masterclass To Grow Your E-commerce Biz

Influencer Marketing is a really powerful form of advertising that you can learn to use quickly and easily. It’s not complicated. Jump into this masterclass and learn how to solve your traffic problems with Influencer Marketing!

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Confluence: The Meeting of Content and Influencer Marketing

By taking this course, you’ll get essential tools to keep your influencer and content strategies aligned in order to attract and convert more customers. From collaborating with influencers on content to proving the impact, you’ll become an influencer marketing master in no time.

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Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with Bloggers and Increase Your Brand Awareness

This class is perfect for business owners, freelancers, marketers in the making looking to increase their reach. By the end of this class you will have all the tools needed to craft winning influencer marketing campaigns.

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Influencer Marketing: Zero to Hero

In this course, Gretta will teach you everything you need to know to run a successful influencer marketing campaign from start to finish! You’ll also receive our free influencer marketing campaign planning worksheet to guide you step-by-step through planning your own campaign. Featuring real-world examples and lots of tips and […]


Influencer Marketing 101

Learn all there is to know about the fascinating world of Influencer Marketing. This in depth course is presented by Influencer Marketing Hub – the leading Influencer Marketing Authority in the World.

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Fast Track Influencer Marketing Training Course

This intensive 1-day Fast Track course is a great way to fully understand the potential of influencer marketing. Identify the right influencers, avoid common pitfalls and plan, implement and measure successful influencer campaigns and partnerships.

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Influencer Marketing Strategy by Coursera

This course is about strategy. Although there is no all-purpose, one-size-fits-all influencer marketing strategy template, you will learn how to tailor one for a wide variety of B2B, B2C, and nonprofit organizations using the two-step flow model of communication. But this course is also about tactics. I believe, “Strategy without […]


Instagram Marketing: Become an Influencer Quickly!

This course will guide you on how to run a successful Instagram marketing campaign. Discover how you can turbocharge your results with Instagram, just enroll today!

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Personal Branding Course – Become An Influencer

In this personal branding training course, you will find 115+ training videos that amount to 80+ hours of content to learn and 100+ Documents, templates, notes, action plans, and more to kickstart your personal brand.

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The Ultimate Online Influencer Marketing Course

In the space of 5 short years, Influencer Marketing has grown by 10x as an industry. Why? Because it is insanely effective and profitable when executed correctly. TribeGrowth uses a tried and true 10-step process for planning and executing an influencer marketing campaign.

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How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy for your Brand

Wondering how to grow your brand and build awareness for your next big event or project launch? Working with an influencer could be the answer for you. If you’ve been hearing how amazing Influencer Marketing is but haven’t figured out how to use it – this course is for you!

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Influencer Marketing Foundations

Influencer marketing has taken on a whole new meaning since the rise of social media and the decline of traditional advertising. Influencers can lend your brand authenticity, expand its reach, grow your own social following, and even increase sales. Learn from millennial marketing expert Chelsea Krost as she explains how […]


Fast Track Influencer Marketing Training

This Influencer Marketing training course will allow you to stay on top of shifts in approach, while understanding the best-practice methods that underpin this relatively new discipline.

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Influencer Marketing Course Online

In this half day online live course, we will share our guidance on how best to plan your influencer outreach projects from start to finish. This course is delivered live online & limited to only 10 businesses per workshop series.

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Introduction to Influencer Marketing

An overview of influencer marketing for brands, entrepreneurs and influencers who want to maximise this media channel. Know the influencer archetypes and where best to use them.

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Setting Sail on an Influencer Marketing Program

By taking this course you will understand what influencer marketing is and why it matters more today than ever before. Learn to plan, build, execute, and measure an influencer marketing strategy that integrates with the overall marketing goals of your organization.

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Influencer Marketing Strategy – How to Become an Influencer

In this course, they will be covering some of the most effective ways to put content creation and outreach to work for your passion, business or branding efforts. Discover how influencer marketing is quickly changing the way individuals, brands and businesses attract attention!

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How To Become A Successful Social Media Influencer In 2021

Influencer marketing is a new digital marketing strategy that consists of achieving a series of collaborative links between brands and companies and those people with high visibility and prominence on the Internet, known as ‘influencers.’ With this video course, you will learn all secrets about influencer marketing.

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Influencer Marketing Online Course

In this online course, you will learn how to identify influencers, and differentiate those who can motivate behavior from the “merely popular”. At the end of this course, you will be able to craft communication approaches to influencers, including pitches and press releases.

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How to Gain Instagram Followers for FREE Organically (2021)

In this course, they will guide you in step-by-step format with tips on configuring, optimizing your Instagram account. You will learn the latest Instagram algorithm changes, understanding the system and using it to the best of your benefits. You will learn to grow your account organically with free tips and […]

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Data-driven Influencer Marketing

In this course, you will learn data-driven influencer marketing planning, identification, measurement, and ways to get the best return on your investment. By the end of this course, you will be able to deliver meaningful results for your brand and business. Your instructor, Siim Säinas, has 10 years in social […]


Influencer Marketing

In this course, you will explore how to find influencers using free and paid-for methods, how to communicate with influencers, and finally how to measure influencer marketing campaigns. The first section will explore a brief introduction to Influencer Marketing where insight will be given to understand the different tiers of […]


Influencer Marketing Master Class

Influencer marketing is growing quickly as more and more brands are looking for creative and relevant ways to grow online. This master class will show you exactly how to create an influencer marketing plan for your business; regardless of your budget or size. Discover practical and actionable ways to work […]


How To Choose The Best Influencer Marketing Course?

In this age of tremendous competition, one needs to have a clear understanding of their goals. This understanding enables one to filter out from thousands of opportunities and select the one most in-line with their requirements.

Well, as far as an influencer marketing course is concerned, one needs to consider a great many parameters. Some such questions that require thorough consideration are: what are your goals, what are the objectives of the course, what brand(s) do you want to promote, which type of platform suits you the most, what is the period of the influencer marketing training, what is the overall cost of the program, what platform does the course use and so on.

If you are struggling with the answers to any of these questions, we would be delighted to help you out! And, once you have grabbed hold of all of these factors, you shall be able to behold a world full of opportunities waiting for you.

Let us move on and get you familiarised with wisely choosing the influencer marketing course to help you achieve your goals. Read through the following factors and improve yourself in your career.


Key Criteria To Evaluate Influencer Marketing Courses

Achieve your goals

This factor is to be the most important, that would decide how successful your endeavor would be. Ascertain your goals based on the size and location of the audience, specific requirements of a particular brand, etc. See if a given influencer marketing course can address the issues or not.


Employers and businesses want to see proof of your competency. A certified course is the best way to prove your qualifications and expertise in a particular field. More importantly, it’s the ideal way to show your commitment to your profession and help pave the way to better job opportunities.


Once you decide that an influencer marketing course addresses your goals, the next thing to consider is how long it would take to complete the course. If the duration of the influencer marketing course fits your schedule well, you should consider enrolling in the program.


Another crucial factor to consider is the cost factor. An influencer marketing program could be cost-efficient but, you must consider its merits before opting for it. You might as well find a free influencer marketing course that fulfills your criteria at DAN Institute. So, select a program that is both economical and beneficial.

Online vs. Traditional

The model of the influencer marketing course is a significant factor. If you come across an online course for influencer marketing, you can save a great deal of time. DAN Institute lists only the best online influencer marketing training programs.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

You should also know that different influencer marketing courses teach you about different ways and types of platforms. Now, there are several influencing marketing platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. Therefore, if you filter out these programs based on platforms, you might get succesful in a shorter time frame.

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