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DAN Institute gathers the best digital marketing ebooks to help you to learn more about digital applications at work! Learn everything you need to know to thrive in the world of search and digital marketing. starting from today.

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Top Digital Marketing Tools Preferred by Digital Agencies in 2021

The Digital Agency Network team has gathered the reviews of 50 digital marketers from 25 digital agencies and prepared this great guide. Read the agency experts' reviews for tools in seven categories and benchmark your digital marketing tools against your peers. You will explore the top digital marketing tools!


Uncovering The Now & The Next In Digital Marketing & CX

If you are looking for some insights on treating your customer right despite the pandemic, this is it! WBR Insights surveyed over 50 selected in digital marketing and customer experience senior leaders from across Asia Pacific to find out more about the challenges they face and changes made to cope up. Gain Insights On What ‘The New Normal’ Means For Your Digital Marketing and CX.


The Perfect eCommerce Customer Journey

eCommerce brands have a lot to get right to stand out in the increasingly competitive eCommerce landscape. Download Reload Digital's ebook and gain actionable insights into; awareness, acquisition and retention. You can be a master each stage of the consumer journey.


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Ecommerce Planning Kit

Ecommerce business need to track the sales, conversion rates, and go-to-market plans for countless different products. Download this ecommerce planning and sales tracking templates.

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Content Marketing Workbook

The activities and readings in this workbook will help you fine-tune and grow your content marketing capabilities. Each section is based on learnings from each class in HubSpot’s free Content Marketing Certification course. This way, you can apply what you learned to your business. If you need help, refer to […]

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Content Marketing for Beginners

When you decided to explore the possibilities of an e-commerce business, you will start with thinking about how you are going to make your products or services. The focus of this ebook was to show you different aspects of running an e-commerce business.

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Why Social Media Intelligence is a Must-Have for Digital Agencies

Having a comprehensive tool for social media monitoring that offers access to online metrics, as well as analysis of that data, is vital for agencies. Get a free copy of this eBook and learn different ways agencies can leverage the power of social media.

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Choosing the Right Database For Your Enterprise

In this guide, you’ll discover a database needs framework for selecting the right database and analysis of different databases and their pros and cons using this framework

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2020 Digital Marketing Trends Guide

Based on information gathered from the world’s leading digital marketing reference sites and experts, they have compiled a guide on 9 Digital Marketing Trends Every Marketing Manager Needs to Consider, focusing on the key trends for digital marketing in 2020.

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The Conversion Marketer’s Guide to Landing Page Copywriting

The success or failure of each and every marketing campaign you run is riding largely on your landing page copy. Is your copy actually getting through to visitors, or is it chasing them away? In this 56 page ebook, you will discover the secrets for writing irresistible landing page copy.

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Social Data Trends 2021

Social Intelligence Lab prepared a ‘Social Data Trends 2021’ report, with the top 10 trends that will shape the use of social data for business in the next year based on predictions from the global experts in social intelligence. Get a copy of the report and discover the trends!

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Content Marketing Checklist – 25 Things that You Really Should Try in 2020

Read this e-book and explore the 25 content marketing tips you really should be implementing this year to help to push your brand ahead of the field.

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Retail Re-UP: Adjusting to the Next Normal of Social Advertising

Marketing teams across the globe are now reconsidering their advertising strategies to reach consumers where they are – social media! With this ebook, we want to help retail advertisers succeed in the new normal.

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Trend Report: The State of Digital Transformation in 2021

What are business leaders searching for concerning digital transformation? The Conductor team uncovers trends around website migration, SEO, page speed, and web redesign. In this report, you’ll also get additional keyword insights and analysis. Use the information to jumpstart your organization’s digital transformation today.


Free PR Crisis E-Book

PR crisis management is vital when an issue can no longer be contained, to avoid your brand’s reputation being damaged. With your free copy of this special edition eBook, you’ll learn how to minimize the danger of being hit by a PR crisis and create a rapid-response crisis team of […]

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Leader’s Guide to Navigating Change in a Remote Workplace

As more employees around the world navigate change in a remote workplace, leaders will need to support their workforce and ensure business continuity in times of unprecedented change. This guide offers advice and best practices for leaders to successfully navigate change in a remote working world.

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Marketing Guide To Stand Out From The eLearning Crowd

In this eBook marketing guide, they share the know-how of creating eBooks that stand out. From picking topics to turning prospects into leads, marketers can get information on crafting content marketing strategies that differ from the competition.

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Global Social Advertising Trends Among Retailers in 2021

We surveyed global retail brands to learn how they approach their social advertising strategies in 2021. This report helps brands plan their social media advertising strategies in the ever-changing landscape.

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