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DAN Institute gathers the best digital marketing ebooks to help you to learn more about digital applications at work! Learn everything you need to know to thrive in the world of search and digital marketing. starting from today.

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Data-Driven Content Marketing

The demands on today's marketers are changing. Marketers are now expected to show their value and clearly understand how their efforts are affecting a business' bottom line. In this eBook, you will learn; how to use data to fuel the content creation process and how to measure it.

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Getting Real

Getting Real delivers better results because it forces you to deal with the actual problems you’re trying to solve instead of your ideas about those problems. It forces you to deal with reality. Getting Real is an approach ideally suited to web-based software.

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The State of eCommerce and Digital Marketing in Retail

Equip yourself with everything you need to take your business to the next level. In this free email report, gain insights from top minds in the retail industry to provide consumers with a more immersive omnichannel retail landscape. Prepare for peak in the face of uncertainty!


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Ecommerce Planning Kit

Ecommerce business need to track the sales, conversion rates, and go-to-market plans for countless different products. Download this ecommerce planning and sales tracking templates.

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The Global State of Digital 2021

A comprehensive look at the state of the internet, mobile devices, social media, and ecommerce from Hootsuite and We Are Social.

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Co-created with Channable

The Strategy Playbook for Digital Agencies

Optimizing Digital Marketing Campaigns to Maximize ROI: In this strategy playbook, created by Digital Agency Network and Channable, you’ll explore a lot of tips to maximize ROI in digital marketing campaigns for your agency!


Attribution Done Right to Maximize Incrementality

Attribution is a somewhat tricky concept to wrap your head around but one that we simply could not pass up, given its impact on driving ROI for your brand if you get it right. Read this ebook and find out more.

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The Perfect eCommerce Customer Journey

eCommerce brands have a lot to get right to stand out in the increasingly competitive eCommerce landscape. Download Reload Digital’s ebook and gain actionable insights into; awareness, acquisition and retention. You can be a master each stage of the consumer journey.


Social Trends 2022

Backed by global data and expert insights, Hootsuite’s 6th annual report on global social media trends is your guide to taking all the right risks, defying expectations, outperforming your competitors—and making everyone wonder how you did it.


Resource Planning – Guide for Agencies

Gain more control over your agency’s resources so you can achieve better results, in the short and longer-term. This guidebook is meant to provide information to all—from agency novices to agency leaders.


How to Create an Enduring Business

In this ebook, we will explore two models for a principles-based organization and discuss how you can use these to transform your business. Ready to discover the principles of an enduring business? Browse the guide now.

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Future-Proofing Your Business Using an End-to-End Agency Management System

How profitable is your agency? What do the upcoming few quarters hold? The Productive team covers how to get the most out of your agency management system so you can future-proof your business. This guidebook is meant to provide information to all—from agency novices to agency leaders.


Marketing Guide To Stand Out From The eLearning Crowd

In this eBook marketing guide, they share the know-how of creating eBooks that stand out. From picking topics to turning prospects into leads, marketers can get information on crafting content marketing strategies that differ from the competition.

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5 Steps Every PR PR Should Follow in 2021

In this eBook, learn how social media intelligence can help any PR professional leverage social media analytics to deliver the highest standard of service to their company or clients.

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Free PR Crisis E-Book

PR crisis management is vital when an issue can no longer be contained, to avoid your brand’s reputation being damaged. With your free copy of this special edition eBook, you’ll learn how to minimize the danger of being hit by a PR crisis and create a rapid-response crisis team of […]

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A Facebook Advertiser’s Pocket Guide to Pixels: Bidding, Targeting and Tracking

The culprit could be that way your Facebook pixels are set up with your ad sets, ads, audience or catalogs. They cut through the jargon to help you better understand the relationship between pixels and different objects to debug issues in your Facebook campaigns.

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Social Media Tips

Jump in without a plan and you’ll lose time and money. You must understand each platform. The audience demographic, tone of voice, language. You must check out our 23 social media tips checklist.

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Perfectly Optimized Content

Download this ebook, Perfectly Optimized Content: Learn what perfectly optimized content is and how you can create one. With practical tips you can use today, this is the one-stop checklist you need to get your content right.

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