Best Digital Marketing Templates

Let’s explore several useful digital marketing templates that help you create an integrated digital marketing plan for your business instantly. Having a plan that integrates different channels, tactics and actions are more likely to deliver success!

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The Complete Collection of Content Creation Templates

HubSpot team created the complete collection of content creation templates. These templates will let you fill-in-the-blank so you can quickly create the content you need to fuel your marketing machine.150+ templates to easily create ebooks, blog posts, infographics, and more. Download now for free.


Communication Plan Template

Communication plans offer as much about presenting consistent business messages from the day-to-day, as they are about preparing to tackle the unknown. Download this template and learn step-by-step through what you should include in your plan. It is in a PowerPoint format. But you can import it to Google Slides or download it as a PDF and print it before completing the slides. Whatever works best for you.


Content Audit Checklist

Are you tracking everything you should be? With this interactive checklist, you can identify and prioritize the channels and metrics you should be monitoring. Don’t get swamped by data. Don’t miss anything important. It’s win win.


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Consumer Behavior Analysis Template

Conduct a consumer behavior audit to find strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Be equipped to answer the question, “What is the current marketing situation?” Don’t rely on gut feelings. Conduct a consumer behavior analysis and find what drives consumers’ purchasing decisions.

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4 Ecommerce Blog Posts Template

Sopfy team put together a kit of templates for four of the best posts you can create for your ecommerce store’s blog—and wrote this post to take you step-by-step through how to do it.

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The Branding Brief Template

The creators have taken inspiration from the best bits of branding templates to create The Branding Brief Template. Whether you’re creating a new brand for your business or rebranding an existing business – then this sure to help you out.

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103 Free eCommerce Website Templates

These e-commerce website templates will come to your rescue. With the help of these templates, the online shopping experience of your customers will be smooth and easy. Our templates are also mobile-friendly so that your eCommerce platform can be used on mobile phones.

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Free Digital Marketing Benchmarking Templates

These comprehensive one-page benchmarking templates help you quickly review how well you are currently performing using the key digital marketing techniques on a five-point scale for different criteria and so identify the gaps in your current capabilities.

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Marketing Plan Bundle

Drive marketing initiatives. Maximize brand awareness. Increase your customer base. Rock social media. Nail video marketing. Triumph over your competitors. Get these 8 free, interactive marketing plan templates today!

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Crisis Management Templates

A crisis will be a surprise. How you plan to react, can’t be. Your organization will be judged on how it responds. You’ll need a crisis plan and a response team. You’ll need trained personnel and social media monitoring. Download this template minimize the risks.

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Digital Trend Template

This is a digital marketing HTML CSS template with vector graphics. Total 5 pages include blog, project, and contact. Animated transitions applied on section elements when you scroll down. Contact form is included.

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Luma – Retail Website Template

A sleek, modern retail template that will keep the attention on your products. Take full control of the colors, web fonts, images, and other styles that make your brand shine.

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Your Free Ecommerce Platform RFP Template

This excel template includes 193 questions to send to the platforms you’re considering so you can evaluate your options on a level playing field. You can edit the document to include only the questions that are relevant to your business.

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The Ultimate Marketing Plan Template For 2020

In this template, you can find all the information and knowledge you need to create your winning marketing plan. Make your own copy to start using this template today.

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SEO Strategy: A Full Year Blueprint

Download this ebook, SEO Strategy: A Full Year Blueprint (+Template), to find a 12-month plan broken down monthly to help strategize campaigns for you or your clients.

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Social Media Report Examples

They’ve simulated social media reports, so you can see how great your reports can look. Take a look, and be inspired.

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Monthly Marketing Report

Wondering what you should include in your monthly marketing report? The Talkwalker team has created a simulated reporting example, to help inspire you for this month (and the next, and the next…)

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Consumer Intelligence Dashboard Template

This consumer intelligence dashboard is an example of what your organization needs. It enables all your teams to filter data and pull previously hidden insights. Find key metrics about your industry, brand, or topic, to anticipate customer needs in real-time. Ensuring you can meet new demands.

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