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DAN Institute gathers the best digital marketing webinars to help you to upgrade your professional skills in digital marketing. It’s time to look ahead at upcoming digital trends for this year and beyond to stay ahead of the curve.

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Shopify Master Class Webinar Series

Learn all about how to succeed on Shopify from email/SMS automation to gift cards and going headless as you scale, we’ve got a session for every size brand.


SEO Evergreen Tactics

On average, Google makes 9 changes a day to its algorithm. That equates to over 3,285 algorithmic updates per year! How can your site ever keep up with that? Well, don't worry because in this webinar Evergreen Tactics that can withstand the test of time with Google and keep you in positions 1-3 for years to come will be covered.


It’s Time for TikTok to be in your Revenue Plan

How do you sell the idea internally to your revenue team (who are already really stressed)? Better yet, how do you go about introducing TikTok into your strategy and building a meaningful presence? Join this webinar and find all these answers as they walk you through what you need to know.


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How to Turn Social Media Data Into New Business Opportunities?

Register to hear Tania Benade-Meyer, Head of Consumer Insights at Navico. Having over 10 years of experience in Data Analytics, Tania will share real cases on how uncovered consumer insights could turn business processes upside down and win new heights.

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The Architecture of Visual Storytelling

It is a free webinar brought to you by ON24 and produced by Content Marketing Institute. In this webinar, you’ll learn the difference between story and narrative and how we architect a common approach that aligns the visuals, words, and structure of the story you want to tell.

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How to Create Digital Experiences as Good as In-store Experiences

What if you could create digital experiences that are as good as in-store experiences? In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how today’s technology can help you create ecommerce experiences that are better than in-store experiences.

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Core Web Vitals: How Industry Leaders Are Preparing

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn; how Google defines Page Experience and how core web vitals factor in and how to forecast the impact of the Page Experience Update – at scale across multiple keyword groups.

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Why UGC is The Next Big Thing for Brands?

Join this webinar and learn; what is UGC and why it matters in 2021 and what insights are hidden in UGC and how to work with content creators. Learn what insights are hiding in user-generated content.

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The Evolution of Higher Education With Industry Micro-Credentials

Get the latest digital marketing data, insights, and toolkits from Coursera


BFCM #Goals: Ensure Clients Thrive This Q4

Learn how to develop best-in-class creativity for your brand during this festive season with this webinar.


Trends in Content Marketing 2021

It is a free webinar brought to you by ON24 and produced by Content Marketing Institute. In this webinar, you will learn what they see as the most pressing issues content marketers will face in 2021 and where the opportunities lie. Learn more about marketing operations, emotional data and much […]

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The Key Global Trends Impacting Marketing Insights

Join this webinar to find out how consumers’ interactions with the world around them are affecting brands’ roles in their lives. It’s brought to you by Dynata.

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How to Combat Mental Fatigue for Social Media Professionals

Join Hootsuite’s Nitin Goyal and Alex Wedderburn as they look closer into resources to help you combat mental fatigue and prove the value of social to leadership.

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Planning for Peak 2022

This webinar will help e-commerce retailers prepare for the upcoming peak period.


How to Plan a Virtual Event in 8 Easy Steps

This is a free webinar brought to you by Intrado and produced by Content Marketing Institute.In this on-demand presentation, you will learn the virtual event planning fundamentals and key questions you should be asking.

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The State of Mobile Development

Sam Basu demystifies the process of choosing a framework for your next mobile application. He’ll break down your options and clarify how each of them fits different needs—whether you want to leverage existing developer skills such as .NET or JavaScript.

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Be A Hero to Your Sales Team! Help Them Sell Virtually with Amazing Video

It is a free webinar brought to you by Vidyard and produced by Content Marketing Institute. In this webinar, you will learn how to create and share videos that have a real impact with buyers and also how to enable sales to create their own 1:1 videos.

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Transform Assessments with The Power of Storytelling in 2023

Learn how to transform assessments into authentic, exciting, and compelling, interactive stories.


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