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DAN Institute gathers the best digital marketing webinars to help you to upgrade your professional skills in digital marketing. It’s time to look ahead at upcoming digital trends for this year and beyond to stay ahead of the curve.

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How To Boost Your Business With Advanced Analytics

With a new year ahead, what has your organization thought about doing to gain a competitive edge? In this Forecast's free webinar, they're going to be discussing specific pains and how you can use better BI and analytics to put your business in the best position to rocket in 2022.


Reinventing Automotive Marketing | Drive Sales & Boost ROAS

Watch this panel and hear expert key recommendations and practical advice on using the data at your fingertips to better understand customer behavior, drive sales and boost ROAS.


Putting Social Trends into Practice for 2021

In this webinar, you will learn the key opportunities in social media, social listening and analytics, and reputation management for 2021. Join their latest panel as Sarah Dawley—author of Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2021 report—welcomes experts from Talkwalker, ReviewTrackers, and (of course) Hootsuite to answer the most popular social marketing questions.


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Fireside Chat: Coaching Millennials and Gen Z as Leaders of Tomorrow

It is a free webinar brought to you by Cisco and sponsored by Udemy for Business. In this fireside chat webinar, L&D leaders will share how they ramped up coaching at scale by certifying managers and individual contributors as coaches.

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Seven Steps to Maximise ROI by Accelerating Marketing Campaigns

Join this webinar to find out ways to boost your marketing team’s productivity and speed up campaign delivery while maintaining quality.

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How to Create Digital Experiences as Good as In-store Experiences

What if you could create digital experiences that are as good as in-store experiences? In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how today’s technology can help you create ecommerce experiences that are better than in-store experiences.

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New Lead, Now What?

Then there are businesses that are just swimming in leads and think that they need to reduce the number of leads they’ve got so they can handle them all. And whichever one you are, you need a good system for managing your leads. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to […]

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How to Use SEO and Social Media

Popular SEO expert, Joe Williams delved deep into the ways in which SEO and Social Media work together in this webinar.Learn more about what types of topics perform well on SEO and social media.

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2021 SEO & Content Predictions

It’s a free webinar brought to you by Conductor and produced by Content Marketing Institute. In this webinar, you will learn how changes in the Google algorithm and declining transparency in its PPC program may cost you and How Google SERPs are evolving.

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Metrics and Measurement Friday Forum

The ability to accurately measure your marketing, media, and lead-gen efforts, and to properly attribute success, is vital—especially now when budgets are tight. Learn how analytics and attribution tools and processes can serve your needs and prove ROI. Sponsored by Alight Analytics.

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How to Combat Mental Fatigue for Social Media Professionals

Join Hootsuite’s Nitin Goyal and Alex Wedderburn as they look closer into resources to help you combat mental fatigue and prove the value of social to leadership.

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How To Boost Your Business With Advanced Analytics

With a new year ahead, what has your organization thought about doing to gain a competitive edge? In this Forecast’s free webinar, they’re going to be discussing specific pains and how you can use better BI and analytics to put your business in the best position to rocket in 2022.


SEO Insights, Opportunities, and Performance in an Era of Uncertainty

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how to seize new opportunities and grow as buyer behaviors change radically. You will find practical insights and advice from digital leaders across leading industries.

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How to Plan a Virtual Event in 8 Easy Steps

This is a free webinar brought to you by Intrado and produced by Content Marketing Institute.In this on-demand presentation, you will learn the virtual event planning fundamentals and key questions you should be asking.

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2021 B2B Content Marketing: What Now?

It’s a free webinar brought to you by ON24 and produced by Content Marketing Institute. In this webinar, you’ll discover the changes most B2B content marketers have made—and why audience-focused activities are more important than ever.

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Ecommerce Masterclass: B2B Sales

Ecommerce Masterclass: B2B Sales teaches you how to leverage technology for scalable B2B growth. Watch each introductory video, then dive deeper into each subject with supplemental resources that include in-depth articles, case studies, checklists, ebooks and more.

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A 3-Stage Approach to Building Social Learning Communities

In this webinar, you’ll learn a 3-stage approach to building your social learning programs, how to structure your in-person and online social learning programs and tips on what works & doesn’t work when building social learning communities.

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The 9-Step Guide to Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts

In this webinar, business writing coach and irreverent copywriter, Henneke Duistermaat will walk you through a no-fail, step-by-step process for writing marketing copy that engages web visitors, builds trusts and nudges campaign traffic to take action.

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