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DAN Institute gathers the best digital marketing webinars to help you to upgrade your professional skills in digital marketing. It’s time to look ahead at upcoming digital trends for this year and beyond to stay ahead of the curve.

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The Evolution of Higher Education With Industry Micro-Credentials

Organizations are changing their recruiting priorities and looking for more practical, job-ready skills when hiring entry-level employees. While this strategy accounts for junior hires, graduates of higher education institutions often feel underprepared. So, how can higher education adapt to meet industry and education needs? The new generation of students needs career skills to prepare for job opportunities. Hawai’i Pacific University (HPU) was one of the first institutions to adopt Career Academy from Coursera, a solution designed to help universities and colleges prepare students for in-demand jobs. Join this webinar and find out about the evolution of higher education.


It’s Time for TikTok to be in your Revenue Plan

How do you sell the idea internally to your revenue team (who are already really stressed)? Better yet, how do you go about introducing TikTok into your strategy and building a meaningful presence? Join this webinar and find all these answers as they walk you through what you need to know.


SEO Evergreen Tactics

On average, Google makes 9 changes a day to its algorithm. That equates to over 3,285 algorithmic updates per year! How can your site ever keep up with that? Well, don't worry because in this webinar Evergreen Tactics that can withstand the test of time with Google and keep you in positions 1-3 for years to come will be covered.


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RealTalk: Leadership Skills for the Digital Transformation

In this webinar speakers will share tips on how L&D can train next-generation “digital leaders”. Learn how to train managers to unleash creativity and innovation and how to develop leaders to lead and motivate diverse teams.

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How to Build and Lead an Adaptable Marketing Team

The process of hiring and retaining marketing talent is more challenging than ever. From attracting the right candidates to supporting virtual teams to ensuring compensation is in line with what’s expected in this new normal—there’s a lot marketing leaders need to manage.

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Spotify Partners Session Webinars

Spotify Partners offers you free webinars to help you grow as a web design freelancer, agency, or app developer. You can watch all previous webinars on-demand.

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The State of Mobile Development

Sam Basu demystifies the process of choosing a framework for your next mobile application. He’ll break down your options and clarify how each of them fits different needs—whether you want to leverage existing developer skills such as .NET or JavaScript.

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2021 Website Trends – What You Need to Know

A lot has changed over the last year. Is your website ready for what’s next? Watch this webinar and learn what an outstanding digital experience looks like in 2021 and beyond.

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Industry Focus Webinars – Ecommerce

In this webinar on ecommerce marketing, BrightEdge discusses the many opportunities brands have from social to reviews to SEO to site content and performance. Learn the key industry trends, use cases, and BrightEdge product applications for ecommerce marketers.

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SEO Insights, Opportunities, and Performance in an Era of Uncertainty

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how to seize new opportunities and grow as buyer behaviors change radically. You will find practical insights and advice from digital leaders across leading industries.

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How to Prepare for Google’s Page Experience Update

In this webinar learn how to make a good first impression for your users & bots and what are the core web vitals and how to optimize them. Enjoy!

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Using Buyer Personas to Build Customer-Centric & SEO Driven Content

In this webinar, they discuss how to increase your customer engagement and in return drive high-quality leads to your site by truly understanding your customers. They will share our best practices in developing personalized content with you.

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AI Powered Analytics The Practical Advantages For Marketers

AI-Powered Analytics is here to support marketers in understanding and leveraging the vast amount of multitouch point customer journey data; past, present and future. Learn what AI-Powered Analytics means for marketing.

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Core Web Vitals: How Industry Leaders Are Preparing

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn; how Google defines Page Experience and how core web vitals factor in and how to forecast the impact of the Page Experience Update – at scale across multiple keyword groups.

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Integrating E2E testing with React Native

In this webinar, React Native expert Jenn Robison will dive into what test frameworks are available—and show you how easy it can be to stand up a React Native mobile application that lays the foundation for a solid test suite.

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Win the Holidays with Pinterest: a Creative Strategy Masterclass

Learn how to develop best-in-class creativity for your brand during this festive season with this webinar.


Beyond the Search Evolution: How Vaccines Will Shape the Future of SEO and Digital

In this wwbinar you will learn; which digital behaviors have remained steady, and which are continuing to evolve and how you can leverage vaccines and digital data to gain insight into the economic re-opening.

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The Power of Partners in Impactful Thought Leadership

This webinar explores how to create high-impact thought leadership content marketing in the new world. You will learn the three foundations of great thought leadership, and how to position them for your customer’s journey.

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