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Browse these must read marketing guidelines to discover more about trend marketing application. These guidelines can be a time-consuming effort, but we’re here to make it easier for you, all you have to do is read, learn, and act.

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Co-created with Channable

The Strategy Playbook for Digital Agencies

Optimizing Digital Marketing Campaigns to Maximize ROI: In this strategy playbook, created by Digital Agency Network and Channable, you'll explore a lot of tips to maximize ROI in digital marketing campaigns for your agency!


The Future of Digital Agencies

The Digital Agency Network team has gathered insights from 36 digital agency leaders and prepared this special e-guide. Read The Future of Digital Agencies e-guide now to learn more about what awaits Digital Agencies on the horizon of the future? You can find all the answers in this research.


The Digital-Ready Culture Guide

This guide identifies 5 of the biggest problems being faced by marketing teams in the UK today. Experts navigate you through these issues, the context around them, and how you can solve them for your business.


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The Beginner’s Guide to Website Development

Read about the basics of web development, the process of creating a website, and additional resources for those who want to learn more.

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Executive’s Guide to Website Development

With more than 80 pages of industry standards and actionable ideas for building a successful web presence, this guide will leave you with a brand new outlook on how to market to your future customers and how to turn your website into an effective sales machine.

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The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

If knowing your audience’s intent is one side of the SEO coin, delivering it in a way search engine crawlers can find and understand is the other. In this guide, expect to learn how to do both. Enjoy!

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Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks: By Industry and Day

In a year defined by rapid change and unexpected developments, the way brands and subscribers used email changed in dramatic and fascinating ways compared to the email benchmarks by industry in 2019 and previous years. Download this comprehensive guide where we analyze the benchmarks in detail and provide actionable tips […]

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Martech Buyers Guide: Social intelligence and insights

This Martech Buyers Guide, created in partnership with Bizibl, takes you through the questions you should be asking when looking for a new social listening tool. Download now and start planning your social intelligence strategy.

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The Complete Guide to UX

This guide covers everything you need to know about UX design. Hotjar team starts with introducing UX design, why it matters, and the key principles and best practices you should know about. In later chapters, they’ll cover UX tools, surveys, metrics, how to conduct UX analysis, and key UX design […]


Unbounce Guide to Landing Page Copywriting

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about copywriting for landing page conversions. From laying out your structure, crafting high-impact headlines, toning your body copy, and wooing with social proof, you’ll have everything you need to write your highest-performing landing pages ever.

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Using SMS and Email to Engage Your Customers

Adding SMS to your existing email program allows you to send real-time updates, notifications, confirmations, alerts, and reminders on another important channel your customers are using.

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The Designer’s Guide to Developer Collaboration

Taking a design from concept to reality is tough. While most designers and developers know success is dependent on a collaborative relationship, bridging the divide isn’t straightforward. That’s why they partnered with InVision to release The Designer’s Guide to Developer Collaboration—this guide.

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The Marketer’s Guide to Omnichannel Advertising

Download the guide to gain access to the marketer’s guide to omnichannel advertising and learn more about The modern marketing landscape and a new paradigm for media.

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The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Shopify Sales with Influencers

Find out how to leverage influencer marketing as part of your Shopify store’s sales strategy. This guide offers insight on building a sales-focused influencer marketing strategy, and includes practical tips and extra resources to help you launch your next influencer campaign.

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SEO Website Migration Checklist

A site migration is a critical time for any business and as such should be carefully considered and planned so they’ve pulled together a checklist of everything you need to consider, complete with an explanation of why that step is an important part of your migration into one handy PDF.

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How 5 Brands Craft Excellent Omnichannel Experiences

Omnichannel is coming up more and more as the best way to engage your customers. But what is omnichannel? Learn how 5 companies use omnichannel experiences to engage their customers.

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Uplevel Your Email SenderOps

In the guide, you’ll find actionable tips to help you reduce phishing and secure your email program while improving delivery and open rates.

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Top Digital Marketing Tools Preferred by Digital Agencies

The Digital Agency Network team has gathered the reviews of 50 digital marketers from 25 digital agencies and prepared this great guide. Read the agency experts’ reviews for tools in seven categories and benchmark your digital marketing tools against your peers. You will explore the top digital marketing tools!


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