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DAN Institute is proud to gather these industry reports to help you at every step of your marketing journey. Find the best industry report for your business and gain perspectives and get the benefit of this deep insight into the industry you looking for.

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The Future of Digital Agencies

The Digital Agency Network team has gathered insights from 36 digital agency leaders and prepared this special e-guide. Read The Future of Digital Agencies e-guide now to learn more about what awaits Digital Agencies on the horizon of the future? You can find all the answers in this research.


The State of eCommerce and Digital Marketing in Retail

Equip yourself with everything you need to take your business to the next level. In this free email report, gain insights from top minds in the retail industry to provide consumers with a more immersive omnichannel retail landscape. Prepare for peak in the face of uncertainty!


The State of Customer Experience Research Report

The Genesys State of Customer Experience research report is based on consumer and business findings related to customer experience. This initial global survey, executed on behalf of Genesys by an independent research firm, includes insights from 1900 consumers and more than 1300 business users.

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All Industry Reports

2020 Digital Marketing Benchmarks Report: In-Depth Analysis of 120 Companies

The 2020 Digital Marketing Benchmarks report provides actionable inputs to help Marketing Heads compare their digital marketing performance and practices against industry benchmarks for spends, resource allocation, headcount, staff profile, budgets, ROIs, outsourcing, and skill gaps.

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Empowered Business Part 1: The Value of Data

No matter the business challenge, the most powerful form of competitive advantage is information. Fortunately, the potential for BI to drive value has never been greater. Download the whitepaper from Domo and TechTarget to learn how to become more data-centric

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UK BenchPress

BenchPress has grown to become the largest survey of UK independent agency owners. This year, The Wow Company team has created more reports than ever before. There are many insights to guide your agency through 2021 and beyond.


Social Trends 2022

Backed by global data and expert insights, Hootsuite’s 6th annual report on global social media trends is your guide to taking all the right risks, defying expectations, outperforming your competitors—and making everyone wonder how you did it.


Media Insights Report

Merkle’s Q1-2021 Media Insights Report is packed with key trends, data, and considerations to help you hit the ground running with your Q1 media strategy and planning.

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Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2020

Find out in Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2020. Since its launch in 2011, their quarterly Digital Marketing Report (DMR) has become one of the most highly regarded and frequently cited reports in the digital marketing industry.

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Will Covid-19 Change Consumer Behavior in the Long Term?

As lockdown measures begin to be eased around the world, the initial shock of Covid-19 is over. But the new phase we’ve entered has just as many challenges to face as the first. Find out what will they continue to do once the outbreak is contained?

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The Top Trends in Consumer Conversations

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way brands and consumers interact, while altering expectations on both ends. Companies that want to survive this shift will need to rely on intelligence from consumer conversations to adapt to the new normal. Here’s an overview of the emerging conversation trends you must take […]

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Workplace Learning Trends Report

The fast-changing and unpredictable challenges of work may seem unsurmountable. But the learning behaviors of thousands of international businesses on the Udemy for Business platform and a survey of over 500 global professionals offer a glimpse of the bright future that lies ahead. Enjoy!

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Digital Marketing Report – by Merkle

Using many of our long-standing clients as an index, Merkle has compiled these reports since 2011 to provide the industry with a set of trustworthy benchmarks that can be leveraged to inform analysts and improve advertising.

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The State of Moral Marketing

How can brands create meaningful campaigns that connect with their audiences and their values? We share best practice, using examples from some of the best campaigns of recent years.

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30+ Brands Consumers Are Praising for Their Efforts Around Covid-19

Coronavirus is affecting organizations across the globe. As we all adapt, we’re documenting the largest positive conversations from consumers directed at brands online. For this report, they identify the conversation drivers behind the most talked about moments.

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Industry Report: Consumer Technology

Learn about the state of influencer marketing in the consumer technology industry in this dashboard of data about tech influencers. See how tech influencers perform across social channels and analyze their audiences and engagement rates to make better influencer marketing decisions for your tech brand.

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Mailchimp & Co Benchmark Report

In this benchmark report, you will find insights from the MailChimp global survey of agencies and freelancers. They share ationable insights that can help you build a thriving business on your terms.

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Global Emotions Report 2020

When we understand the emotions of our customers, we can better cater to their needs. What does the emotional landscape look like online? And what industries/brands come out on top?

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