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Why You Should List Your Course and Resource You Have?

Get Discovered

It’s the right time to go global! List your brand among in our category-based directories and start to attract business opportunities.

Find The Right Audience

We are here to help you to find your niche audience and engage immediately. Besides listings, there are additional effective advertising solutions to build awareness for your products or services.

Publish Content

Our members can publish their original content such as blog posts, case studies, infographics, events, press releases, and much more to gain Digital PR and SEO advantages.

Various Advertising Options

We have ad solutions for members and non-members. Please send an email to for more details.

Monthly Newsletter

Receive our monthly newsletter and keep up to date with new players in the online education industry. Find out the trends and popular tools for MS solutions.

User-Friendly Environment

Whether you are and individual instructor, college, university or a solution provider for e-learning players, we can offer you something in a user-friendly environment to promote your e-learning solution.


Visitors Personas


Marketing Employees

Professionals who are looking for online course solution providers through our business directories


University Students & Job Seekers

Students & Job Seekers who want to develop new skills to land their dream job


Freelancers & Small Business Owners

Freelancers & small business owners who want to learn more about digital to get more valuable leads


Career Changers

People are trying to improve their job satisfaction by taking on a role in digital marketing.


Membership Benefits

DAN Institute offers category- based online course & resource directories for those who aim to reach their potential customers. We can display your digital assets in different categories at the same time.

By being a DAN Institute member, you can use our social media platforms to promote your service. We can publish your online course or resource announcements on DAN Institute social media channels.

By publishing articles on DAN Institute, members get a higher chance to raise awareness for their course or resource and gain backlinks from a website with high domain authority.

Display your course features, videos, course & resource description & screenshots, and pricing on your unique profile page. Market your profile in front of thousands of the global community of marketers.

DAN Institute members can publish their blog posts on our website and social media pages. DAN Institute also provides guest authorship to publish unique articles on the blog.

DAN Institute’s sister brand DAN has a “Job Board” section where DAN Institute members can also publish job vacancy ads and find candidates that make the best fit.

DAN Institute Members can get exclusive invitations and special discounts for digital marketing related events that DAN Institute supports as a media partner.

Over 90% of DAN Institute’s website traffic is coming from organic search results with terms such as:

Digital marketing white papers,Digital marketing templates,Wordpress courses,E-commerce marketing courses,Best SEO courses,Online social media marketing courses,Digital marketing industry reports,Online digital marketing courses,Best UX design courses,Online courses for digital marketers


Helping marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, career changers, students, academicians, graduates, and upskillers by displaying the best online courses and resources is our mission.

Membership Process

DAN Institute is a subscription based platform offering various membership options depending on business needs of online course & resource providers. Membership process is easy, you just need to follow the steps below:


Online course & resource providers may apply to get listed on the DAN website using the link below.


Our team evaluates all applications to make sure your brand matches our membership criteria and gets back to you in 48 hours.


After getting approval, your course or resource gets published in our directories.


FAQ Frequently asked questions

Got a question in mind? The answer might be closer than you think! Check out the following
Frequently Asked Questions about DAN Institute, its member evaluation criteria and its services.

Once we receive a company detail through the membership form, our team will evaluate your applications gets back to you in 48 hours. If your brand matches our membership criteria, we will create course or resource listings you want by considering your membership plan.
Members need to demonstrate the following on their website to qualify for a DAN Institute membership:

- LinkedIn page
- Clear contact details (e.g open address, email, phone number)
- High-quality online courses or online resources
- Detail page about the courses or resources they want to list
- Student testimonials or clients worked with
We offer paid advertising options to paid members only, thus any potential member should sign up for paid membership to book ads on DAN Institute.

The ad options such as featured course or resource placements on top of the directories and the courses or resources of the month placements are paid ad slots that are not included in any DAN Institute membership packages.

Featured Sections and courses or resources of the month ads are reserved on monthly basis and stay online for the reserved month. Other advertising options stay online for the lifespan of the related page. For more details please contact us at
DAN Institute members' courses or resources get listed in our directories in random order under the related section. The random order changes every time the page is loaded, so all listed courses and resources can share the traffic equally.
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