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DAN Institute promises to send meaningful traffic to your website that can be easily converted into a sale.

This model has different categories and price points that can be tailored to your needs. Fill out the form below and let our team help you to determine what’s best for your business!

P.S. This deal also includes a yearlong Gold Membership!


Pay once you get paid!

Not ready to embark on a full-blown affiliate model? No problem. In this model, you are charged if the leads are converted into sales on your side.*

Our commissions range between 10%-40% on completed purchases made by users by clicking your course link.

*Commission rates might vary depending on the price of your course.


Already have a working affiliate business model for your program? Great! Drop us an email, and let’s discuss the details together!

Fill out the form!

Please submit your details, our team will evaluate your applications and notify you via email within 48 hours. If your online learning brand matches our affiliate partners' criteria, we will set a quick meeting to finalise the affiliate partnership details.


Why Dan Institute? Here's What We Can Create Together:

Get Discovered

DAN Institute is a highly specialized website visited by thousands of students, job seekers, industry professionals, and researchers every day looking for online courses or resources to develop their skills. By listing your brand in our category-based directories, you’ll be able to reach this targeted customer base and attract new business.

Increase Brand Awareness

In addition to directory listings, various advertising solutions are available on the DAN Institute website to help you build awareness for your products or services. Email us at and explore customized advertising options tailored to your brand’s needs.

Publish Content

DAN Institute offers its affiliate partners to publish original content on the DAN Institute website, such as blog posts, case studies, info pieces, events, and press releases. Use the power of unique content and SEO to reach out to your customers.

Monthly Newsletter

Receive our monthly newsletter and keep up to date with the new topics, events, and players in the online education industry. Find out more about the trends and discover the most popular tools for LMS solutions.

Monthly Newsletter

Receive our monthly newsletter and keep up to date with new players in the online education industry. Find out the trends and popular tools for LMS solutions.

A Welcoming Community

Whether you are an individual instructor who wants to share her own expertise, a college or university professor, or a solution provider for e-learners, DAN Institute offers a welcoming environment with an always ready-to-help customer relations team.


Visitors Personas


Marketing Professionals

Marketing Professionals looking to upgrade their skill sets to advance in their jobs.


University Students & Job Seekers

University Students & Job Seekers who want to develop new skills to land their dream job.


Freelancers & Small Business Owners

Freelancers & small business owners who want to learn more about digital marketing to grow their business.


Career Changers

Career Changers who are trying to improve their job satisfaction by taking on a role in digital marketing.

Over 90% of DAN Institute’s website traffic is coming from organic search results with terms such as:

Digital marketing white papers,Digital marketing templates,Wordpress courses,E-commerce marketing courses,Best SEO courses,Online social media marketing courses,Digital marketing industry reports,Online digital marketing courses,Best UX design courses,Online courses for digital marketers


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FAQ Frequently asked questions

Got a question in mind? The answer might be closer than you think! Check out the following Frequently Asked Questions about DAN Institute, its member evaluation criteria, and services.

Once we receive your company details through the affiliate partnership form, our team will evaluate your applications and notify you via email in 48 hours. If your online learning brand matches our affiliate program’s criteria, we will set a quick meeting to finalize the details.
Affiliate partners need to demonstrate the following on their website to qualify for a DAN Institute affiliate partner: - LinkedIn page - Clear contact details (e.g., open address, email, phone number) - High-quality online courses or resources such as a detailed description page about the courses/resources - Testimonials of students or clients they worked with.
The DAN Institute website has a niche visitor base worldwide that is looking for online courses in marketing-specific topics in our listed categories.
The courses or resources get listed in our directories in random order under the related section. The random order changes every time the page reloads, allowing all listed courses and resources to share the traffic equally.
If you use a custom platform to track your affiliate links, the DAN Institute team can use this platform to generate UTM links for your courses and resources. Once we are done, we can share the list of courses and resources you have by including the UTMs at DAN Institute. If you don't use a platform, we share the links via a shared file on Drive so that you can create your own UTMs.
We offer paid advertising options to affiliate partners and members. The options such as featured course or resource placements and the courses or resources of the month placements are paid ad slots that are not included in any DAN Institute affiliate partnership packages. Featured Sections and courses or resources of the month ads are reserved monthly and stay online for the reserved month. For other advertising options (Newsletter inclusion, pop-up ad, branded content, etc.) please get in touch with us at
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