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User Interface Design

Gain a strong understanding of user interface design so you can begin to learn how to be an interactive designer or enhance your design skills. This graphic and web design training course covers references, user experience (UX), and usability principles. Topics include psychological and interaction principles, requirements analysis, designing for […]


Online User Interface Design Course

In this UI Design course, understand how typography, color, and layout intersect to create beautifully designed interfaces. Learn the fundamentals of interaction and motion design to take your designs to the next level and delight users.

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Interaction Design for Usability

This course will teach you fundamental usability concepts and methods and will tie them together with interaction and visual design. By completing the course, you will become equipped with the tools required to create products with outstanding user experience and usability.

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The efficient UI/UX design process in Figma

In this class, as a beginner, you will learn the UI/UX design process while using Figma. As an experienced designer, you will learn how to optimize your performance by building consistent design systems.

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User Experience design 5-day Course with Career Advice

From UX research and UI design fundamentals, wireframing in Sketch & Figma, to prototyping responsive mobile-first UI in HTML and CSS, and advice on starting a career in UX with portfolio and job interview tips. An insightful, hands-on & affordable 5-day course run by a professional UX designer!

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User Experience Design & Testing Intensive Online Course – Delivered Live

This intensive online UX course provides a solid foundation in user experience design and testing, from first principles to analysis and insight. You’ll learn practical techniques as well as the theory behind them, preparing you to reap the rewards of a well-designed user experience in your web and digital projects.

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UX & UI Design Online Program

This course is packed with the core skills, knowledge and training that will put you on the path to becoming a successful UI/UX designer in just a few weeks. Get ready to take your career to a totally different level.

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Mobile App Design from scratch with Sketch 3 – Part 1

In this 3 hour class they’ll teach you a complete design workflow that will allow you turn your idea into a fully designed and engaging mobile app using Sketch 3.

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UI Design Course

Working together with a professional mentor, you’ll learn how to identify modern design patterns and how to implement them flawlessly in your own work. Intended for mid-level designers, this course is the perfect way to upgrade your existing skills.

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User Experience Design & Testing Intensive

This class is ideal for those seeking an introduction into the world of user-experience design. This course will give you a complete understanding of the principles of UX focused design and show you how to design and test real-world UX implementations.

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UI Design Program

Learn all of the skills, tools, and processes you need to become a UI designer, receive tailored coaching and stand out at interviews. Land a job as a UI designer within 180 days of graduating from the program—or your money back.

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UX Design Course

When you take our UI/UX design course all you need is an eye for good visual design and the ability to empathize with your user. In the course, you’ll work on substantial design projects and complete a real world externship with an industry client.

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User Experience (UX): The Ultimate Guide to Usability and UX

This course covers the comprehensive syllabus for the BCS Foundation Certificate in User Experience and contains 90 multiple-choice quiz questions to test your knowledge and prepare for the exam. You can take the exam anywhere in the world at a Pearson Vue exam centre.

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User Interface Design Specialization

In this online course, you will learn industry-standard theory and methods for developing successful user interfaces. You will also have fluency with the user research, prototyping, and evaluation techniques necessary for creating intuitive interfaces that facilitate good user experiences.

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UX, UI, Prototyping & Portfolio 5-day Design Course

This certified hands-on 5-day course will teach you fundamental usability concepts and methods and will tie them together with interaction and visual design. By completing the course, you will become equipped with the tools required to create products with outstanding user experience and usability.

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UI & Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC

This is a project-based class for students who are new to the world of app & web design. They created this for people nervous about changing their careers into the world of user interface design. This course is for people serious about becoming a User Interface design professional.

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Introduction to User Experience Design

In this course, the learner is introduced to the four step user interface design cycle. Along the way you are exposed to a set of techniques to gather information about; what the user needs, how to design and model interfaces based on these and then how to evaluate the design.

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Learn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training

This course will cover user interface designing using the powerful tools within Figma. Learn how to design a beautiful and engaging mobile app with Figma. Learn-by-doing approach.

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Adobe Xd Masterclass – UI / UX Design From Scratch

If you want to improve your skills and productivity, save a lot of time and money on iterations and create designs faster, then you should definately take this course.

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Design Mobile Apps: UI, UX & Prototyping in Adobe XD & PS

In this course, you’ll learn about Material Design, the principles of color, spacing, and typography, tips and tricks, how to get design resources, and much much more. Get a life skill that’s high in demand in today’s job market.

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Professional Diploma in UX Design

Get the mindset, the confidence, and the skills that make UX designers so valuable. This online UX course will help you to build your UX career with a globally recognised, industry-approved qualification. Be guided by expert design mentors during monthly group sessions.

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UI / UX Design Specialization

In this sequence of four courses, you will summarize and demonstrate all stages of the UI/UX development process, from user research to defining a project’s strategy, scope, and information architecture, to developing sitemaps and wireframes.

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Master Digital Product Design: UX Research & UI Design

This course will give you everything you need to start designing products people love. It will take time and I advise you to work through all the exercises over a period over several months, leaving time for reflection and experimentation.

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Learn UI Design

Learn UI Design works on phones and tablets too, so you can watch from your desk or on the go. Dozens of assignments to hone your design skills. Then get feedback in the community chat.

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UX Design Bootcamp

This UX bootcamp is a one-of-a-kind chance to learn new digital skills, create job opportunities, and boost your employability, putting you on the path to a more rewarding career. The entire course is completely free, delivered remotely (lockdown-safe), and taught by experienced professionals.

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Introduction to Axure RP for UX/UI Designers

This class is for students who have never used the wireframing software, Axure, and would like to get started. They cover what Axure is and who uses it, what other resources you need to get started, and how to use the software to create pixel-perfect wireframes that can also be […]

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How to Select Best UX/UI Design Course

With the extensive technological development in the 21st-century, everybody wants to experience decent technology without wasting too much. The same goes for browsing the websites or mobile applications as well, where the quicker and more efficient website or the mobile application concedes, the more successful outcomes are obtained.

Each screen, page, button and other visual components you see while utilizing an application is the User Interface of that application.

UX/UI Design plays an integral role in accomplishing the fundamental goal of any business to boost its sales and expand the growth of the business. The UX/UI Design of the application enhances the user experience and client satisfaction that eventually enables an increase in the number of users of the particular application.

In today’s tech-driven landscape, having abilities and knacks in the UX design field can take you a long way. While it is feasible to teach yourself UX design. Taking a course is a great way to earn the proficiency you need to be able to enter the arena and get to work. Lucky for you, there’s a myriad of online UX courses nowadays on offer, suited to a broad spectrum of requirements.

When selecting a UX design course to capitalize on your time, money, and energy, it’s important to consider your goals. Are you just looking to dip your toes into UX design? Do you want to expand your current skill set? Or are you willing to commit to an entire career transition? If you are deeming to upscale your professional exposure and expect a UX design certification, it is critical to check whether the content aligns with your purpose.

If you are attempting to find the answers to any of these problems, we would be more than happy to help you out!


Key Criteria to Evalute UX/UI Design Courses


It’s beneficial to understand the kind of content and learning results anticipated after embarking the chosen course. In your search for the most-suited course, you must evaluate the modules it proposes and are they guiding you towards achieving your goals?


While assessing UX design course, a crucial factor to consider is whether the course was explicitly planned for online objectives. Does it employ a top-notch technology platform to provide the content?
A practical and reliable way to check this is by analyzing demo videos from an assortment of organizations and institutions.


It’s important to consider your present responsibilities and personal duties. Also, how an online course would help, rather than inflicting an indispensable complication on your shoulders. If the online course provider proposes a flexible and creative learning setting, it’s worth exploring.


Be sure to compare expenses to deduce the best return on your investment io in a UX design course. Not all highly-priced online UX design training guarantee the learning and employment results you’re seeking. By the same token, not all low-cost courses are of poor quality.


Students should cover all the grounds of an iterative UX design process—including user research, wireframing, prototyping, UI design, and user testing.


Once you conclude that the UI design course fits your purpose, the next thing to assess is how much time it would take to finish the course. If the duration of the course fits in your calendar, you should consider enlisting yourself in the program.

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