Preparing Clients For The Holidays: Agency Strategies For 2022 Success


Resource Overview

Earlier this month there was a great lineup of panelists: Sr. Manager of Agency Partnerships of BigCommerce, Lauryn Spence, Senior Account Executive, Nathan Guillen, and Director of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development at Justuno, Derek Booth, who shared actionable tips to help your entire agency team prepare for the holidays.

There will be actionable takeaways on how to power more effective holiday marketing campaigns in 2022 from lifecycle teams to the paid media teams.

In this webinar, they will be discussing:

  • Optimizing onsite conversion rates from paid traffic (with tactics you can start using right away).
  • Supercharging SMS & Email lists via zero & first-party data.
  • Navigating 2022 trends & brand concerns: inflation, supply chain issues, rising ad costs.
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Justuno & BigCommerce & Sendlane

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