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Online Learning | Blog
6 Microlearning Trends to Watch in 2021 

We all know that training new workers and veteran employees will take time. Fortunately, education is available to anyone with a link thanks to the internet! Tutorial videos and other video strategies are also used to teach new employees unique techniques and skills that enable them to learn at t...

Online Learning | Blog
How to Become an Online Instructor and Make Money in 2021? 

The breakthrough has been achieved by digital education. At least 33 percent of university students attend at least one course of e-learning. Why is that? Since it is economical and 5 times more than they do from a formal college course. And it is not just students – businesses are now extensiv...

Web Design & Development | Digital Marketing | Blog
Importance Of Graphic Design In Digital Marketing

Today 80% of small business owners think that graphic design is critical to the success of their business. They understand that graphic designs are not only meant to entice customers. You will be surprised to know that there are countless advantages of graphic design for companies.  Graphic desi...

Web Design & Development | Blog
What Should a Professional Web Designer CV Include?

Web designers are designers of web pages and applications. As a web designer, you are required to develop well-designed and user-friendly resolutions. You should be able to build a website that reflects an organization’s personality and goals. Choosing website designing as your profession i...

Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Blog
Developing an Effective Content Marketing Strategy for Startups

Getting started in content marketing, particularly if yours is a startup, can seem challenging. It encompasses more than just creating engaging blog posts, infographics to drive sales, videos, etc. Beyond writing incredible copy or creating remarkable visuals, you have to incorporate content mana...

Email Marketing | Blog
Email Marketing: Best Practices and Tactics for 2021

The first email marketing blast was sent in 1978 to 400 people, resulting in $13 million in sales. Since then, its significance has only increased. It has successfully beaten affiliate marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.  One of the most important questions one might ask when it comes to...

Digital Marketing | Blog
Best Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B Lead Generation in 2021

With the current conditions that are going on in the world, online platforms have taken over the business sector. For the systematic growth of a business, proprietors should have the knowledge to utilize digital marketing to the max. The enterprise’s growth depends on the number of leads ge...

Digital Marketing | Blog
Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

When selecting from an array of candidates to fill the role of digital marketers and manager, employers look into some basic digital marketing questions and answers to gauge a candidate’s expertise and skill. We prepare candidates for their venture into the digital marketing world. We have ...

Web Design & Development | Blog
8 Essential UX Designer Interview Questions and Answers

Landing your dream job is all about finding the perfect balance between upscaling your work skills and mastering your soft skills to ace interviews. Similarly, jumping head-first into any interview as a UX designer only after working on your design skills and portfolio can lead you to roadblocks ...

Digital Marketing | Blog
Small Business Guide to Video Marketing: Ideas & Strategies

Video marketing is self-explanatory. It is the usage of videos to promote or market one’s company or services. It can be used from something as small as live videos to something as big as product promotion. We often see ads on television or videos on social media platforms. These are all me...

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