10 Awesome Free Email Marketing Templates To Make Your Life Easier

Email marketing is the most powerful way to captivate your audience to stay in touch with your company. Email templates can have a huge impact on a small business that is growing gradually. It helps your buyers to be aware of the trends, discounts, new arrivals, and incentives for loyal customers. Thus, it provides the maximum ROI (return of interest) on the products than any other platform for digital marketing. It may not be applicable to a business in its initial phase, but it will play a crucial role in expanding your business once you start getting more customers.

Since email is a platform used by everyone, studies reveal that there are three times more accounts on email than on Twitter and Facebook. Hence, email marketing can be the most efficient method to promote your small business. There are many email templates for small businesses available on the internet. We present a few digital marketing email templates for small businesses if you decide to do it yourself due to the investment included.

What Do You Mean By Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the most puissant platform for building a relationship with your customer base through online means. It is a denomination of direct as well as digital marketing. Because it helps make your customers aware of the latest discounts and arrivals at your business. It tends to keep the customers updated and engaged in between purchases. It also helps lead generation, boost brand awareness and build relationships with potential clients.

Hence, for spreading awareness about your business, you need to consider email marketing as a contender. However, you may face some difficulties while choosing the appropriate template for your business and reaching out to the customers. Contactout email finder tool can help you to reach out to wider audiences and keep your potential customers updated.

Now, What Are Email Marketing Templates?

An email template is a ready-made template available online to help new users to know about different digital strategies. Email marketing templates provide the basic outline/wireframe of an email that has to be sent to the customers. It provides a commencement point to marketers who are unwilling to start the marketing process from scratch. It is applicable for businesses that cannot perform high-end coding in the initial phase of the business.

These template websites offer professional email templates for small businesses with an option of substantiation in nearly every part, be it font, images, colours, and patterns. It provides attributes with a simple drag-and-drop option.

There are many websites online (like Mail Chimp, CakeMail, ZOHO campaigns, email out, and many more) that provide marketing email template samples for small businesses. But as a fresher, you need to know what types of templates are available so that you choose which one you require at the moment. The types of email templates used for email marketing are as follows:

Email For Hospitality

As a rule, assume that the first impression is the last. Hence, whenever any new customer signs up for your website, you must welcome your customer through an email. If you don’t do anything, the impact of your website won’t last for a long time. Hence, it is a matter of hospitality that you need to send an email to welcome new customers. It will also help you to connect instantly with your customer. You can also use the automatic responding option to share an email. Also, you can add a few links to help them discover various pages on your websites.

Template For Content Focusing On A Certain Aspect

To make your customers aware of your existence, you have to push emails to them weekly to keep them informed about your website’s new arrivals. Sharing the links with your potential customers can be self-promotional. If you just share the welcoming mail and ghost them, it won’t help; you need to follow up with regular updates about the latest arrivals and keep them in the loop.

Template For Sharing Announcements

These emails are paramount since you need to make your audience aware of the important announcements. Like many, e-commerce makes its targeted audience aware of the significant events they are organizing. Events like sales, special discounts, and many more can be highlighted through emails with the links attached to let customers access the page directly.

To Update For New Arrivals/Products

An update for the new articles is a must. Whatever your business has in store needs to reach out to people, and if it interests the customers, they can buy it. Hence, updating the audience should be done to generate sales.

Websites That Offer The Best Email Templates For Small Businesses Are As Follows:

Mail Chimp

Mail chimp is a website that provides digital marketing email templates for small businesses and offers hundreds of templates for free to marketers. It permits its users to share 12,000 emails with 2,000 customers a month. All the templates available on the website are customizable according to individual preferences. You are only required to choose the template that suits your style and customize it according to your needs. It also offers a drag-and-drop option that eases the procedure making it less complex.

ZOHO Campaigns

This website is also similar to Mail Chimp, as it allows the user to send 12000 emails to 2000 customers in a month for its free plan. But over this, it provides some facilities that seem great, like clear and concise analytics, and A/B testing. It also offers hundreds of templates that will help ease your process and save time. You just need to pick the one that seems appropriate for the job and customize it a little to make it look authentic.


Now, this is a great webpage that provides a service for generating emails for marketing purposes. It allows the user to download the text in HTML form that is responsive and can be edited. This website is a paid service for the subscription of emails. But it can be highly helpful as you can get the codes too. It also offers different types of customized templates for emails like welcome mail or promotional mail.

Email Octopus

It has a myriad of templates to experiment with and give users a unique experience, making their emails more authentic. The tool does not provide responsive and editable codes to email marketing templates but is very efficient in the process. It is not a renowned website, but it can design the perfect email for your business.


This website offers a large variety of templates that are curated beautifully in different forms to address your subscribers. You can access it anyway and send the mail to 500 subscribers at a time. It is also applicable as a mobile application, making it possible to use on the move.

Hence, it can be concluded from the article that to initiate email marketing, you have to learn coding or HTML. You can create beautiful emails that captivate your users through numerous websites available online. Many websites offer limited sharing of emails in the free plan, which is quite reasonable, but it can be good for a small business to invest in. These websites provide hundreds of professional email templates for small businesses which can be customized.

DAN Institute has compiled a list of the finest online email study programs to assist users in learning further about email marketing best practices and how to use the best email marketing tools. From the most attractive email templates to attract the audience to correct email deliverability and A/B testing to the GDPR, you can learn everything you need to grasp regarding email marketing. Starting now, learn the most up-to-date skills with the greatest professional education institutions online from just about anywhere and create the best email templates for small businesses.


1. How do I create an email template for a small business?

The first way for curating a well-designed email for your business is high-end coding. And if you don’t know anything about the coding process, no need to worry. There are plenty of websites online that will help you generate an email for your business beautifully. These websites offer the best email templates for small businesses, which can be easily customized according to personal preferences. You can change the colour of objects, font size, font style, background, and foreground.

Bonus: You can learn how to create an email template with this content.

2. What is the best email template?

The definition of the best can vary based on personal requirements. In our opinion, the email which addresses the purpose to its full extent is the best. For instance, it should have an embracing and warm tone if it is a welcome email. It should tell the customer how grateful you are for them to be a part of your small business family. Since the first impression is the last, you need to have a strong impact on the customer. As soon as they sign up for a subscription on your page, you must share an email welcoming them to the family. It tends to connect the user with your company. The email pushed up can be automated.