Best Free & Paid Email Marketing Courses and Training in 2022

An online course is one of the greatest ways to study email marketing. You will learn how to use e-mail marketing as a medium to communicate with your customers or readers, establish a community around your brand and boost your sales.

We have listed the greatest email marketing courses available online are in this post.

The courses cover a broad range of email marketing subjects and are ideal for beginners and seasoned marketers. This list contains paid and free courses on email marketing.

1. Getting Started with Email Marketing | Learn with MailChimp – Skillshare


Allyson Van Houten, the senior marketing manager at Mail Chimp, which was started in 2001, will be your instructor in this seminar. Since then, Mail Chimp has made it easy and efficient for millions of companies to contact their target group. You know about email marketing one thing or two!
This course enables students to learn about the foundations of email marketing, including the purpose of email marketing, the content to be promoted, email frequency, how to plan, build, test, and launch a campaign, and many more.

2. Digital Marketing: Email Marketing for Beginners – Skillshare

You will learn from Phil Ebiner, a video editor who has developed many successful online companies such as in this course. Since 2012, Phil has also developed and published courses studied by over a million students worldwide.

During every nine sessions in these 1 hour online classes students receive instructions on e-mail marketing funnel building, e-mail marketing tools, lead magnets creation, integration of the opt-in form on their sites, understanding, and segmentation of the audience, e-mail sequence, etc.

3. Email and Newsletter Marketing Foundations – LinkedIn Learning

In this course, Megan Adams, a marketer, and social media expert will teach you. For the last seven years, Megan has run a full-time marketing company which has provided her with real-world experience.
During this 45-minute beginning course, students learn the most important aspects of email marketing, how to develop, keep and segment a contact list, how to build an appropriate campaign strategy, how to utilize analytics to optimize strategy, and much more.
You obtain a CEP certificate, 1 Continuing Professional Education Credit, and 0.25 PMI contact hours when you complete the course. CEP is a certificate of completion.

4. Email Marketing Course: Get Certified in Email Marketing – HubSpot


Courtney Sembler, Head of Education at the HubSpot Academy, and Diana Zalaquett, Success Manager at HubSpot, will teach you.
The two will draw on their skills and experience to make email marketing comfortable with the free HubSpot tools.
For 3 1⁄4 hours of on-demand vision, the students will learn how to send the proper emails, grasp the deliverability, test and analyze market emails, and much more before building a contact management and segmentation strategy.

5. Email Marketing Master Class – Udemy 


You will be taught by AWeber Academy instructors for this course. This 4 1/2-hour course will teach students how to build an email list, produce strong emails with tested and improved strategies, automate email series, and much more. After every course, students receive a presentation and participate in a contest for their study.
This is a value-added course because, after every lesson, you’ll receive a handbook and questionnaire for your website and business. Finally, you’ll also receive a completion certificate!

6. Email Marketing Essentials: Designing Effective Emails – Skillshare


The online course for email marketing is taught by Fabio Carneiro, an email design and development expert. Fabio is a photographer of hybrid code, which enabled 15 million Mailchimp customers to send a billion emails in a single day, also known as spongy development.
My students learn how to create efficient email marketing campaigns that win their clients, the difference between the web and email design, the key considerations for developing emails, best design practices for 4 common email types, and much more in 10 bite video lessons of only half an hour in total.

7. Email Marketing – Beginners Guide To Email Marketing – Udemy

Mark Timberlake will teach you, who is the owner of the SME Heroes training company. For the last 15 years, Mark has developed online companies and has taught nearly 200,000 students at Udemy, averaging 4.4 stars.
In the 2-hour class, students learn about the marketing of emails, including issues such as AIDA marketing, campaign management software, PDF magic, campaign types, various writing styles, traps and traps, how to analyze, and many more.

The nicest thing about the course is to have full lifetime access to the content other than a completion certificate so you can return to it whenever you feel like studying certain crucial themes.

8.Email Marketing: Drip Campaigns – LinkedIn Learning

Sam Dey, a consultant, and a company specializing in digital marketing will teach you for this class. Sam has also spent a great deal of time designing effective e-commerce funnels, sharing his experience on with his followers.
Students learn how to nurture leads, develop efficient emails, follow and evaluate results in under 45 minutes of jam-packed, beginner-level content, apply these insights to tweak and re-assess funnels, and finally automate email marketing campaigns.
Overall, a wonderful e-mail marketing course that enables students to automate e-mail marketing campaigns so they can sit back and relax

9. The Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course – Udemy

During this course, you are lectured by instructors from Coursenvy, a Los Angeles-based ad firm, that has been designing programs linked to marketing and taught Udemy alone to over 300,000 students. Coursenvy also employs field specialists to teach their courses so you can trust that you learn from the best.
With 4 1⁄2 hours of video, students will learn how MailChimp can work successfully on successful campaigns such as generating A/B split test campaigns, opt-in, registration forms, rapid email squeezer sites, unique segmented email lists, and many more.

10. Email Marketing Essentials: Writing Effective Emails – Skillshare

You’re taught in this online course by Kate Kiefer Lee, a MailChimp writer, and editor. Kate is an expert magazine publisher who has been working on such magazines as A List Apart and Forbes. And she has proven herself to be a popular instructor with 5,600 followers on Skillshare!
Through nine short courses, the students learn vital skills for successful marketing e-mails, like recognizing voice and tone impact, learning what to write, attempting different kinds of emails, editing and polishing an e-mail, and much more.

11. ConvertKit: The MailChimp Alternative – Udemy

Vanessa Leota, the entrepreneur founding the Solopreneur Business Network, will be your lecturer for this online course. Vanessa built Solopreneur for new entrepreneurs by networking with employees worldwide to enhance their business development.
Vanessa will help students move to ConvertKit, an email marketing service that acts as a great alternative for MailChimp, over this 5-hour online email marketing course. Students are progressively guided through migration and configuration processes, form generation, e-mail templates, sending messages, automating, and more.

12. Email Marketing Course – Sendinblue

You will learn email marketing from the bottom up in Sendinblue’s email marketing course. Once you have completed your certification, you will be able to develop an e-mail marketing strategy that creates enduring engagement and stronger relationships with your customers while developing and expanding your brand!

Learn how our email marketing professionals can handy practical ideas and provide insights into recent market developments in the field of email marketing! Get expert advice on how you can handle personalized contact management, and segmentation, improve the efficacy of your campaign and increase your subscriber list with engaging subscription forms.

13. Use Mailchimp to Build an E-mail Marketing Campaign – Coursera

At the end of this assignment, you construct a custom e-mail with a free edition of Mailchimp for a corporate marketing campaign. You may design an interactive e-mail with a professional and compelling call for action for your audience. You will be creating an email campaign as one of the numerous strong tools available in Mailchimp for digital marketing.

14. Create a Professional Automated Landing Page using Mailchimp – Coursera

In this 1-hour project-based course you will learn how to create a professional landing page that has a lead magnet for the collection of e-mail addresses. We will utilize the Mailchimp email automation function to submit an automated email with a free lead magnet download and a call for action to join a webinar where a marketer will subsequently be able to sell premium products. With incredibly high rates of conversion, this lead generation method is successful.

This guided project is easy to start. To complete this project, you need no experience with email marketing or graphic design. To accomplish this assignment, I’ll teach you what you need to know.

15. Create an Email Autoresponder Using Mailchimp – Coursera

With this 2-hour project-based course, you will learn how to construct your first automated email with MailChimp. MailChimp simplifies the entire email marketing process and that is high-demand expertise. MailChimp is an email service and email marketing answering platform. You will construct an automation procedure by the end of this project to make sure the folks that register receive an automated answer.


There you have it – some of the most important marketing email courses for marketers at any level. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll probably go away from success in creating successful email campaigns with a greater understanding.

Consider your present level of knowledge and what you want to learn. Even if you don’t choose one of these courses, you should be able to broaden your search using them.