Top Online Personal Development Courses, Classes and Training Programs in 2022

Have you heard people talking about their goals, achievements, and successes? You must have. All of these come from investing in yourself. When you invest in yourself, you experience personal growth that is important for all of your goals. Personal improvement is a key to committing to becoming the best version of yourself. When you end up putting the right kind of effort in the right direction, the positive results can surprise you the most. Even though we all want to grow and improve, our busy life schedules don’t allow us to enroll in a personal development course.

However, the fact is that you don’t need to visit schools or universities to enroll in a personal development course. All you need is an efficient online personal development course.

How Can You Benefit from Self-Development Courses?

By engaging yourself in an online personal development training course, you get the chance to develop your skills including strategic and creative thinking, mental mastery, listening, coaching, speaking, problem-solving, personal finance, disciplines, etc. It helps you become more confident, effective, empowered, and fulfilled in your life.

But how will you select from hundreds of personal development courses available online? We have got your back. You can select from the below ten courses and start your personal development training journey.

List of Top 10 Personal Development Courses, Classes, and Training Programs

Learning How to Learn: Powerful Mental Tools to Help you Master Tough Subjects (Coursera)

The brain responds differently to every piece of learning and information input. Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects by Coursera is offered to students in collaboration with the University of California and McMaster University, San Diego. This course is the key to learning the processing of complicated subjects. You can learn music, maths, science, sports, art, literature, and much more efficiently with the help of a self-improvement course. It is a 4-week course that allows you to learn:

  • The two different learning modes of a brain – diffused mode and focused mode.
  • The process of encapsulating information.
  • The memorising techniques.
  • The process of dealing with procrastination.
  • Illusions the mind creates for you.

The Science of Well-Being by Yale University (Coursera)

Yale University’s free course is the most popular class in the history of 137 years. The science of well-being at Yale University is a class by Laurie Santos (psychology professor) named ‘Psychology and the Good life’ to help students with anxiety, stress, and depression. The demand for this class grew over time with media attention. There are different aspects of this course that offer students different perspectives towards happiness and life.

It is not only a personal improvement course but a journey that brings peace to the human mind covering the following topics:

  • The misconceptions that humans hold about happiness.
  • Why do we carry misconceptions?
  • What is the process of overcoming biases in life?
  • How can we improve our happiness?
  • What is the process of practicing the strategies of personal improvement?

Complete Personal Development Personal Transformation Course (Udemy)

This course is one of the best guides for beginners to start personal development training without any stress. T.J Walker, the professor of this course has covered lessons on creativity, management, lifestyle design, goal setting, creativity, time, etc. You learn to take control of your mind with the help of these top personal development courses. You get lifetime access to:

  • 27 hours of online videos
  • 3 articles
  • 14 downloadable resources

Critical Thinking For Better Judgement And Decision Making By LinkedIn Learning

If you are someone who wants to make decisions in the wisest manner, this is one of the best online courses for personal development. Critical Thinking For Better Judgement And Decision Making By LinkedIn Learning helps you make better decisions for your organisation. You get the chance to improve:

    • The ability to craft better arguments.
  • The ability to avoid deceiving fallacies.
  • The capacity to pinpoint the misleading cognitive biases.
  • The ability to make better decisions.

Get Beyond Work-Life Balance – Inclusive Leadership By edX

Achieving the goal of work-life balance is a major stumbling block in the journey of personal development training. Get Beyond Work-Life Balance Course is a free personal development course online. It will help you get hold of the fast paced life and increase the work-life balance slowly. You can understand the working of the mind to balance your life with flexibility and efficiency. This course gets you an understanding of personal improvement with the help of real-world examples and research. You will get to know:

  • How to support and manage the flexible working environment to achieve the work-life balance.
  • About work-life concepts, tools, and definitions.
  • About the qualities and behaviour of an inclusive leader.
  • How to spot barriers to work-life balance and create specific solutions.

Neuroplasticity: How To Rewire Your Brain By Udemy

Can you imagine rewiring your brain and setting everything as per your convenience? No, right? However, Neuroplasticity allows you to rewire your brain to enhance mental and personal health and improve your quality of life. This particular course by Udemy will help you to use Neuroplasticity in your favour and develop mental flexibility to change habits, beat procrastination, and much more. This course promotes personal development for career success and personal growth. You get to:

  • Do approximately 30 minutes of exercise to stimulate the activities of the brain.
  • Create a blueprint to change the bad or negative habits and form good ones.
  • The process of overcoming procrastination.
  • Step by step approach to neutralise the memories that cause pain or resentment.

Think Again I: How To Understand Arguments By Duke University ( Coursera)

This course by Duke University is not a set of typical logic lectures. It helps you evaluate the arguments into four distinct parts:

  • Deductive arguments
  • Analysing arguments
  • Inductive arguments
  • Fallacies and refutations

You get the chance to learn about the basic and common yet important reasoning skills. This course will help you understand how to identify, analyse, evaluate, and win an argument given by your colleagues or competitors. You will understand the formation of an argument to make a better and more logical decision.

You must have gotten a concrete idea of how personal improvement brings perfection, mindfulness, satisfaction, and peace to one’s life. DAN Institute brings to you all personal improvements that can help you grow and achieve your goals. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to add value and compassion to your life, visit our website and drop a query!