What Should be The Ideal Digital Marketing Course Duration?

In the past few years, digitalization has become a global phenomenon. With the ever-evolving market and its tools, it is important to keep learning and enhancing your skills. So, we want to analyze the ideal digital marketing course duration and how can you learn it.

What Is Digital Marketing?

The process of promoting and selling a product or service online through search engines, websites, social networks, emails, and mobile apps is known as digital marketing. More so ever, digital marketing has emerged as the central marketing strategy for brands and companies. It is an evolving field with new methods and techniques introduced every few months. With increasing complexity and importance, digital marketing is crucial for today’s marketing skills.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria?

  • Anyone with a graduation degree interested in digital marketing can opt for a digital marketing course and get certified through an exam.
  • Anyone with cleared 10+2 or an equivalent from an acknowledged board or university can apply for an undergraduate degree.
  • Who has cleared 10+2+3 from a recognized university is eligible for a Postgraduate course in Digital Marketing.
  • Professionals and marketers improve their position in the marketplace by enhancing their skills and getting more out of digital marketing channels.
  • For online courses, there are no eligibility criteria. You just need to have time for enrolling in online digital marketing courses.

Ideal Digital Marketing Course Duration

Digital marketing course duration varies from 3-6 months to 12 months. Different institutes and universities offer different course specialization with differentiating course duration. However, there are many online digital marketing courses that take less time and help you to learn the basics.

Online marketing course duration varies from 1-2 hours to 3-6 months. We can give a few examples of the best online course providers.

Digital Marketing Institute: Digital Marketing Institute offers a digital marketing course for 30 hours to 44 weeks. It focuses on in-demand skills and knowledge for a marketing career.

Henry Harvin: Henry Harvin digital marketing course offers 32 hours of live virtual training, 50 hours of e-learning access, and one year of free brush-up sessions.

Coursera: Coursera offers an eight months course with 5 hours session every week. This course focuses on data collection and analysis and the framework of digital platforms and consumers’ approach. It explores several aspects and tools used for digital marketing, including digital marketing analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing, and more. 

Hubspot Academy: HubSpot offers courses like Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing for 1 to 6 hours with interactive lessons, videos, and quizzes.

Linkedin Learning: Previously known as Lynda has over 5 thousand courses in the fields of business, technology, and creativity. These courses included in Linkedin Premium for the duration of 1 to 10 hours.

Udemy: You will find online digital marketing course duration varying from 20 hours to 84 hours. The cost also varies depending on the course. Starting from €15 in some cases to an average of €200 for most.  

DAN Institute: DAN Institute guides the global community of marketers to select trusted online digital marketing courses and find up-to-date digital marketing resources such as a glossary of digital marketing terms, researches, prestigious podcasts, webinars, guidelines, ebooks and more.


The Best University Offering Digital Marketing Course

University of South Wales: The University of South Wales offers MSc in Strategic Digital Marketing, featuring the development of skills and knowledge required in the market. It is a full-time 1-year course with a tuition fee of €13,400.00 per annum.

Coventry University Digital Marketing Course: Coventry University offers two digital marketing courses. Digital Marketing BA (Hons) is a full-time 4-year course. Meanwhile, Digital Marketing Management MSc is a full-time 1-year course with a tuition fee of €15,800.00.

University of Kent: One of the best universities in the United Kingdom, the University of Kent offers an MSc in Digital Marketing and Analytics. It a full-time course for one year with a fee of €18,400.00. 

University of Portsmouth: The University of Portsmouth also offers two digital marketing courses. Digital Marketing-BA (Hons) is a full-time 3-4 year course with tuition fees of €13,900 per annum.

University of Southampton: The University of Southampton offers MSc in Digital Marketing, a full-time 1-year course with a tuition fee of €19,950.

Brunel University London: Brunel University offers an MSc in Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing, a 12 to 15 months course of € 16,850 fees annually.

University of Greenwich: Greenwich has two courses specializing in digital marketing. BA (Hons.) in Advertising and Digital Marketing Communications and BA (Hons) in Advertising and Digital Marketing Communications with Language. Both of the courses are full-time duration of 3-4 years.

Nottingham Trent University: There are two Digital Marketing Courses available at Nottingham Trent University. MBA in Digital Marketing and MSc in Digital Marketing. MBA is a full-time 1-year course, whereas MSc is a full-time 1-2 year course.

Sheffield Hallam University: The University of Sheffield offers two digital Marketing courses. Digital Marketing BA (Hons) for 3-4 years with a tuition fee of €13,250.00 per annum. 

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

Online courses covers a variety of topics. We list the most popular topics of it.  In the end, you will have a clear understanding of digital marketing, its channels, and tools. And you will be able to integrate digital marketing into your marketing strategy, drive new traffic to your website and increase engagement with prospective customers. Learning these will help you to build your career.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Tools for Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Advance Campaigning
  • Analyzing Account performance
  • AdWords Editor
  • Conversions and Conversion Tracking
  • Display Network
  • Mobile Ads
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Digital marketing is in its prime no more so than ever. From start-ups, mid-level to top MNCs, every company opts for a digital platform to represent them and their products. From advertisements, promotions, sponsorship to selling, every task is being redirected towards digital platforms. Every company uses digital marketing methods and techniques to attract a new audience, increase their consumer base, and enhance their brand image.