Top 6 Slack Communities & Channels for Every Ecommerce Professional Should Know in 2022

The era of messaging applications is growing tremendously. According to Juniper Research, the use of mobile chat applications has rocketed from 2.3 billion unique users in 2016 to 4.2 billion by 2021. That’s an increase of 83% in five years! Now we all know that Facebook and LinkedIn are pretty popular and have been around for a while. But do you know what Slack is? Slack is one of those chat programs that has within it a variety of communities. It’s a space where you can connect with other teams, engage in projects, and do a variety of other things.  Slack communities for e-commerce professionals are similar to Facebook groups in concept, except they only exist on Slack.

Each Slack community is centered on a certain topic and serves as a forum for members to share information and views about that issue. Slack Communities for e-commerce are on the rise as in 12 months the number of Slack communities grew by 2.8 times and the total number of their members is more than 2,000,000 people.

Benefits of Slack Communities

When it comes to creating a private digital network, Facebook and LinkedIn groups have been fulfilling our needs for a very long time. But these days, Slack communities have many of the same benefits as these other social networks. Here are a few of the advantages of slack communities:

More attention, less competition: If you create a community today, you’ll be able to jump in ahead of practically everyone else if you use Slack. LinkedIn has around 4 million groups, but Slack has less than 200 more active and popular open communities than LinkedIn.

Increased engagement: Slack encourages high engagement by allowing you to directly contact other members of the group for even more communication options. (You can also send messages to other members in your group on LinkedIn, but it’s a bit more difficult, which may discourage one-on-one talks.)

Free setup: in case you’re looking for higher engagement and less competition at zero cost, Slack is the perfect tool.

Top 6 Slack Channels for Every Ecommerce Professional

  • OnlineGeniuses
  • Traffic Think Tank
  • BigSEO
  • #Backlinks
  • CRO Growth Hacks
  • Buffer


Channels: Over 10 channels including #seo, #ppc, #socialmediamarketing, #email_marketing, #hangouts, #good_finds, etc
Cost: Free

A Skype talk led to the formation of the Online Geniuses group. The chat was founded by David Markovich, to communicate with other outstanding brains in the digital marketing field. Over 2.7 million messages have been sent inside the group since its establishment. Several people have discovered new jobs and possibilities through their #hiring channel. In addition, the owners have organised live events in cities across the United States. The “Ask Me Anything” which is a slack channel for ecommerce has featured discussions with industry experts such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, and Dmitry Gerasimenko (from Ahrefs). One of the most recent AMAs included Red Bull’s Allyson J. Davis.

Traffic Think Tank

Channels: There are over 25 channels, including #linkbuilding, #automation, #tools, #agency, #affiliate, #analytics, and #jobs.
Cost: $119 per month (or $1,190 per year)

Matthew Barby, Nick Eubanks, and Ian Howells, industry specialists, created Traffic Think Tank. They are involved in the community and share their expertise and views. As a TTT member, you will get access to hundreds of hours of exclusive video content as well as live events. There are also private webinars and trainings with renowned industry experts on a regular basis that are not available anywhere else.


Channels: #general, #business, #events, #localseo, #must-reads, #technical-seo, #international, #penalties, #sitereview, #jobs
Cost: Free

The BigSEO Slack workplace grew out of a subreddit with the same name. It is now a close-knit community where individuals can communicate, network, and create business contacts.

Members debate SEO and marketing in channels such as #business, #must-reads, #sitereview, #technical-seo, #tools, #analytics, #localseo, and others. The #jobs channel connects business and people searching for a new challenge.


Channels: #general, #guestposts, #traffic-boost, #random
Cost: Free

#Backlinks is a group of like-minded experts attempting to tackle the two major difficulties that every website owner faces: obtaining the finest content and obtaining backlinks. Members assist one another by exchanging articles and content ideas, locating chances for guest posts, and so on.

The workspace features three primary channels where users may communicate, exchange the newest news, and discuss their issues: #general, #guestposts, and #random. There are many more industry-specific channels (e.g., #arts, #education, #doctor, etc.) to assist experts in each area come up with collaborative ideas.

CRO Growth Hacks

Channels: #general, #cro hacks, #seo hacks, #email hacks, #analytics hacks, #business hacks, #ad hacks, #social hacks, #site-critique, and so on.
Cost: Free

The CRO Growth Hacks group was established to encourage an open exchange of ideas around conversion rate optimization. Aside from the primary CRO channel, there are subsidiary channels such as #seo hacks, #social hacks, #business hacks, and others.

Members can also visit the #hiring channel, where job vacancies are posted, and there is an exclusive channel dedicated to AMAs and prizes.

#chatbot hacks is one of their most interesting channels. Its members debate the most recent and difficult marketing tasks, such as the usage of chatbots in sales and marketing. Members can also use the #shameless plug channel to market their businesses, make professional contacts, and invite people to meetings, conferences, and webinars, among other things. It’s also a place for members to submit their most recent blog entries, videos, and other helpful learning resources.


Channels: Over 20 channels including, #watercooler, #buffer-products, #buffer-events, #announcements, #community-feedback, #our-work, and #topic-socialmedia.
Cost: Free

Buffer has always maintained a strong social media presence. However, the Buffer Slack community is by far the most interesting for individuals wishing to congregate and engage in real-time.

The Buffer community has various traditions, such as discussing books in the #reading-room or expressing objectives in the #weekly-goals channel. It also offers a channel for posting hilarious pictures and gifs with respect to the market and trends, as well as a few region-specific channels for members from all around the world.

Slack groups are fantastic places to work for anyone searching for concrete advice and cooperation with like-minded experts. Find answers to your queries, receive assistance with pressing difficulties, find jobs, and even bring notice to your work and material. Just keep in mind that it works both ways, so try to offer something back by sharing your experiences, feedback, and so on.

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