Best Slack Groups & Communities for UX Designers in 2021

With the ever-evolving networked spaces for professionals across the world, Slack groups and communities have been advancing with giant strides. These communities are more or less like or nearly identical to other social media groups.

What makes them more and more preferable and dependable among the users is that these communities, being a platform to connect with like-minded people, are more field or subject-area-specific.

Yes, you heard it right; the Slack groups and communities are topic-specific channels, where you can search for the exact piece of information you are seeking, and this feature makes Slack a unique platform among other social networking communities.

Top 8 Slack Communities & Groups for UX Designers

Since its inception in the year 2013, Slack has been an in-trend proprietary business communication platform. It offers multiple chat rooms or channels arranged based on specific themes, topics, and specialization-areas like Coding, Animation, UI design, marketing, programming, and so forth. Slack offers various operations in the form of private groups and through direct messaging with the other members within the community.

Likewise, there are various Slack communities for UX designers that allow the members to be aware of the changing trends within the UX designing arenas, interact with mentors and experts, and share their ideas with like-minded professionals from around the globe.

Some of the best Slack groups for UX designers, among others, are listed below:

  • Designer Hangout

With over 18000+ UX practitioners and designers across the globe, Designer Hangout is among the world’s leading slack communities for UX designers. It is an invite-only network of professional UX designers and researchers who discuss the real-time or in-trend designs, mentorship, user experience, UX resources, and opportunities, etc. The slack community also allows the users to seek advice, share stories, uncover insights, and connect with experts in-person.


  • UX SP

With 2875 registered users to date, the UX SP Slack community or group is dedicated to UX design. The users can join this global UX design Slack community either through an invite link or by signing in. The slack forum is powered by slackin-extended.

  • UX Guide

UX Guide is a rapidly growing Slack community of around 5647 members that is meant for people who love to share and learn ideas and conceptual frameworks relating to UX and product design. Free to join through the email address and sign up, the Slack community also offers users career insights in UX designs. They allow discussions through their official UX-chat for general UX and product design conversations. Members can also post their projects for feedback from experts.

  • The Designership

The Designership is a Slack design community committed to supporting UX/ UI designers to connect, learn, share, and evolve with other global experts in the field. With 2000+ active designers and creators from around the globe, the platform offers designers the best animation tools, creative icons and resources, and various freebies.

  • Content+UX

Content+UX is a public Slack community with around 8000 content and content-adjacent professionals, who impart ideas, visions, and understanding, to shape the field of content strategy in UX writing. It is one of the leading Slack communities for UX designers that believes that content is the king. The public Slack community celebrates unique content strategy and the part content plays in the user experience.

  • UX Mastery

UX Mastery is one of the leading slack groups for UX designers that are known for “peer monitoring” and aims at giving the best possible platform to UX professionals. It is a community that is open to all the users who are willing to learn UX, seek advice, and share evolved views on various aspects of UX designing.

Users can join the community through invite links. The community offers multiple forums to the users to connect with learners, practitioners, mentors, and leaders within the user experience (UX) profession from around the world. It can be one of the best platforms who want to be a UX designer with no experience.

  • Grommet

With over 3000 users, Grommet is an equally valuable Slack community for Programmers and UI/UX Designers that invites all the users to post questions and share ideas. To join Grommet Slack, the user needs to sign in through their email address.

  • BetterUX Community

With over 4500 users, BetterUX Community is a platform for User Experience (UX) professionals and creative design enthusiasts that allows them to discuss and share all the aspects related to UX/UI design and user research. Free to log in, BetterUX Community features regular Ask Me Anything (AMAs) from industry executives, mentors. The community allows users to connect with them through UX chat.

4 Bonus Communities for UX Designers

These Slack groups are not created for UX designers but we thought that these communities can be interesting if you want to design a better user experience.

  • #frontendDevelopers

This discord community is dedicated to web developers and designers that aim to connect developers across the world and levels. Sharing industry trends and learning new tricks is all part of the #frontendDevelopers community.

  • HackerX

HackerX is an exclusive and invite-only Slack group for web developers. It is essentially a networking event where developers meet startups. The community is one of the largest developer groups, having conducted 300+ events across 150 cities.

  • Make WordPress

Make WordPress Slack channel for web designers focuses mostly on WordPress website development. Members get access to the latest updates on WP and new training techniques.

  • Dribbble

With a huge membership, and 634000+ UI/UX designs, trends, themes, and templates, Dribbble offers its users a vibrant platform to connect with designers worldwide. The platform offers a huge count of designers, like logo designers, illustrators, graphic designers, etc.

Being one of the largest communities for UX designers, Dribble also offers a repository of the best and most popular designs on their homepage where the designers have to win the right to post their creations. The platform provides outstanding exposure to the designers as well.

If you want to discover more Slack communities we also listed the best Slack groups for digital marketers previously.

All of the above-mentioned Slack communities and groups are among the leading Slack Groups for UX Designers. You can share your ideas, and get inspired by UXperts (User Experience experts) in the field of UX designing.