Tumay Ulutaş Ertuğrul

Tumay Ulutaş Ertuğrul

She works as a Special Digital Projects Manager at DAN Global with 10+ years of experience and knowledge of digital marketing. Nowadays, her focus areas are digital project management, digital PR, content marketing, growth hacking, online learning and also digital startups. Apart from these, she is also a professional scuba diver, amateur photographer, traveler, and food lover.

Ecommerce | Blog
8 Best Shopify Store Examples to Inspire Your Online Shop

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for design inspiration to make your Shopify store look awesome! Shopify is an online retail solution that is one of the most popular platforms. This platform was introduced in 2004; several online retailers have moved to it since then. The company […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Video Marketing Trends of 2022

Video content is no exception to the marketing firm’s constant evolution. How it grows can be influenced by facts, innovation, patterns, and human psychology. Almost every advertising tip, source, guideline, and forecast emphasizes the importance of including videos in your advertising strategy. Over the last few years, visual content has […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Influencer Seeding Strategies for Growth in 2022

The digital world has gained immense popularity over the years. It has been no surprise to the tech lovers and the corporate giants that they are channelizing their growth through various digital platforms. It has announced a revolution in the perception of people towards the online business world. The internet […]

Online Course Providers | Online Learning | Blog
Udemy Vs Coursera: Which One To Choose In 2022

Technology has made everyone march to an advanced level in their life. Whether it is the corporate world or daily lives, it has raised the standards in every sector. One of the most benefited sectors due to technological advancement is education. With the introduction of online learning, eLearning platforms have […]

Online Course Providers | Online Learning | Blog
Best Online Learning Platforms Like Coursera in 2022

Оnline leаrning hаs drаmаtiсаlly evоlved аnd сhаnged the fасe оf mоdern eduсаtiоn in the lаst few yeаrs. Did yоu knоw thаt оnline leаrning is signifiсаntly less exрensive, mоre effeсtive, аnd requires signifiсаntly less time соmmitment thаn trаditiоnаl eduсаtiоn? Thаt exрlаins why аn inсreаsing number оf рeорle аre сhооsing tо study […]

Online Course Providers | Online Learning | Blog
Top 9 Online Learning Sites Like Skillshare in 2022

Online education has transformed the outlook of educational development dramatically over the last few years. Did you notice that e-learning is far less expensive, more productive, and less time-consuming than formal schooling? That underlines why an increasing number of people are opting for online education. There’s nothing quite like seizing […]

Online Course Providers | Online Learning | Blog
Sites Like Udemy: Best Udemy Alternatives in 2022

Online education has been prevalent for a long time now. In recent years, millions of individuals have used online learning sites to acquire new skills and gain degrees. Anyone who wishes to acquire new skills online must have heard about Udemy. Free or low-cost courses may be found on this […]

Online Learning | Blog
Things That You Should Know About HyFlex Learning

The wake of the pandemic has evolved the concept of online learning to a great extent. A hybrid learning model is another model that institutions and teachers have adopted to provide students with great convenience. HyFlex learning is a new concept-based learning introduced that helps students in unexceptional ways. Under […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Best Side Business Ideas for Full-Time Workers

You’re working almost 7 hours a day and earning a few bucks to fulfill your daily needs. Although you meet both ends, it’s out of the question to even imagine flying across the world, exploring your life, and doing whatever you want without thinking about money. But what if you […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Top 10 Digital Marketing Job Skills of Tomorrow

It’s no surprise that the demand for skilled digital marketing specialists is rising, given how digital marketing has changed how organizations reach out to their customers and promote them. Whether you work in an agency or you are looking for your dream career, digital marketing areas of expertise are extremely […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Best Paid Stock Image Sites in 2022

Images communicate better than words. Whether you’d like to add images either to your social media, promotional campaigns or for other commercial purposes, paid stock photos are an ideal choice. Paid stock photo sites are a great resource for personal and professional use. If you can’t afford a pro photographer […]

Online Learning | Blog
10 Essential Online Training Resources For Onboarding

Online training resources help employers train their new hires and existing employees to expand their skill set. Nowadays, employees’ learning experience is as good as the toolkits available for training. The success of your online training programs is vital since it helps create the foundation of skills and knowledge in […]

Content Marketing | Blog
6 Reasons For Marketing Specialists To Learn Business Writing Skills

Marketing forms the crux of the business irrespective of its size. Whether you own a small paper plate business or a SaaS company, marketing activities play a crucial role. However, massive changes have occurred in the marketing world since the evolution of digital marketing. There is also a famous saying, […]

Online Learning | Blog
How To Drive Continuous Improvements Of Skills

Change is good for an obvious reason. The continual improvement process in management processes, tools, or other related things improves product services, quality management, business process, and finally, ensures a great customer experience. However, if you’re wondering how successful are continuous improvement products, services, or processes, let me tell you […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Why It Is Important To Renew Your Knowledge On Digital Marketing?

Nowadays, we all hear that digital marketing is indispensable for your business and brand awareness. Having a website and a digital media presence (like a page on Instagram, Facebook, etc. social media platforms) is necessary for the digital representation of your business and reaching the target audiences. So let us […]

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