Tumay Ulutaş Ertuğrul

Tumay Ulutaş Ertuğrul

She works as a Special Digital Projects Manager at DAN Global with 10+ years of experience and knowledge of digital marketing. Nowadays, her focus areas are digital project management, digital PR, content marketing, growth hacking, online learning and also digital startups. Apart from these, she is also a professional scuba diver, amateur photographer, traveler, and food lover.

Content Marketing | Blog
6 Reasons For Marketing Specialists To Learn Business Writing Skills

Marketing forms the crux of the business irrespective of its size. Whether you own a small paper plate business or a SaaS company, marketing activities play a crucial role. However, massive changes have occurred in the marketing world since the evolution of digital marketing. There is also a famous saying, […]

Online Learning | Blog
How To Drive Continuous Improvements Of Skills

Change is good for an obvious reason. The continual improvement process in management processes, tools, or other related things improves product services, quality management, business process, and finally, ensures a great customer experience. However, if you’re wondering how successful are continuous improvement products, services, or processes, let me tell you […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Why It Is Important To Renew Your Knowledge On Digital Marketing?

Nowadays, we all hear that digital marketing is indispensable for your business and brand awareness. Having a website and a digital media presence (like a page on Instagram, Facebook, etc. social media platforms) is necessary for the digital representation of your business and reaching the target audiences. So let us […]

Online Learning | Blog
How Online Training Should Be Part of the Onboarding Process

The pandemic has forced us to shift most of our work online. Be it big or small enterprises, a chunk of their employees is working remotely. Hiring new employees under these uncertain circumstances has become a tricky job. Now an efficient employee training process has become more important than ever […]

Online Learning | Blog
How To Reinforce A Culture Of Learning

Today, the working landscape has become more dynamic than ever. In order to thrive in an environment that is changing rapidly and is more competitive than ever, investment in learning and development is crucial. According to Gallup’s report, 59% of millennials admit that they want to work in an organization […]

Digital Marketing | Blog | SEO & SEM
How to Become an SEO Expert: The Top 8 Thing You Need to Know

SEO has been one of the hottest fields of 2021 and it will stay the same even in 2022. There are too many jobs in this field than the market can provide skills for. This is the reason why so many professionals have joined this field despite the fact that […]

Online Learning | Blog
How to Determine, Evaluate And Select Your LMS: 5 Proven Practices

With the arrival of virtual-based learning, gone are the days where we have to attend lectures and workshops physically. This system has now become a new training avenue, mainly because we can connect with people from different parts of the world at a click of a button. The learning management […]

Online Learning | Blog
How Online Courses Are Enlarging Employment Chances For Students: 5 Reasons

The pandemic didn’t only bring masks wearing and social distancing rules, but it also caused an alarming wave of unemployment. Over 200 million people lost their jobs during the pandemic and a significant percentage of this number sank into depression. With unemployment on the rise, many students now have to […]

Online Learning | Blog
Engaging E-Learning Examples With Creative Tips

As the age of digitalization grows day by day and online learning becomes the new norm, we must start evolving too. E-learning is the future of education, and the need for teachers and instructors to find engaging e-learning examples to liven up the class and attract the student’s attention is […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
How Can You Use Storytelling Ιn Employee Training And Onboarding?

We’ve been listening to stories to understand the fundamental morals of life. Most of the stories we hear are factually incorrect; despite this, stories hold the power to captivate us and draw us in. Storytelling in employee training and onboarding plays a very important role as it helps in retaining […]

Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Blog
Best Content Marketing Resources To Improve Your Skills

Contrary to popular perceptions, content marketing is an extremely intricate process involving several working parts. You can take a look at the hundreds of tools and content marketing resources used by both veterans and novice marketers to put into perspective the enormous effort that goes into content marketing. Must-Have Content […]

Digital Marketing | Blog | SEO & SEM
Stay Updated On SEO: Best Resources To Follow in 2022

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, people have become home-bodies. Their only option is to work from home and adapt to the ever-changing trends to stay afloat. To get an edge over their competitors, every company is adapting to the dynamic marketing trends, because of which SEO efforts […]

Online Learning | Blog
Why eLearning Is The Future Of Corporate Training?

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to several losses in the economy, education system, and the business world. But, it has led to some positive results also. Looking from the perspective of technology, the pandemic has led to a revolutionary increase in the number of digital resources being used. Such a […]

Online Course Providers | Digital Marketing | Blog
How to Use Clubhouse to Market Your Online Course?

Clubhouse is a powerful marketing tool for promoting your company. Do you want to know how to use Clubhouse to promote your online learning business? Continue reading to learn more about Clubhouse and the benefits it can provide to your company. To set yourself apart from your competition, you must […]

Online Course Providers | Online Learning | Blog
Top 10 Platforms to Create and Sell Online Courses

When it comes to building your brand, sharing knowledge, and earning extra money, online courses are a surefire way of doing it. There are many people offering online courses these days: freelancers and small business owners, as well as digital marketing companies and knowledge-based niche brands. In addition to making […]

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