Tumay Ulutaş Ertuğrul

Tumay Ulutaş Ertuğrul

She works as a Special Digital Projects Manager at DAN Global with 10+ years of experience and knowledge of digital marketing. Nowadays, her focus areas are digital project management, digital PR, content marketing, growth hacking, online learning and also digital startups. Apart from these, she is also a professional scuba diver, amateur photographer, traveler, and food lover.

Web Design & Development | Blog
Web Design Fundamentals For Beginners

It’s simple to make a website. You don’t need to be a techie or a designer to do this. Today, anyone can make a beautiful website. There are numerous website builders and tools available that make understanding web design basics simple. However, most websites don’t get designed to their full […]

Online Learning | Blog
What is the Difference Between Hybrid and Online Learning?

When people say that they attend online classes or hybrid classes instead of learning in the traditional classroom setting we usually just chalk it off to them not being “smart enough”. In reality that is not the case at all, they just might be the smartest people we know, they […]

Online Learning | Blog
Top 10 Tools To Create Online Training Courses For Free

Did you know that you can tutor people from different parts of the world in the comfort of your home? Yes, you read it right! Today’s digital era has made it possible for you to teach people different things virtually with the help of online training courses. An online course […]

Online Learning | Blog
The Benefits of E-books in Online Education

An e-book is a digital version of a regular print book that can be read on a computer or through an e-book reader. To begin, e-books are electronic books that can be read on a tablet, smartphone, computer, or another digital device. Users can also buy an e-book on a […]

Online Course Providers | Online Learning | Blog
Why Mobile Learning Apps Are the Future of Education

If we look at it from an objective perspective, mobile apps are the future of just about everything, not just education. People tend to trust companies less if they don’t provide their services through the comfort of a mobile application. With the rise of micro-blogging, nothing stays for too long. […]

Social Media Marketing | Digital Marketing | Blog
The Best Examples of Experiential Marketing Campaigns That’ll inspire You for Your Next Project

Grabbing the attention of the target audience has never been easy. It has become harder to attract a customer’s attention in 2021. To tackle and acquire a good market share, brands have come up with new kinds of strategies; Experiential Marketing Campaigns. This campaign has shown remarkable results with its […]

Web Design & Development | Blog
10 Advanced Web Developer Interview Questions Employers Should Ask in Interviews

Web developers require high-level technical expertise. When recruiting a web developer, candidates’ soft skills are equally as crucial as their technical abilities. The recruiters might want to reconsider how to screen job seekers to prevent the hefty expenses of a disastrous hire. Here are the top ten Web Developer Interview […]

Online Learning | Blog
The Updated List of Harvard University Free Online Courses

In today’s competitive world, having degrees and certifications have become a norm. With an increase in literacy rate and awareness among students, a new revolution has taken birth. The widespread use of the internet has aided this revolution in the biggest possible way. It seems that online courses are the […]

Online Course Providers | Blog
​Top 10 Next-Gen Cloud-Based Enterprise LMS Solutions​

A Learning Management Software (LMS) is designed to assist a person to manage, develop and present online programs and courses for the people to learn. It renders a platform for the learners and tutors to learn and enhance their skills and abilities by taking these online courses at any point […]

Online Learning | Blog
How Can You Scale Your eLearning Business & Be A Successful Player in The Market

COVID-19 had an enormous impact on education and the development of new skills. In these tough times, individuals have been looking forward to learning and spending their time on online courses making e-learning one of the most popular platforms. Through the wide usage of such platforms, become an industry that […]

Online Learning | Blog
20 Things to Add to Every Online Lesson to Maximize Learning

With the current situation, the scope for online lessons and e-learning is increasing. You’ll always find more than one compelling reason to consider education online, whether it’s the ability to choose from a wide and varied range of professional degrees and diplomas, the ability to attend lectures/classes from mobile devices […]

Social Media Marketing | Digital Marketing | Blog
Most Popular eCommerce YouTube Channels to Follow in 2021

ECommerce is a wide area. To find people who establish an internet shop, have made thousands of dollars, and now want to show you how it is done, you don’t have to look far. Several amazing influencers have, eCommerce youtube channels giving ideas regularly that might help you enhance eCommerce. […]

Ecommerce | Digital Marketing | Blog
Affiliate Marketing Tips & Strategies for Beginners in 2021

Affiliate marketing is a streamlined technique to sales-driving and significant online sales creation. The current push to less traditional marketing strategies has paid off, which is profitable for companies as well as affiliate marketers. Generally, it is used on blogs. A blog has been constructed for tons of time. You […]

Social Media Marketing | Digital Marketing | Blog | SEO & SEM
Best Youtube Channels to Learn Digital Marketing

YouTube is the largest video source for learning other new skills beyond fun. YouTube is an excellent place for learning digital marketing. More than 1.9 trillion registered users use YouTube every month, with people watching over a trillion hours of video every day, creating trillions of views. These courses are […]

Online Learning | Blog
6 Microlearning Trends to Watch in 2021 

We all know that training new workers and veteran employees will take time. Fortunately, education is available to anyone with a link thanks to the internet! Tutorial videos and other video strategies are also used to teach new employees unique techniques and skills that enable them to learn at their […]

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