10 Essential Online Training Resources For Onboarding

Online training resources help employers train their new hires and existing employees to expand their skill set. Nowadays, employees’ learning experience is as good as the toolkits available for training. The success of your online training programs is vital since it helps create the foundation of skills and knowledge in your employees.

To help employers ensure that their employees receive the right and quality training during an onboarding program, we have picked the best online training resources for onboarding.
The onboarding software mentioned in our list is used across several companies and is used as one of the most efficient approaches and methods. The tools are development and learning resources that help deliver successful online training.

Online Training Resources For Onboarding

We have listed the resources we consider that are the most necessary ones below;

Talent LMS

There are a lot of organizations that think TalentLMS is one of the topmost cloud software that is used for online training. It is ranked as the leader in the LMS category. The best part about using this software is that it is a free platform, which means that you can create an account for free and create your training


If you are having a hard time deciding which software will be the best for training your employees and customers, EdCast is one such choice that will take all your worries away. It offers the benefits of learning from anywhere and at any point in time.


Zoom Meeting is one of the most famous video conferencing and online training resources. It is used worldwide by most organizations as it offers several features to make training easy and fun. The tool provides recording and screen sharing facilities for employers to make the most of their training sessions.

Talend Cards

This tool is innovative, affordable, and intuitive that helps build bites of content known as cards. These cards can be easily accessed by the employees when they need them the most. The cards created can be easily viewed on mobile devices as well for the utmost convenience of employees.


This tool is one of the well-known project management tools. Besides enabling project management, is also beneficial for providing online training. The tool enables your employees to have casual and focussed discussions. That said, the tool is like a virtual campfire around which employees can sit and discuss their ideas. Most of such tools that help employers provide employee training can also be integrated with Calendars and Slack. This helps keep employees on top of their assessment deadlines and training schedule.


A Google product that offers several features and benefits for providing online training to employees. GSuite includes Google docs, sheets, and slides to create notes, presentations, summaries, and templates that offer added benefits of being created online and can be shared by other employees. The tools enable your entire team to edit and create docs and other resources. That said, it keeps all your employees on the same page.


If you are looking for a fancy way of communicating with your employees and allowing them to communicate with each other. Hubspot is one of the most important tools that help remove admin work; at the same time, it helps organize emails for your employees. For instance, the tool helps you schedule and send newsletters, either weekly or bi-weekly, to recap the courses they have opted for. The tool also enables you to send automated emails to a group of employees to get reminded of the courses they should enroll in.


Another very famous tool used nowadays by organizations is Slack. The tool currently has almost 8 million active users from all over the world. This figure gives you an estimate of the scale of people who are currently using the tool and are also satisfied by the services offered. This communication tool is not worth ignoring. It offers simple, quick, and targeted communication that provides everything required by learning design teams, learners, and subject matter experts. This tool also helps employees have their say, i.e., they get to say whatever they want. You can create a dedicated group on slack for each department for every course. This gives a feeling of community to the people who are using slack.


Another reputed online training tool that offers a host of features to make training sessions a cakewalk for employees. It is a digital adoption platform that enables organizations to establish e-learning platforms to train employees. It helps employers train their employees on existing software that includes NetSuite, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. WhatFix allows employees to follow the in-app guidance and provides interactive walkthrough sessions to help them understand the platform better. The platform has self-support knowledge bases that will enable employees to learn from the platform continually without the need for support tickets or IT. The platform offers features with the help of which employers can easily create in-app content that includes tutorials, walkthroughs, helpdesks, tooltips, knowledge center, etc.


This is the last LMS on our list and is another famous option available in the market. The platform provides the HR department with a host of tools to assign, build, measure corporate employee training, and monitor all learning programs in one centralized hub. LearnUpon enables employers to build internal wikis and other similar knowledge bases for the employees to find answers to the questions that come to their minds. The platform offers several other options to enhance the employee onboarding process of a company. At the same time, it helps provide adequate training in different ways to the employees along with sales training. Automated workflows of the platform make it an ideal choice for several organizations.

Online course training resources for onboarding will help you take your employee experience to the next level. The platforms for online training that we have listed in our article are all-powerful and popular tools that help make the task easy for employers. You can use the ones that are best suited to you and your organization. They offer a relatively higher ROI for establishing a productive workforce. However, as everything has pros and cons, online training resources are no different. Hence, a few things need to be considered when it comes to choosing an LMS for your business.

Some platforms are expensive, and an inadequate choice will result in a costly decision. To make a choice easy, you can choose to find just the right resource for you by visiting the DAN Institute website. This website will help you find just the right resources based on your specific needs.

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