8 Best Shopify Store Examples to Inspire Your Online Shop

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for design inspiration to make your Shopify store look awesome!

Shopify is an online retail solution that is one of the most popular platforms. This platform was introduced in 2004; several online retailers have moved to it since then.

The company currently has over 500,000 active stores on its platform, and those stores have driven more than $40 billion worth of sales together.

Here’s a list of examples of Shopify stores that you can use for inspiration. This list of sites comes from various industries and niches, so you will discover an aesthetic that appeals to you.

The largest eCommerce platform Shopify stands at a 31% market share and offers all the tools you need to create an eCommerce site that is visually appealing and drives sales.

Among Shopify’s gorgeous storefronts, you will find more than 500,000 active stores (some reports suggest more than one million, but we will take Shopify’s data for now).

Even though every eCommerce store varies and has different needs, you can benefit from the examples of Shopify stores presented here to spark your creative imagination and get a better understanding of the platform’s capabilities.

Benefits of Shopify for Creating an Online Store

  • Easy To Setup and Use
  • Visually Appealing Online Store
  • Excellent Loading Speed
  • Powerful Marketing Tools
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • App Integrations
  • Security and Reliability
  • Easy Payment
  • SEO Friendly
  • Outstanding Customer Support

8 Best Shopify Stores Examples to Inspire Your Online Shop

No matter what type of products you are selling, you will find inspiration in our list of Shopify stores as it includes a wide variety of niches and industries.

The designs and logos in these stores are brilliant, the shopping experience is simple, and the UX is excellent. Apply the techniques described here to your eCommerce store and industry, and you will attract the attention of your visitors.

Food and Beverage Shopify Store Examples

It is said that good food and drinks please both the palate and the eyes – and this also applies to your Shopify store. Here are our top picks.

Ratio Coffee

Shopify’s Ratio Coffee store is a beautiful one with a balanced color palette and a smooth scrolling system that encapsulates the elegance of the company’s products.

Visitors are enticed to join the Ratio Coffee community by a video background, catchy phrases, and a simple CTA button. They also write playful and entertaining articles on their site, which leave a lasting impression on their visitors.

I Love Mole

It is a term that refers to several Mexican sauces, including guacamole, for example. Through a site infused with color and packed with flavor, I Love Mole pays homage to these flavorsome roots.

There are no poor-quality images on our website. Our product images catch the attention of the customer. Their website is visually appealing, and each product is cleverly displayed with quick recipes next to it – who wouldn’t want to order?

Fashion Shopify Store Examples

Our fashion sense is far from perfect, but we have a keen eye for outstanding design. We invite you to look at our picks if you don’t believe us.


Bluboho has the effect of radiating elegance – their tagline even mentions the concept of refinement.

An elegant mix of minimalism and stylized typography contributes to the design’s sleek appearance. Visitors will probably stay on the website longer because of the clean layout and organization.

The images in each collection are of high quality, so the user can grasp how the product appears. There is a different category for every jewelry collection, making navigation through the website effortless.


With its patented nano gel technology, UKIES Shoes set itself apart from its competition.

The store is made up of a dual-layer system designed to keep you feeling cool and comfortable. It is especially nice to see a balanced color palette, which draws the customers’ attention to the products.

Pets Shopify Stores

The beauty of art is satisfied, and now it’s time to move on to messier (and hairier) subjects – pets. Let’s take a peek at our two favorite pet stores on Shopify.


The version of Zee.Dog is equivalent to Modko for dogs. In addition to providing leashes, harnesses, collars, and toys, this company has a similar mission.

So, felines are also not left out; they have a few products. An eye-catching banner image and easy-to-click call-to-action buttons effectively capture visitors’ attention. Several images are presented with every product, and the drop-down menu simplifies browsing.


By combining modern design with innovative solutions, Modko aims to fix some of the issues cats encounter daily. First stop? The litter box. Simple navigation and excellent images emphasize products on this easy-to-navigate website. The products are all described in great detail, and the order process is seamless with Modko.
Home Decor Shopify Store Examples

Last but not least, we have our largest section, which only makes sense since it deals with a topic we’re all passionate about – home decor. We have selected eight of the best home decor Shopify stores (and the most inspiring ones).

Our list only includes Floor Plan, which offers rugs. They are passionate about them because they believe a quality rug ties a room together due to their long historical tradition. They designed the website with bold graphics and colorful text.


The last company is Brosa, a modest design studio with a noble goal: to provide beautiful furniture at an affordable price.

Rather than using traditional mediators, they decided to sell their products directly from their online store.

With full-width, high-quality images and captivating CTA buttons, Brosa enlivens products and helps online shoppers decide to purchase. A prominent header makes it easy for customers to browse products.

Setting up a Shopify store: What’s the best way to do it?

Each of the examples of Shopify stores listed above has one thing in common. They have all prioritized their websites and made sure that they target the audience they want. A story is what they sell, not just a product. Their uniqueness is in that fact.

Here are some helpful Shopify store tips to make sure your store is running smoothly once you’ve selected your product:

Your Shopify theme: It’s important to choose a Shopify theme that reflects the type of business you run and the type of products you sell.
Color combinations are crucial: The right colors can help you stand out even more and make your products more appealing. Colors can help your Shopify store and help your audience feel more positive about your brand.

Design must be accessible, as well: Shopify websites should be straightforward to navigate through so that your customers can easily find the products they are looking for.
Images can showcase your store better: You can make a difference in your store by selecting the right picture in terms of enticing customers. Your store’s pictures can help you capture your audience’s attention and show them what a great product you offer.

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Regardless of their level of success, all of these shops can serve as a good source of inspiration if you are trying to make your own Shopify store successful.

Each of these shops generates hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. With Shopify’s easy-to-use platform, you can launch your eCommerce store in just 30 minutes.

If you’re wondering about running a successful eCommerce, check out the best courses here and launch a kick-ass online shopping experience. What did you like most about these Shopify stores?