The Best Examples of Experiential Marketing Campaigns That’ll inspire You for Your Next Project

Grabbing the attention of the target audience has never been easy. It has become harder to attract a customer’s attention in 2021. To tackle and acquire a good market share, brands have come up with new kinds of strategies; Experiential Marketing Campaigns.

This campaign has shown remarkable results with its immersive, live, and interactive strategies. It aims at creating memories for the users, making an attempt at their subconscious. It is all about providing experiences to customers to engage with the brands and their products deeply.

Why Choose Experiential Marketing Campaigns for Your Next Product?

In general terms, Experiential marketing is a strategy that not only focuses on selling products but creates an emotional connection between the brand and the consumers. The strategy involves inspiring customers to promote the products in a virtual and in-real world. Live events build wonderful experiences and create awareness about the launch of new products.

In recent times, some brands have recorded the highest customer engagement with their unique experiential marketing campaign. Some of the examples of these campaigns have shaken and broken all the records with unique event hashtags.

Netflix Opens 200 Pop-up for Premiere of Gilmore Girl

To celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Gilmore Girls web series, Netflix turned 200 cafes across the country and in Canada. Netflix and the team have tried to replicate Luke’s dinner. They just tried to create a buzz about the show by giving out coffee for free.

The coffee cups had Gilmore Girl inscribed on them to create the packaging. The event was highly successful, and the branded Snapchat filter was used 880,000 times.

IKEA Shifts To Pinterest

Pinterest is a minimalist’s hotspot. To capture a target audience looking for aesthetic furnishing, they shifted their focus from printed catalogs to shoppable versions on Pinterest. They have recorded high sales since then.

They tried to create a product questionnaire to ask users’ preferences to create more personalized boards on Pinterest. The whole concept was to create new experiential marketing campaigns on Pinterest. They just hit the minimalist customers with virtual catalogs.

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Twix-flavored Coffee Rules It All

Who doesn’t love eating Twix with coffee? The brand used this combination as a natural pairing, creating a delicious experience. They tried to hit not only the Twix eaters but also the coffee-drinking audience. They came up with a device to please their fans and open gates for new customers.
The device was exclusive, and they held an experiential marketing campaign on Instagram to get their hands on one by following Twix on Instagram.

Sephora Aims for Gender Fluidity

This Pride month, Sephora tried to celebrate the non-binary LGBTQ+ community by creating a beautiful video. They tried to send out great social messages to create customer engagement through their “Identify As We” campaign. Highlighting the makeup through their stories.

They came up with an inspiring video featuring Fatima Jamal, an influencer, and non-conforming model Aaron Philips. They featured a model from the community to target the entire community. The video features “We Belong To Something Beautiful” accompanied by Shirley Bassey’s “This is my life”.

Pedigree Tackles Depression

During the Pandemic, it has been hard for us to be happy and feel loved. Pedigree has used this social cut-off to launch the best marketing campaign of the year. They are using emotional intelligence to create high customer engagement. It is one of the greatest experiential marketing campaigns ever.

They focused on WHO’s data on 5.8% of Brazilians suffering from depression. And dogs can help them bring back their lost happiness and love towards the family. They launched an animated video with the campaign message “Bring it back”. They also incorporated a line of words like “Love”, “happiness”, “life”, and “Hope” into the fetch toys. It was a sentimental approach to raise awareness about adopting a dog.

Refinery 29’s 29 Rooms

This has been a successful campaign for the longest time. For three years, Refinery29 has been holding 29rooms events featuring social causes to attract customers. They try to build experience by hosting never-forget events a year to launch their products unconsciously to the customers.

The event has been a huge success. Social Media has played a large part in grabbing attention by featuring celebrity comedians promoting and calling out to the audience at large. The best part is, a central theme connects everything to create a multi-sensory playground for memories for consumers.

A Video Game Commissioned By Mars Volta

Digital games are everything. Marketers have taken advantage of this to create a digital experience like using mini-games in browsers. The growing rock band, “The Mars Volta”, tried to increase the sales of new albums by creating a video game featuring the artists.

It was an Espace game based on their new album, The Bedlam of Goliath. The band used the video game to create an immersive experience. The game was based on a true story that was made available to the fans.

The campaign was highly successful and made loyal fans even more loyal. A new experience is always what customers are always looking for. Building a new experience with digital technology was a creative move by the bands to outsell the album.

Google is incorporating its smart speakers with Food Experiences

Google celebrated the launch of its Home mini smart home speakers with doughnuts. Food creates experiences and brings people together. It was creative to join its mini speakers with a pop-up food shop with doughnuts. Food will attract customers, and then they can play with speakers, get free doughnuts, and even take said smart speakers.

Google tried to build food experiences to enhance participants’ experience of buying its products. It was just a creative and easy move, shifting from the traditional way of promoting its product.

Dove’s real beauty Social Media Campaign

Social media contests have been trending for some time. And Dove has used it beautifully to strategy its products with this cool experiential marketing campaign to represent the brand essence of “real beauty”. It has been a highly successful user-generated campaign. The Real Beauty Should be shared campaign was a home run, forecasting Dove’s brand personality and attracting new prospects.

They have to fill in their friend’s name and the two things that make them beautiful. The winner of the contest and her friends will be part of the next faces. The main aim was to create a psychological impact while pushing for advocacy to change social perceptions of what should be termed beautiful.

Final Thoughts on Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Brands have to come up with new kinds of strategies to tackle and acquire a good market share. Check out our digital marketing courses page to learn more about every aspect of digital marketing and business growth.