Best Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B Lead Generation in 2022

With the current conditions that are going on in the world, online platforms have taken over the business sector. For the systematic growth of a business, proprietors should have the knowledge to utilize digital marketing to the max.

The enterprise’s growth depends on the number of leads generated. Therefore choosing the best lead generation strategy is necessary to achieve growth and ensure the return of investment. This article aims to introduce several digital marketing tactics for B2B companies. So, let’s get started.

What is B2B lead generation?

Lead generation is defined as a process in which an unknown but potential consumer is turned into a qualified lead. These leads can then provide their contact details like address, phone number, name, etc., for sales and further communication.

One of the usual methods of lead generation involves nurturing leads through marketing automation. After B2B marketers identify a lead as a potential prospect for a company’s products, it is moved into the sales pipeline CRM for lead conversion. Establishing a strong sales pipeline will ensure that the companies get a steady growth rate.

Always remember that the potential leads are one step away from being clients. What the company should do is gain their attention and provide value for the offerings. The company will also have to prove that the products and services will be of value. That where B2B digital marketing strategies come into play.

What are the differences between B2B and B2C Marketing?

The few differences between B2B and B2C lead generation are related to the approach and the buying process needed to make an effective strategy. The differences are seen in their:

  • Objectives – B2B focuses on creating long-term relationships; B2C mostly depends on clients ready to make purchases. Hence B2B depends on digital marketing strategies for lead generation.
  • Purchasing power – The buying decision in B2B is made by more than one person, while one person decides B2C.
  • Target audience – B2C lead generation caters to a wide range of people and a broader audience than B2B. People at the top of the management level are usually the target audience who make purchasing decisions for their businesses.
  • Content requirement – B2B buyers usually do their research and consider multiple vendors to find a solution. B2B marketers more than often equip themselves with valuable content like industry reports, case studies, and whitepapers to gain their audiences’ trust and confidence. B2C, on the other hand, is free to promote free resources and create personalized offers to convert their potential leads.

Proven digital marketing strategies for lead generation B2B companies

Content Marketing

B2B lead generation process includes exchanging information about the company with the website visitors. Therefore creating engaging and innovative content will lure in potential clients. Helpful resources like webinars, case studies, how-to guides, and research reports guide the prospective guides in exchange for their contact information. Content strategies must feature a high-quality copy to optimize SEO so that more potential leads are generated through search engines.

Social media strategies

Social media is the best way for a target-specific digital marketing strategy for lead generation and can create refined lead generation processes. Several professional platforms, e.g. LinkedIn, provide spaces for brands and businesses to engage with potential leads. Use the options for setting age, gender, location, and interests to target the intended audience. Social media advertising is very productive as a large number of people signup via these platforms every day. You can analyze the differences between digital marketing and social media marketing here.

Paid ads

Paid advertisements earn money through PPC (Pay-per-click). It is useful because of the liberty to determine the target audience. Though PPC is one of the easiest ways to achieve quick results, it can also prove pretty expensive. To stop this, an ad block extension could altogether block your paid ads. There are many ways to post online ads to create leads; some are online advertising platforms like Google AdWords, search network, display network, and remarketing.

Increasing the number of social media shares

A viral marketing tactic is to employ social sharing to generate leads. B2B companies should try affiliate programs by offering extra bonuses to and motivate users to share their content. This digital marketing strategy for lead generation can make employers of the company trusted influencers and can influence many people to share the posts.

Retargeting website visitors

For lead generation, it is necessary to entice and bring back the website visitors that didn’t leave their contact information. A digital marketing strategy for B2B companies to counter this is to target them in other social media platforms with content interesting enough to convince them of the productivity of your business. Remarketing campaigns also allow the creation of several touchpoints for prospective leads to keep them engaged.

Create engaging quizzes

Survey forms are the online way to conduct quizzes. They are inexpensive, flexible in terms of the questions you’d like to ask, and gives the participants the option to remain anonymous. Create fun and engaging quizzes that can be embedded in the company website. Using this method, the company can check for the client’s preferences and knowledge.

Use Reputable backlinks

Backlinks are clients and referrals that a trusted website forwards to the company’s website. A digital marketing strategy for B2B companies is to gain the trust of websites that can provide these backlinks. This trust can be achieved by writing blogs for other companies. It makes them want to share your content, secure a spot in their resources section, and write high-quality content that makes people want to share it.

It is also very important to research relevant websites and keep in mind to never receive backlinks from unverified websites.

Use of FOMO to increase interest

FOMO stands for fear of missing out. It’s human nature to want things that they shouldn’t have and engage in everything popular. FOMO can be better be useful when you have limited stocks and limited offers. Putting a countdown on the purchases and a word of caution can give results but only when used sparingly.

Use of intent pop-ups or slide-in-opt-ins on key pages

Personalized intent pop-ups can be a good method for a digital marketing strategy for lead generation. Use both methods in your companies most important pages, sparingly and without negatively impacting the consumer’s experience.

Effective channels for B2B lead generation

It is necessary to know about effective channels where leads can be generated to create relevant digital marketing strategies for B2B companies. The brand’s credibility plays a vital role in B2B companies. Therefore, online sources can’t be relied upon in their entirety. Listed below are some of the effective channels for B2B lead generation, both online and offline:

Email marketing

This method is one of the most common and popular forms of lead generation and marketing. Create innovative copies and designs after the company obtains an email list. This will attract potential consumers and make sure that the quality is never reduced so that the leads will be convinced of the company’s credibility.

Live events

In the current state of the world, live events are not applicable. But virtual events are more practical and comfortable. It also attracts a good amount of consumers as they can attend the event through their comfort space. The more genuine and innovative your content is, the more consumers will be attracted.

Search Engine Optimization

B2B companies should invest in SEO. This investment can help in diverting traffic from search engines. SEO is one highly important part of content marketing to make your content reach its audience.

Print media

Print media will always be a credible source of marketing. Half of your target audience might be getting their information from newspapers and magazines, or other print media. Investing in print media for leads might work, provided what your product or service is. It is also based on who the target audience is.

For both B2B and B2C lead generation, digital marketing is necessary and depends on the two approaches. The difference between B2B and B2C and see the best digital marketing strategies for lead generation. If you are getting started in the digital marketing world, digital marketing courses listed by DAN Institute can guide you.

Use the above-given methods to their fullest and do not compromise on quality. With steady growth and an unconquerable spirit, cater to the company’s needs and make your brand the best it can be. Without growth, attracting leads would be difficult. Use these digital marketing strategies to do your best to increase the popularity of any company.