What Should a Professional Web Designer CV Include?

Web designers are designers of web pages and applications. As a web designer, you are required to develop well-designed and user-friendly resolutions. You should be able to build a website that reflects an organization’s personality and goals.

Choosing website designing as your profession is the most suitable opportunity that provides you with a bright and ambitious future. You can begin your business with low investment and make money in a short duration of time. Let us tell you how.

What does a web designer do? 

When you take a look at a website, many aspects that go into the website aren’t apparent at first glimpse. Web designers are liable for choosing the colors, fonts, images, and other interactive components. A web designer is required to think strategically to make the site functional and aesthetically pleasing. A web designer also needs to understand who the target audience is.

For example, a professional site for IT solutions or e-commerce needs to be pragmatic. Then again, a children’s site requires a different style than that of an e-commerce or IT site. Web designing is a flourishing profession, with around 13,400 job openings for web designers and developers projected each year, on average, over the decade in the US.

A web designer is required to think strategically to make the site functional and esthetically pleasing. They analyze how the users would interact with a specific website. They also optimize the user stream by creating a customer journey map and check the site’s entire design. Job prospects in this profession are strong, with expected job growth of 24% by 2028.

Important sections your web designer resume/CV should contain

Things become a bit more complicated when it comes to what you should include in your web designer CV. You will be tempted to have everything related to your past work in your resume; however, this is not a great idea. Falling into the snare of overcomplicating your resume can end up murdering your job opportunities.

  • Contact Details

Let the individual who reads your web designer CV ascertain where they can contact you if they are willing to hire you. Properly mention your full name, address, e-mail, phone number, website, or other relevant contact details.

  • Brief Summary

This summary should not be longer than 3-4 sentences and represent you in a few words. Add relevant information such as how much experience you have in web design and what big brand names you’ve worked for in the past.

Example of a summary: ‘A devoted and creative web design graduate expecting to use my designing skills and passion for user experience and to help expand the conversion rates of Company XYZ. Aspiring to assemble an interactive, great website to showcase the professional yet friendly personality of Company XYZ to users.’

  • Skills

Your core web designer skills should always be mentioned at the top of your web designer CV to enable an easy understanding of what you’re proficient in. Instead of writing a lengthy text to inform people about every skill you are good at, mention the skills you possess that are considered significant in the website design niche. Always remember to specify what software programs you’ve mastered.


  • Objective

Clearly state in your CV what you aspire to achieve in the future or what position you are aiming to acquire. For example, “I want to achieve a career in web designing that qualifies me to use the experience I’ve gathered as the years progressed, in an organization that I can help develop to its full potential.”

  • Experience

List the entirety of your previous jobs and include details about what your responsibilities were at each. Crisply showcasing your employment history is mandatory for a decent web designer CV. Remember to add dates and keep the list in sequential order.

Always include details concisely related to your previous job. Simply adding screenshots of your previous work will not do the job; that’s what portfolios are for. Use your professional web designer CV to connect people to your online portfolio alternatively

  • Education

Just as in the previous case, it is incredibly vital to enlist your education history. Specify whether you hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree and list the subjects you specialize in. Please note it is essential to enlist other web design courses that you’ve completed in the past as a significant segment of web designing is taught through its wide variety of courses. You can get help from our article about how to feature online courses in CV.

  • Other Additional Information

If you have anything else you must include in your freelance web designer CV and believe it would make a difference, don’t wait to discover a place for it. Membership of community roles or deliberate positions is usually appreciated in resumes.

CVs and resumes should include keywords relevant to the niche so that employers can discover you immediately based on specific skills, experience, or community beneficences.

Importance of Course Certificates in a Web Designer CV

Course certifications are one of the essential elements of a web designer CV. To discover exciting web design techniques and learn the significant steps involved in designing websites, you must take up a web designing course available online and offline. There are various benefits of choosing a web design course; some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Learn in a short period.
  2. Hold of practical skills.
  3. Get to do freelancing projects.
  4. Some courses even assist you with opening your own business.
  5. You can make money in a brief time.

To better understand the importance of sections in a web designer’s CV, have a look at some of the detailed statistics given below:

The most famous resume sections for candidates are – personal information (99%), work experience (98%), education (97%), skills (90%). Computing a total of 97%, it is evident how important the education section holds in the CV of a professional web designer.

Now that you’ve become informed about the sections a professional web designer’s CV & resume should include, along with the importance of including course certifications in a CV. To magnify your chances of landing a suitable web designer job, visit the courses section of DAN Institute and get hold of the most extensive directory presenting only the best online web design courses.