How to Feature Online Courses in CV? 

CV is a detailed and essential document highlighting one’s weaknesses, strengths, abilities, skills, professional history, academic history, and much more. It is a personal marketing document used to sell you and your perspective to an employer.

So it should always have a positive outlook and must highlight why you are the best person for a particular job.

What should be added to the CV? 

To build a good CV, you should know what the things are to be mentioned in it and whatnot. When it comes to digital marketing courses, should they be featured in your CV?

The answer to it is a big yes. Featuring online courses in CV is important because nowadays, companies are investing their time and effort in employees who can contribute their skills towards digital marketing. So, if you have these skills, companies would surely be interested in working with you, which would help you set your life-long career in marketing. 

How to feature Online Courses certificates on CV? 

If you have learned something from the digital courses you enrolled in, then do include it on your CV, but featuring certificates on your CV requires a strategy. If you are wondering how to feature online marketing course certificates on your CV, here are a few basic points you need to follow:

  • Mention all the courses in a list and put them in a single small area under the heading “Professional Training” or something related.
  • Don’t mess up the list by including unnecessary information. Keep the list confined and mention only those courses that are relevant to the post/work you are applying for.
  • Never add details of beginner online courses to your CV while applying for manager positions. It can decrease your chances of getting selected for the job because this can show you less experienced than others.
  • Before adding the courses to your list first make sure you have proper knowledge about them and be prepared for the questions that you will be asked. The employer can ask you questions such as, “Why have you chosen this course?” “What have you learned from the course?” and “How can it benefit the company?” and so on.


  • It’s a great catch if you have the skills to mention from your online courses but just try to feature them wisely so that you can convey the right message to your employers. 

An extra key feature to boost your CV 

Apart from featuring digital marketing certificates on CV, it is very important to add information that is latest and relevant. Try to add details about some special projects or work that you did, which reaped huge benefits because of your marketing skills. 

Benefits of Enrolling in Online Courses and adding them to your CV

On top of everything, the most important question that arises is, are online courses good for landing courses? So again, the answer is a big yes. Doing some good and relevant online courses will surely help you stand out from the crowd.

Enrolling in any online courses is quite impressive as it shows how disciplined you are towards your learning and your curiosity to learn new things; all these points are important to recruiters.

Also, it shows your awareness of the current market and e-learning trends. It helps to initiate the conversation between you and your employer because it highlights your digital marketing knowledge.  

Which Platforms are Best for Enrolling Online Courses

There are many online digital marketing courses available that can surely boost your CV. If you are looking for free online courses, there are many platforms that you can check out:

Google Digital Garage, Vision2Learn, Oxford home study center, Codecademy, OpenLearn, BBC academy, FutureLearn, Duolingo, HubSpot academy, Edx, and many more. They offer free courses for digital marketing, coding, graphic designing, etc. You can enroll in any of the courses mentioned above, boost your CV, and raise your chances to get placed! 


DAN Institute is an online course marketplace that lists the best online marketing courses from all of the top online course providers. Check the related category pages for finding the best courses.

Key Benefits of Having Hybrid Skills

It has often been observed that if you have gathered skills from online courses over time, you might get eligible for a salary hike. Listing all the important information and skills you have learned from your online courses highlights your professional development and achievements. Learning and featuring online courses on CV usually grabs the interviewer’s attention, as it’s a clear-cut representation of what you have learned; this makes it easy for the recruiters to select you.

If you keep in mind these essential points and all the above-mentioned key features, it will help you a lot in building a presentable CV. Search for some good online courses related to your interest and the field you belong to, opt for them, start learning new things, list your learnings, and try to get some projects done based on what you have learned from your online courses.

Get the certificate and add it to your CV; it will make you stand out from the crowd and help you get the job opportunity in the first place with a handsome salary.