Inspiring Interactive E-learning Examples to Improve Engagement

Distance learning has come a long way, now as eLearning has reached its top. It’s a growing enterprise today rather than a novelty. The global e-Learning industry is expected to continue to increase by 5% annually and will replace offline forms on time, according to estimates from Ambient Insight. In the corporate sector, eLearning is gaining ground. Companies develop their employees, simplify their procedures and grow their reach. So why is interactive eLearning so enticing in a real-world environment? Let’s have a look.

What Is E-learning?

They are talking today about training on any digital device when people mention “eLearning”. See an informative movie, read a fascinating article or take a questionnaire—everything that is eLearning.

Comparing eLearning with traditional methods of instruction is like comparing electronic book formats with books. Just as a real book cannot be replaced by digital texts, it cannot be replaced by eLearning. However, as long as your digital device is with you, it’s always available and thus easier.

Comfort is one of the most important reasons why people love eLearning. Another benefit is, you may tailor your learning experience to various novelties (people appreciate new technology!) such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

For instance, VR training provides security training for warehousing and construction employees, and medical students will learn how to find blood cells and bones.

What Are the Advantages of E-learning?

The students of today expect relevant, mobile, self-serving, and customized content. The students can learn this by their conveniences and needs in the online way of study. Let’s look at the benefits of online learning analytically.

1. E-learning Fulfills Everyone’s Needs

The interactive e-learning approach is most appropriate for all. This digital revolution has led to significant changes in information availability, consumption, discussion, and sharing. Office goers and housewives can pursue online education courses at the appropriate time. Many people opt to learn on weekends or nights, depending on their availability and comfort.

2. Self-Paced Education is Possible

Contrary to classroom education, you can access the content unlimitedly many times using online learning. This is particularly necessary while preparing for an examination.
If you cannot participate in the traditional form of learning, you have to prepare for this subject by yourself; you can attend the lectures easily in the form of eLearning, anytime you like.

3. Provides Access To Newest Content

A major advantage of online learning is that you are in sync with modern learners. It allows the student whenever they want to access updated content.

4. Scalability

eLearning helps to build new training, policies, concepts, and ideas and communicates them. E-Learning is an easy way to learn, whether it’s for formal education or entertainment!

Examples of Interactive eLearning

We have listed some interactive eLearning examples for you in this section.

1. Question pools

Especially when it comes to compliance, assessments are often crucial. However, how do you ensure that your students are fully tested? And how can you limit the chances that responses are shared? Pools of questions are an excellent solution. Also, you can take a look at eLearning trends here.

Question pools example:

Question Tests are utilized to develop a robust assessment in this compliance test. Issue pools mean that when a student resumes the examination, the same questions are unlikely to be seen once again. This allows students to comprehend the topic – in the second attempt they cannot simply pick another reply. It also makes it more difficult for students to answer, as they are unlikely to have the identical set of questions from their colleagues.


2. Gamified scenario

Making your learning a sense of play is fantastic to engage in import, import, import, educators,– and easy to do through gambling. High-pressure settings like the following sales simulation are the perfect matching companion.

By making good judgments, or completing e-learning assignments with points, you can attract the competitive spirit of the student and add a timing constraint. Students will be encouraged to correctly apply their skills, so that content can remain in the minds of students while dealing with a genuine problem.

Gamified scenario example:


3. Quick onboarding

New beginners take up a lot over these first few days, but by offering a fast, focused review you can simplify the learning curve. For up-to-date learners in important duties, single scrolling pages are quick to refer back to content on their phones.

This example divides hands-on work into clear, straightforward phases with added assistance for video demonstrations and checklists. It’s easy for students to complete each part of the page with the in-page navigation.

Quick onboarding example:


Interactive E-Learning Tools

You can use an eLearning tool to create a more effective course.

1. Adobe Captivate

Adobe is the global marketing and eLearning solution leader for digital media. Their tools and services permit their clients to develop revolutionary digital content, deploy, measure, and optimize it across media and platforms and achieve more business success

They allow their users, trainers, instructional designers, educators, and business professionals to develop, publish and manage their eLearning content using their industry-leading, premium digital learning solutions.

Adobe Captivate is a quick-compilation solution for creating mobile, interactive courses in minutes for makers of eLearning content.

2. iSpring Suite

The international software business iSpring Solutions was established in 2001. It focuses on supplying both company and educational clients globally with excellent e-learning solutions.

Its main office is in Alexandria, VA. They offer web and desktop solutions for training, eLearning, and the generation of content. iSpring is committed to developing solutions of the highest quality.

The company’s easy-to-use but quick, reliable products and great technical assistance are recognized by over 54,000 clients. With authoritative industry honors and evaluations, iSpring’s achievements are highly recognized.

3. Lectora

eLearning Brothers, including Lectora, is an award-winning leader in learning solutions. They now offer an easy-to-use Virtual Reality course development tool in addition to their training writing platform. CenarioVR is the perfect place for immersive learning. These technologies can be used by developers in collaboration with the large AssetLibrary of eLearning Brothers.

They offer eLearning themes, game modules, and courses designed to be professional.
KnowledgeLink allows users to benefit from current LMS and LXP. In addition to their strong portfolio, eLearning Brothers take care of their users.

We hope these interactive e-learning examples can help you to generate fresh ideas about engaging your target e-learning audience.

At the DAN Institute, we support hundreds of e-learning providers on our website and we know that each one is unique and has a specific goal and audience that determines their approach. Get inspired!