Yagmur Solakoglu

Yagmur Solakoglu

Yağmur works as a Freelance Content Marketer for several years. With her 5 years of experience, she aims to help the brands implement their marketing strategies for measurable growth.

Her interests include digital marketing, SEO, blogging, social media, creating valuable content through the power of words and visual materials. Along with her professional field, she is a firm believer in appreciating social life and hobbies which mainly consist of fitness, cycling, long walks, reading and cooking. Constantly learning something new is her motto. Hence, she loves to take online courses.

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How to Get a Magento Certification in 2021?

Will you create an online store or switch to other platforms? Magento might be a choice for you to consider. So why should you get a Magento certification? What is Magento 2 and where to find Magento 2 certification preparation? In this post, we have compiled all responses to these […]

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How to Become An eCommerce Entrepreneur in 2021?

You’re in good hands when you consider beginning an e-commerce firm. According to Forbes, in the first quarter of 2021, U.S. e-commerce revenues increased 39% over the year to $199 billion. There are many benefits of eCommerce to entrepreneurs. The desire for internet purchasing is not only high, but the […]

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Ultimate List of Free and Paid Shopify Dropshipping Courses in 2021

The launch of a Shopify dropshipping store is a great approach for many companies to start eCommerce. We recognize that time and money are a barrier for dealing with your inventory. There’s no need to carry an inventory, hence the creation of an e-commerce company with such a swept-in business […]

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What are the Online Digital Marketing Course Prices in 2021?

In 2021, digital marketing has full of potentials. And, while some marketing fundamentals have been around for decades and can be taught in university, the majority of current digital marketing isn’t. As a result, it may be more suited to online learning. So, what about the digital marketing course prices? […]

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How to Produce an Online Digital Marketing Course with the Right Tools?

Struggling to put together an online course on a modest budget? Expert Kathryn Hocking discusses eight low-cost and free options for producing online courses. It’s all too tempting to put off creating and selling an online course until the “ideal time.” The ‘ideal time’ is usually defined as a filled […]

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Digital Marketing Course Online vs Offline: What Are the Differences?

Are you looking for digital marketing training? Looking for ways to start your career or to move forward? We are pleased that you have chosen a digital marketing career. You are doing the proper steps. You can learn digital marketing skills, improve your curriculum vitae and establish a skills expert […]

Online Learning | Digital Marketing | Blog
Best Free & Paid Email Marketing Courses and Training in 2021

An online course is one of the greatest ways to study email marketing. You will learn how to use e-mail marketing as a medium to communicate with your customers or readers, establish a community around your brand and boost your sales. We have listed the greatest email marketing courses available […]

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Is a Web Design Certificate Worth It for 2021?

In the middle of a do-it-yourself mania, ambitious web designers may wonder if a web design certificate is worth the investment. Everyone must respond on their own to this question, depending on their position and demands, but a web design certificate is a good place to prepare for an initial […]

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10 Inspirational Display Ad Ideas for 2021

Display announcements are probably the most frequent, famous, and easiest approach to make money on your websites for new, upcoming bloggers and website owners. Display advertisements are quite popular and appear in the header, sidebars, and elsewhere on practically every website. Statistics suggest that a US user averages approximately 63 […]

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The Most Important LMS Features for 2021​

The requirement for dependable education systems has intensified after the COVID-19 pandemic epidemic. Large organizations train their employees with digital tools more rapidly and efficiently. Schools and universities are increasingly offering high-quality distance learning online courses. So it’s good to know important LMS features to decide. The Most Important LMS […]

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Best 10 Slack Communities for SEO

If you can’t picture your existence without SEO and digital marketing but you’re not a big social network enthusiast, Slack communities can come in handy. We handpicked the list below with one goal: locate the communities that deliver the most value for members in terms of: Most proprietors of slack […]

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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Articles You Should Read in 2021

It’s a lot of bright marketers that provide amazing information – everything for free. What’s great about the Internet. There’s no exemption to social media. We recommend that you consider reading these social media marketing articles that are written by prestigious experts in the field of social media marketing. Top […]

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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel: 10 Effective Tips

What’s the point of posting a video on YouTube if it isn’t viewed once? This is the perennial question for any video marketer. With 300 hours of video uploaded to the platform every minute, businesses face stiff competition to get their point across. We keep telling you, 2021 is the […]

Content Marketing | Blog | SEO & SEM
How to Be an SEO Content Writer: Tips & Tactics

SEO and content go together, it’s no surprise. Besides, on page 50 of the search results, your material may be lost without SEO, and traffic on such pages is not as satisfactory. Likewise, if your post-click content is shrinking, your first-page ranking can only accomplish this. This is why a […]

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Udemy vs Udacity: Differences & Similarities

Udemy and Udacity are online training portals offering certified training. You may need to examine Udemy vs Udacity if you are seeking a way to upgrade their professional or personal development capabilities. You can also discover a certain trend and lucrative skillset and determine what’s the right thing for you, […]

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