Best Podcast Hosting Sites in 2022

Over the past few years, podcasting has been increasingly popular. Because of this, podcasts have become a popular way for content providers to expand their audience, diversify their distribution methods, and create more cash. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for the podcast hosting sites that can help you get your show off the ground.

The Side Hustle Project is a podcast I produce, so I’ll be able to draw on my own professional experience to help you find the podcast hosting service that’s suitable for you.

What’s the Best Website to Host a Podcast?

Using a variety of metrics, including monthly upload volume, compliance, storage capacity, revenue potential, user-friendliness, marketing integrations (or lack thereof), and more, we’ve compiled a list of the finest podcast hosting services.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a podcast host. There should be no drop-off in audio quality or download/streaming speed because we are dealing with streaming. Another thing to keep in mind is how to keep your files safe.

The Best Free Podcast Hosting Sites

In this section, we have listed some of the top free podcast hosting sites.

  • Buzzsprout
  • Podcastics
  • PodBean
  • Anchor
  • SoundCloud
  • Sounder
  • Podcast Garden
  • Spotify

1. Buzzsprout

First, Buzzsprout is one of the free podcast hosting sites and it has a free plan (limited) or $12.00/month option.

With a free plan available to get started, Buzzsprout is one of the finest podcast hosting platforms because it’s easy to use for newbies and is priced to be extremely budget-friendly. Powerful functions are packed into a small and cheap compact.

Since its inception in 2009, Buzzsprout has amassed a wealth of knowledge about podcasting that few of its competitors can match. This has resulted in options that are quite reasonable, regardless of where you are on your podcasting journey now.

With their free podcast hosting plan, beginners may test the waters of podcasting without committing to an expensive long-term solution—and the affordable podcast hosting plans are both approachable and meant to grow with you as your show progresses.

2. Podcastics

While there are other free podcast hosting services available, Podcastics stands out because of the extensive collection of features it offers, even on the basic free plan (though the free plan requires you to host your episodes on your own server). Once you’re ready to upgrade and unlock their best features (including their done-for-you podcast hosting), they have very budget-friendly subscription options starting at $8.00/month.

Even better, Podcastics offers a free one-month trial with no credit card required, so you can test out all of their features (without limitations). Aside from a few feature limitations on their lifetime free plan, you’ll be able to upgrade to their affordable podcast hosting plans, which start at $8.00/mo, after the free trial period is finished

3. Podbean

PodBean, a popular podcast hosting platform, has been around for a while now, and for good reason.

Because PodBean has a plan for every podcaster, from beginner to expert, it has been a popular choice for many. A generous 5 hours of content each month and 100GB of bandwidth are included in the free podcast hosting plan offered by the company. The free plan also includes basic analytics and a PodBean-hosted website that can be activated (and dedicated to just your podcast).

4. Anchor

Even though it’s one of the most reputable free podcast hosting services, Anchor has two main drawbacks: 1. They don’t offer an embeddable podcast player, and your monetization options are severely limited. This is why I only recommend Anchor as a free podcast hosting platform for those who want to eventually relocate their show to a more expensive (but still free) podcast hosting provider when they’re ready to monetize their show.

5. Soundcloud

In addition to its music streaming service, SoundCloud is also a great podcast hosting platform that you can utilize to get your show in front of your fans (and possibly gain some extra exposure to SoundCloud users).

3 hours of content per month and minimal reporting are included in SoundCloud’s free plan. Upgrading from SoundCloud’s free plan to a paid one provides you access to a wide range of additional features that allow you to produce more content and successfully advertise it. Let’s take a closer look at the Unlimited Pro plan’s features.

6. Sounder

As a podcast hosting platform, Sounder is committed to supporting and promoting the success of its creators. AI and machine learning-powered solutions allow podcasters to not only host their podcasts but also promote, monetize and track their development through the use of a comprehensive suite of tools.

To help podcasters develop their audience, Sounder offers a free platform with an opportunity to upgrade to their Plus plan, which includes additional features.

7. Podcast Garden

Podcast Garden is one of the most cost-effective podcast hosting services, however, the platform’s interface and user experience could use some work.

It’s easy to use, and that’s a big draw for those that use this platform. Even if you don’t have any technical skills, you can quickly learn how to podcast and create award-winning episodes.

8. Spotify

Spotify bought the podcasting platform Anchor in 2019 for an undisclosed sum. Podcasters don’t have to pay to host their shows on Anchor. Podcasters who currently have paid subscriptions elsewhere and wish to make their premium material available on Spotify must use Anchor in addition to their current provider of paid content.

The Best Paid Podcast Hosting Sites

  • Captivate
  • Spreaker
  • Podiant
  • Podomatic
  • FeedPress
  • Whooshkaa
  • Audioboom
  • Castos
  • Resonate Recordings
  • Libsyn
  • Blubrry

1. Captivate

In the podcast hosting arena, Captivate is a newcomer. This is despite the fact that they’ve already helped a large number of podcasters boost their listenership and earnings.

There is no free plan with Captivate. You can, however, sign up for a 7-day trial to try out their remarkable features for yourself. Captivate’s paid podcast hosting plans start at $19.00 a month, which isn’t the cheapest choice on the market.

2. Spreaker

If you’re looking for the greatest podcast hosting platform, then Spreaker should be considered.

Spreaker’s feature-rich free plan is what makes it one of the top podcast hosting services. 5 hours of content, 15 minutes of live streaming, and the ability to host several programs are all included in this one subscription package. Also, it’s one of the few podcast hosting platforms that provide episode scheduling in its free plans and allows podcasters to manage several feeds from one single account.

3. Podiant

As a podcast presenter, Podiant is a relative newcomer but is already challenging the major players.

It was created by Mark Steadman, a seasoned podcaster and web developer since he needed a simple podcast hosting platform that was straightforward to use. Even though its feature set has evolved dramatically in the last few years, it remains a lightweight and fast podcast hosting platform.

4. Podomatic

Podomatic is another well-known podcast hosting platform. Since its inception in 2005, this website has served as a valuable resource for aspiring podcasters everywhere.

Basic analytics and storage are included with Podomatic’s free plan, which includes 500MB of storage and 15GB of bandwidth each month. And that’s all you need to get your feet wet in the podcasting world. Podomatic’s free plan does not have an expiration date, unlike other podcast hosting companies.

5. FeedPress

Every podcast hosting platform has an RSS feed as a key functionality. And that’s why FeedPress is ranked as one of the finest podcast hosts.

One of FeedPress’s features is its ability to provide comprehensive feed analytics. Feed analytics and podcast hosting are paid for separately, so the pricing is a little more convoluted. On a sliding scale, podcast hosting costs are computed.

6. Whooshkaa

Don’t be fooled by the odd name; Whooshkaa is no stranger to hosting podcasts.

Whooshkaa, a podcast hosting platform based in Australia, makes it onto this list of the best podcast hosting platforms because of how dynamic it is. It’s flexible enough to meet your podcasting requirements.

7. Audioboom

Our list of the best podcast hosting platforms includes Audioboom because they do far more than just host your show; they help you expand and monetize your following.

Additionally, Audiobloom’s podcast hosting options are light on the wallet because of their user-friendly platform.

8. Castos

You need to go no further than Castos if you’re seeking the greatest premium podcast hosting solution available today.

Castos has a wide range of podcasting plans to choose from, and their pricing is simple to grasp.

9. Resonate Recordings

You can get started with podcasting right away with Resonate Recordings, which has one of the greatest podcast hosting platforms available.

Despite the fact that the platform doesn’t provide a free subscription, they do offer a 14-day trial if you want to see what it can achieve. For $25/month, you can upgrade to a premium plan when the trial time ends.

10. Libsyn

Libsyn has been hosting podcasts since 2004, making it one of the oldest podcast hosting services out there. They also have one of the most affordable podcast hosting services, starting at $5.00 per month. There are several podcast hosts out there, but this one stands out because of its low price.

11. Blubrry

Since 2005, Blubrry has been a podcast hosting provider. Let’s take a look at what the company has to offer now that they’ve established themselves as one of the best podcast hosting platforms out there.

With Blubrry and their PowerPress podcasting plugin, you get an optimized website for your podcast. However, you may also use a podcast website builder like a Podcast page to construct a site for your podcast quickly and effortlessly. Customers can’t try out Blubrry with a free podcast hosting plan; instead, they must purchase a paid, but still reasonably priced, podcast hosting plan in order to do so.

Although the number of podcasts is increasing, we believe there is still an opportunity for growth. For some people, listening to a conversation is preferable to reading a book, while others like podcasts since they can do two or more tasks at once.

Because of this, there is still a lot of opportunity for podcasts if you are a digital creator and want to share your material with the world. However, the quality of your content is not enough to attract and retain followers. You’ll also need the correct equipment to ensure that your patrons get the finest possible listening experience. Your podcast should be streamed without buffering as soon as a listener presses play.

Remember that you don’t always have to go with the most expensive option available. The price of a podcast hosting service does not guarantee that all of your needs will be met. Instead of wasting time and money on a platform that doesn’t meet your needs, focus on finding one that does.

It can be tough to choose a podcast hosting platform because there are so many to choose from. Despite the fact that some businesses have been around for decades, others are always springing up. If you want to start a podcast, save money, or switch to a more cost-effective hosting solution, we’ve got you covered!

Creating a podcast feed and uploading your.mp3 files will necessitate signing up for a podcast hosting service. When you start a podcast, just like when you establish a website or blog, you need a media host.