Eight Reasons Why Every Business Needs to Use Video Marketing

The future of marketing seems to be revolutionizing as marketers have seen a full-fledged video revolution this year. 63% of organizations have begun employing video content using marketing strategies, according to Wyzowl data. 82% of those surveyed believe considering reasons to use video marketing is essential for their overall strategy.

Video is fast evolving, and judging by the way it is taking over marketing, it will reach new heights sooner than we anticipate. This statement is backed by the fact that 83% of organizations believe video marketing provides a high return on investment, and it is crucial to realize the importance of video content.

Why Is Video So Effective In Marketing?

Video marketing should be one of the most recent additions to every marketing toolkit because it helps to enhance interaction on your digital and social platforms, educates your audience, and lets you reach them with a new and improved, engaging medium. Now your question must be, is it truly worth it to utilize videos to promote your company? How effective is video marketing? Why is video marketing so important?

Yes, it’s worth it because there are lots of benefits of video marketing or online video marketing. Video is one of the most adaptable and successful digital marketing strategies available, not simply because everyone uses it. So why is video marketing so powerful? Here are eight reasons why:

1. Video Increases Sales And Conversions

First and foremost, you can earn a good amount of money with videos. A product video on your landing pages may boost conversions by 80%. And the Treepodia team can ensure that video works effectively in whatever category it is used if you focus on creating videos that can attract your target demographic.

2. Video Demonstrates A High ROI

To pique your interest even further, 83 percent of firms believe creating videos offers a decent return on investment according to the conversion rates. Although video creation is not the simplest or cheapest operation, it pays off handsomely. Furthermore, internet marketing tools are developing and becoming more accessible. Even your mobile devices are capable of producing good films.

3. Video Establishes Credibility

Conversions and sales are built based on trust. On the other hand, building trust should be a goal in and of itself. The whole premise of content marketing is that it is an effective way to build long-term connections and trust. Stop bombarding customers by only trying to sell your products and instead attract potential customers by creatively presenting them with fascinating and valuable information.

4. Google Appreciates Videos

Visitors will spend more time on your site if you use video content. As a result, more exposure generates confidence and informs search engines that your site has valuable material. Moovly provides us with impressive numbers: If you have a video integrated on your website, you’re 53 times more likely to rank #1 on Google. Since Google acquired YouTube for creating videos, the influence videos have on your search engine ranking has increased significantly.

Make sure your YouTube videos are SEO-friendly. Come up with names and descriptions that are intriguing and add a link directing the visitors to your company’s website, goods, and services. Provide a path for prospective clients to take the next step by adding relevant links. Also, to promote even more activities, thoroughly research to know more about creating videos to convert visitors into consumers.

5. Video Conveys A Message To Mobile Users

Video and mobile devices are inextricably linked. 90% of people view videos on their mobile devices. Mobile video views have increased by more than 233% since Q3 of 2013. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. As people like to watch videos on the move, and the number of mobile devices users increases, the target audience watching videos will expand.

6. Everything Can Be Explained Using Video Marketing

Make a video to creatively demonstrate how it works to launch a new product or service. Users claim they’ve viewed an explanation video to learn more about a product or service 98% of the time. As a result, 86% of companies that employ video marketing strategies have an explanatory type of video on their main page, and 83% of the firms believed their homepage explanation video turned out to be successful.

7. Even The Most Apathetic Buyers Are Enticed by Video

Video material is not only an excellent learning marketing tool, but it is also straightforward to consume. Today’s life is too hectic to devote time to reading lengthy product descriptions or researching services in depth because of which a contemporary buyer prefers to see a product in action before purchasing it. One of the most significant factors pushing video in content marketing through marketing strategies is video preference.

8. Video Encourages Shares On Social Media

According to Michael Stelzner’s 8th annual social media marketing strategies industry report, 87 percent of social marketers used video content in 2021.

With their new features, social media platforms are encouraging innovative video creation. 3600 Video, Live watch video, and Lifestage are new Facebook features, and it is now turning into a video-centric app for teenagers as well as adults. Instagram introduced a 60-second type of video and Instagram Stories, while Twitter introduced Periscope and YouTube has become the world’s second most popular social network, proof that people enjoy watching videos.

Video Marketing Trends

  • Video material is preferred by the majority of potential customers over reading material. So video marketing will be utilized increasingly for lead generation and conversion. If the aim is to convert, explainer videos, video commercials, and other forms of the video should be a crucial element of your marketing strategies efforts.
  • Production quality and technological features must be acceptable but not exceptional. Although higher manufacturing quality is linked to an increase in trust, it cannot compensate for the lack of engaging content. So, as long as the content is compelling, Facebook Live videos, webinar recordings, and other creating video material with sufficient production value will work.
  • Businesses strategically consider an effective way to build and evaluate how various video formats and channels may complement one another. They would try to figure out how to create foundational video material that can be atomized, enlarged, and merged with multiple types of information to get the most out of their videos.
  • It will be more crucial than ever to convey stories. People can read a list of information or instructions in an article, but you’ll lose your target audience if you deliver it while creating videos. A video’s rhythm and emotional connection with the target audience will determine whether it succeeds or fails.
  • Live video streams will play an increasingly essential role in video content due to its original live format, with post-event promotion of the recorded content. Bring live events to their target audience, host a live Q&A session, and conduct interviews with influencers to increase engagement and brand recognition.
  • Video marketing’s return on investment (ROI) will be evident when you create videos catering to your target demographic. Good marketing strategies are when prospects will think less and act sooner due to video, shortening sales cycles.

Video Editing Tools


Animoto is a marketing tool that enables an effective way to build movies using your photographs, text, watch video clips, and music from its collection, which you can then upload to your company’s website, social networking sites, and email; it has a variety of configurable video templates.


Powtoon gives users an effective way to build films by dragging and dropping photos, objects, shapes, and animated characters from a library. You may import screen grabs or utilize text and photographs from your PC. The program even enables you to employ a natural hand for extra visual intrigue.


Sellamations create intriguing whiteboard “doodle” animations where viewers can observe the drawings being made as the video is playing. It also provides complete services such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, professional voiceovers, and animation.

Video advertising is becoming more accessible and economical. Video usage is increasing partly due to technological advancements, but it’s also because it’s simple to disseminate worldwide. Creating marketing strategies around videos for your company involves both creativity and understanding human psychology. Combining these elements allows for true advertising miracles at a low cost according to the conversion rates.

In no time, emotionally charged, innovative video advertising may travel over the Internet, garnering millions of views. And that is precisely the goal of video marketing, where only the most innovative survive! Video marketing is a must-have element in the present world. If you are planning to develop professional video marketing skills and strategies, then DAN Institute has an amazing online video marketing courses that you can get yourself enroll