Kubra Unal

Kubra Unal

Kubra works as an Account Manager at DAN Global. Her passion is to research and follow marketing trends. She likes to continue her improvement in areas; such as SEO, digital marketing, growth marketing, etc. Also, she loves reading everything and looking at the mirror all the time. She is a chocolate lover in her life.

Digital Marketing | Blog
Why is Google Analytics an Important Tool for Digital Marketers?

Analyzing web analytics helps your business grow, as it provides you with visitor data and allows you to identify what they are doing on your website. You can use many web analytics tools to collect website data, but Google Analytics is the most popular and free version that you can […]

Online Learning | Blog
Best Microlearning Platforms You Should Follow in 2022

New skill development is an important aspect of every industry. Any professional who wishes to level up their professional CV discovers and learns new skills. These may be general interpersonal skills, like new negotiation tactics, or even niche skills like CAD modeling. In either case, the process of learning is […]

Online Course Providers | Blog
LearnWorlds VS Teachable: A Hands-On Comparison (2022)

Teachable VS LearnWorlds are the two leading course creation platforms and course creators often have a hard time choosing one of them. We shall draw out a comparison between Teachable and LearnWorlds based on their similarities, differences, and core features to know which one is better for your cause. Similarities […]

Online Course Providers | Blog
Best Online Course Ideas And Ways To Find Profitable Topics

Educating yourself never stops, irrespective of your age or what position you are in. This philosophy holds true even with the recent pandemic where many found themselves trapped inside their homes and far away from traditional avenues of learning, whether for academic, professional or lifestyle purposes. However, where one door […]

Online Course Providers | Blog
Best Video Marketing Online Courses

With the advancement of the marketing world, as we enter a new era, video marketing is steadily gaining importance as a marketing trend with high returns. The number of marketers and corporations leveraging video as a marketing tool is growing at a staggering rate. No one wants to be left […]

Digital Marketing | Blog
Eight Reasons Why Every Business Needs to Use Video Marketing

The future of marketing seems to be revolutionizing as marketers have seen a full-fledged video revolution this year. 63% of organizations have begun employing video content using marketing strategies, according to Wyzowl data. 82% of those surveyed believe considering reasons to use video marketing is essential for their overall strategy. […]

Online Learning | Blog
How To Accelerated The ROI of Reskilling?

According to a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) research, firms who opt to reskill and upskill their workforces will be the most competitive and set reskilling examples for the world business community. However, the window of opportunity for proactive change management is rapidly shrinking. Nearly half of all workers will […]

Email Marketing | Blog
How To Create An Email Template For An Invitation To A Live Training Session

When you are creating a training course, it is really difficult to avoid a pile of admin. When you cannot afford a virtual assistant and want your personal touch in all aspects of the program, the best method you can use: an email invitation for training. Email templates, yes! You […]

Online Learning | Blog
Engaging E-Learning Examples With Creative Tips

As the age of digitalization grows day by day and online learning becomes the new norm, we must start evolving too. E-learning is the future of education, and the need for teachers and instructors to find engaging e-learning examples to liven up the class and attract the student’s attention is […]

Online Learning | Blog
How Can One Build An Online Learning Community?

When we look at online learning objectively, it is both the present and the future. Almost everything and everyone in today’s world is dependent on the internet these days, including education. In terms of our learning environment, things have changed a lot compared to the education system a few years […]

Online Learning | Digital Marketing | Blog
Ultimate Guide To becoming An eLearningPro

Knowledge is power, but it’s more powerful when shared! As with any work, having an interest in the job, trusting yourself, using education trends effectively, benefiting people, and striving to make a life out of it is some of the most critical parts of being a professional. The e-Learning world, […]

Online Learning | Blog
Top 10 Reasons Your Organization Needs To Prioritize Online Learning In 2022

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us all to make significant lifestyle changes. Online learning has been one such change that accelerated its pace during these challenging times for better professional career growth. Also, a person who has remained a part of the hiring process understands how […]

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