Best Microlearning Platforms You Should Follow in 2022

New skill development is an important aspect of every industry. Any professional who wishes to level up their professional CV discovers and learns new skills. These may be general interpersonal skills, like new negotiation tactics, or even niche skills like CAD modeling. In either case, the process of learning is the most important. A person’s attention span lasts between three and eleven minutes. Leveraging this idea, microlearning platforms have been devised. These platforms allow HR to create new learning methods and courses for individuals.

What is a Microlearning Platform?

Microlearning platforms are a corporate learning solution integrated by human resource departments of various firms to help their employees develop new skills. Thus many businesses create a learning development unit that uses these microlearning platforms to provide training. Unlike traditional e-learning platforms, which have comprehensive notes, these platforms have micro training materials, i.e., short videos, notes of a few paragraphs, flashcards and short quizzes, etc.

Enterprises can either create their microlearning platform and thereby integrate whichever skills they want to provide, or they can outsource the need. This often involves hiring an external microlearning platform to provide skills. The latter is a preferred option for several reasons:

  1. The company does not need to spend time gathering resources
  2. Institutes offer group sign-up ensuring HR managers’ work is reduce
  3. Institutes complete all tasks from course planning to certification for all employees
  4. They provide learning content, performance support, and real-time support to the employees
  5. Institutes offer more than one course so enterprises can personalize training

These advantages are the major reason why microlearning platforms have become popular. So if you are looking to upgrade your skills using microlearning, here are the top 10 microlearning platforms that you should follow up on in 2022:

  1. GnowbeLearn
  2. EdApp
  3. Adobe Captivate Prime LMS
  4. Decobe
  5. Tovitu LMS
  6. SAP Litmos
  7. 7Taps Microlearning
  8. Axonify
  9. Kahoot!
  10. QStream

Let us consider each in detail.

Top Micro Learning Platforms


GnowbeLearn is a microlearning platform with comprehensive training content. As one of the best microlearning platforms, GnowbeLearn provides training in various industries and niches, including industrial safety management, human resource, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, data analytics, IT and digital transformation, hospitality, design, and media, etc.  The platform provides a free 14 days trial. Once the free trial is complete, users can buy paid access starting at $8.33 per month. Also the platform provides certifications from recognized institutes, including Intel, Mercer, Singapore Polytechnic Union School of Theology, etc.


EdApp is a mobile app based learning management system used by some of the most prominent companies in the world, including Deloitte, Coca-cola, United Nations, Audi, Colgate, Shell, and many more. The platform has an extensive library for training materials in all courses and industries – from hospitality to NGO. The mobile app provided by EdApp makes microlearning easier and flexible for all users. The platform also allows manager gamification, which helps increase the retention of knowledge. The app provides comprehensive authoring tools, including PowerPoint conversion, Canva, and an extensive template library.

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Adobe Captivate Prime learning management system (LMS) is an internationally recognized microlearning platform. The highly flexible LMS created by Adobe allows managers complete control over the course and training requirements. Managers can control which units are necessary, which are optional, as well as the resources provided and the access given to users. The platform also has a consolidated dashboard that the manager can use to see the growth and completion of training modules as and when required. Managers also have access to a separate compliance dashboard that allows them to track the performance of individual learners.


Docebo is a microlearning content based learning platform that focuses on knowledge retention. The platform has a unique organization that ensures learners receive knowledge in short bursts rather than in one large batch. The cloud-based LMS also offers gamification of modules which can increase learner engagement in training modules and promote employee knowledge retention. Docebo is usually recommended to reinforce formal training modules that have already been delivered. The platform connects to various tools, including Google Suite, Zoom, PayPal, SAML, Shopify, etc. It is also popular among businesses like Uber, Cineplex, and Denny’s.

Tovitu LMS

Tovitu LMS is a learning management system that is popular among many enterprises. The platform can be used to create microlearning content for courses. It can also be used to create and sell full-length courses in any and every industry. The platform allows managers to do both,

  1. Create their learning content from scratch using the platform’s tools or
  2. Upload learning content that is already created and then edit according to the requirement

Tovitu also allows managers to hold virtual classroom sessions on the platform, negating the need for external meetings.

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is among the most popular learning management system available. Various well-known brands like Youtube, Pepsi Co, Mercedes, Netgear, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, IBM, etc. use this platform. The platform specializes in providing five main types of training: sales, employee, customer, partner, and compliance.

SAP Litmos is well-known for being user-friendly and can be used to create bite-sized content for training. In addition, the platform includes over 35 languages, allowing users and enterprises to diversify learning as required.

7Taps Microlearning

7Taps Microlearning is a mobile learning platform. The authoring tools give priority to the user’s mobile experience before the laptop or desktop experience. This is the first tool of its kind to focus entirely on the mobile app. 7Taps is common among brands with international reach, including Netflix, Merck, Honda, Pfizer, and Amazon. The platform provides rapid course development, and a complete course can be created within 30 minutes.


Axonify provides learning experiences, especially for front-line workers. Various brands like that Walmart and Bloomingdales which have a major workforce in front of the line providing customer service use the LMS. While they provide learning services to professionals as well, the LMS is popular for training for retail services, contract services, delivery staff, healthcare personnel, restaurant staff, etc. The platform supports over 50 languages and is available in over 150 companies.


Kahoot! is a gamified microlearning management system. The instructional design is based entirely on games and everyone can use it. Kahoot! is not a specific LMS and Kahoot! can integrate into educational institutes, private tutoring classes, and enterprises. The platform provides over 50 million games focused on developing specific skills in players. The platform seems over 1 billion users every year. In addition Kahoot! ​is effectively the most popular gamified LMS available online. Kahoot! has a range of solutions from presentation skill development to communications development.


QStream is popular as a scientifically proven microlearning platform. The platform specializes in the creation of short, skill-based challenges that need to be completed. The learning experiences in this game teach the players the skills required. The scenarios in the app also help employees to feel free and relaxed. Which also helps the platform determine weak points and knowledge gaps. The data is consolidated in the form of a dashboard available to the manager. So that the manager can use the information to create appropriate future challenges and requirements for their workforce.

These are the top 10 best microlearning platforms available that can used to develop new skills and gain more knowledge. Joining one of these platforms will ensure you can develop a new skill without needing to attend a comprehensive training course. Most microlearning courses are approximately 10-12 minutes long. So it can complete when traveling or during lunch.

Microlearning is a method recommended by over 94% of educators. For enterprises, integration of a microlearning platform from an external institute can reduce training costs by half! These statistics make microlearning a more attractive option. So if you wish to integrate microlearning into your enterprise or schedule, Dan Institute is the ideal partner for you. You can find many comprehensive and micro-courses on their website.