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In the era of virtual globalization e-commerce and trading, sustainability and growth can be regulated if you are willing to invest your time and dedication in it. E-commerce involves virtual shopping from an online store. It also includes working on four segments, business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, and consumer-to-business. It also consists of transmitting funds and data through electronic networks.

Digital marketing has been essential for e-commerce businesses, as it promotes products and services by digital means such as computers, smartphones, etc. It includes marketing using digital platforms and online-based technologies. Online marketing reform itself is potential and essential for e-commerce websites. Social media marketing and web advertising are necessary but, there are some digital tools to boost e-commerce stores.

E-commerce tools help you to manage and record track of your online stores more efficiently. These modernize the procedures related to online commerce, such as website design and inventory management. It also benefits simplifying a wide range of tasks in your e-commerce stores. These tools also perform necessary deeds to facilitate the creation of engaging website designs in minimum time. Finding the tools that best fit your requirements can be tough, with so many alternatives before you. Fortunately, many reputable and reliable product review sites give you a rundown of each tool’s features and specifications.

To improve your experience with e-commerce, here is the recommendation of free digital tools to boost your e-commerce website. These free tools are divided into a few categories to ease their understanding.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools follow the marketing strategy to drive traffic to your products. Even if you have good products, quality management, and helpful customer support still; you need a few tools in finding customers. You require someone to convince the general public to try out your products. Marketing tools are the systems, methods, strategies, practices, technology, and materials used by companies or marketing experts to create and execute marketing campaigns that profitably promote their products and services.

Here is the list of some free digital tools to boost your e-commerce business;


To get people introduced to your products blog posts are always a considerable choice. WordPress is a popular choice among people who don’t have the tools to feature blogs on their online stores. You can use WordPress to produce helpful blog posts about your products, business, or specific pain points that transmit to your target audience. Medium and blogger can be similar tools for blogging.


Every site requires good graphics and pictures to attract traffic. You can use Canva to create illustrative graphics and images regarding your product to attract traffic. It can be a good tool if you find difficulty in operating Photoshop.

Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor

Email marketing has always been an effective manner of attracting the attention of the audience. The above 2 tools are open source for customer interaction. You can use this app to personalize email campaigns for customers. Drip. co and Sumo are other email marketing apps to keep a record of the audience.


It creates conversational bots that interact with your website visitors. By setting programmed questions and answers to frequently asked questions and tailoring these questions to different pages on your site, you can help potential new leads find the details they’re looking for quickly and boost chat on lead generation pages. Customer services provided by this app have a human touch that gives a real-time experience.

Analytics Tools

For the proper functioning of any platform, you need to keep track of what’s happening on that site. Analytics tools are most essential for growth and sometimes are termed as the backbone of a site. It creates your hypothesis, analyzes it, calculates it – and if it works, scales it. The goal of any business analytic tool is to analyze data and extort actionable and commercially significant information that you can use to amplify outcomes or performance.

Here are examples of some free digital tools to scale your e-commerce website;

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service presented by Google that maintains, tracks, and reports website traffic. It is helpful for users to identify trends and patterns in how visitors connect with their websites. It has features inclusive of data collection, analysis, monitoring, visualization, reporting, and integration with other applications. You can also set up reports to help you identify troubles or prospects in real-time.

Mix Panel

Mix panel is supportive in tracking user interaction with the digital platform. It is among the top website analytics tools to offer reports that help you observe KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and user behavior. It simplifies the data in segments for better utilization. These tools help to focus on user profiles to know them better. Mixpanel allows you to envision how the audience explores websites and products.


StatCounter is another web traffic analysis website. It builds decision-building power by tracking, analyzing, and understanding the visitor. You can use this tool to boost traffic to your small business with SEO techniques. It examines traffic trends and updates you when visitors return to your website. It also maintains a record of the number of times a visitor is checking your website through links and ads.


Woopra facilitates in analyzing and visualizing how the customer reacts to your website. This analytics tool online allows you to measure your product usage by campaign presentation and features. Woopra gives you a brief about your audience without the knowledge of SQL. It also allows you to calculate clicks and conversions. This tool also enables you to compare segmentation by date, platform, geography, or industry.


This tool is a combination of an analytics platform, email marketing, and a CRM (customer relationship management) in one. Metrilo could be the one-stop shop if you are looking for many analytical tools to upgrade your e-commerce website. This tool is created specifically for an online store to provide users with conversion tracking, sales attribution, cart abandonment, and LTV insights on a real-time basis.

Business/Product Management Tools

Management is the key to a successful business. Business tools can facilitate you with managing your time, finances, people, channels, and even competitive analysis. Business management tools are the arrangement, appliance, controls, scheming solutions, methodologies, etc., used by a foundation to deal with changing markets, ensure a viable position in them and improve business performance. These tools help businesses to operate effectively, maintain a competitive position, and improve performance.

Here are some examples of free digital tools to scale your eCommerce platform;


Taskade is a free product management tool that you can operate on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, and all internet browsers. The tool can help users a lot, from mind mapping to meeting planning. Their flexibility is something all startups need to sell online. It also has an entire host of startup-oriented prose and information, including an ideas checklist, reading list, commerce pitch ideas, sponsor wishlist trackers, cofounder questionnaire, and more.


Bitrix24 helps product teams with interactions, responsibilities and projects, CRM, and workload planning all under one roof. It allows users to build unpaid web pages, landing pages, and online stores for their products. Product teams will benefit from their deep customer service dashboards and supporting features, like the ability to generate leads via multiple channels and influence dozens of sales and marketing automation rules.

Zirtual, Sellbrite, Asana, Backlog, Confluence, Odoo, and Coda are some other free Product management tools to benefit your online stores.

Customer Service / Advocacy / Loyalty Tools

Even if you don’t have a huge business or a lot of customers, there are still a lot of companies that are striving to make your customers their customers. Significantly, you figure out how to sustain them, advocate for them, delight them, and build up their loyalty to you.
Here are some examples of free digital tools to scale and boost your e-commerce store.

Zendesk Chat, Yotpo, Postmates, code monkey, AuthentiPix, and Kayako

These are some customer-helping tools to guide them toward your website. These include features of customized chat and sending the audience personalized messages. These can also be used to invite the public to your site; these allow your customers to show off your products on social media so you can get free advertisements.

Miscellaneous Tools

These tools include action blog commenting, direct mail automation, website hosting, language translation, link shortening, password management, mileage tracking, and website performance monitoring, among other functions. These tools are fun to use and help with personalization and custom search for big guns of scaling and growing your eCommerce business.

Here are some suggestions for you;


This tool can assist you to personalize experiences for your website and mobile apps at scale. BloomReach is used to the suite of tools offered to improve organic SEO and present products to your guests that are custom-made in real-time based on interests.


This tool re-engages website visitors with targeted Smartphone and desktop web push notifications. With this tool, you can send website audience offers and reminders about your product, even if they have turned off their web browsers.


This tool gives you the choice to connect various apps. This is a powerful tool to help you streamline the different procedures as your business uplift.

Tools and software are always great choices to embrace e-commerce. Digitalization boosted globalization and gave individuals a chance to learn and earn from online platforms. DAN Institute helps you to embrace your digital skills and progress your marketing career with online courses and assets from the top global institutions. Its mission is to enable the global society of online professionals to succeed digitally.