Is Google Digital Marketing Certification Useful in 2022?

In the world of digitalization, advertising has undoubtedly shifted to online channels. The awareness about the digital revolution constantly rises. Thus, brands prefer digital marketing which allows a wide range of advertising types on a budget. This possibility to reach a large amount of target audience increased the digital marketing market size.

That being said, the global digital marketing software market size was valued at USD 43.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to register a CAGR of 17.4% from 2020 to 2027 according to Grand View Research.

If you want to have your share from this big pie, but wonder if Google Digital Marketing certification is useful, we tried to explain the major questions related to Google Digital Marketing Certification in this article.


The Benefits of Google Digital Marketing Certification

We all love improving ourselves. Plus, all of us like free stuff. Google’s Digital Garage certification is an award-winning platform that improves the digital marketing skills of people with any level of existing experience – large or small.

The Digital Garage Course has many advantages, whether it’s helping to sell its goods or enterprises or driving free trade or just out of interest. After you complete this course, you will get a shiny new certificate from Google, that you can add to your LinkedIn account and your CV.

  1. Whatever your current digital marketing expertise and experience, you will benefit from this course. I’ve had several years of studying social media and marketing, but I found the course to be helpful with some hints and tips.
  2. There are animations, graphics, questions, quizzes and more. It is not your typical online learning experience. The look and content of the course keep it new.
  3. Your resume looks fantastic. When you complete a course, you will receive a Google certificate and the certification automatically increases your achievements with LinkedIn! Aside from demonstrating your skills and your knowledge of the subject, you want to develop wherever possible
  4. The course offers a personalization experience. Upon signing in to the course, you will be able to choose the subjects he/she wants to learn about and add them to his/her schedule based on their needs and interests.

What are the Modules of Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course?

This digital garage certificate, also referred to as the Google digital unlock (formerly) is divided into 26 submodules of the 106 online lectures. The modules available consist of everything you need to learn from search and email marketing optimization (PPC, etc), Google Display Advertising, Single Content Marketing and hundreds of online strategies, SEO, Google Analytics, and social media.

Broadening your knowledge and learning from different experts could help you master your skills. If you are asking yourself how to choose the best digital marketing courses, this article could be a step-by-step guide. So you can take a look at the best digital marketing courses for beginners at the link.

Some Google Digital Marketing Certification Questions

Here are some questions and their answers to Google Digital Marketing certification.

​​Take the Test – Module 1 of the Google Digital Garage Questions (Skippable)

A. Digital Garage Introduction

Doing business online opens up a slew of new and exciting possibilities for your organization. What new chances will open up for your company once it goes online?

Gaining a large number of new clients — everyone is now on the internet.
Direct sales of your goods or services via your website or mobile app
providing clients with advertising that is specifically targeted at them
reducing your heating costs
Increasing your knowledge of what your clients enjoy
Boosting your online sales with analytics

B. Take advantage of the digital potential that exists for you.

Karl, a 50-year-old mechanic who owns and operates a small-town garage, is thinking about going online to expand his business. What are the advantages of going digital for his company?

Customers would be more likely to notice him if he were more apparent.
He has the ability to make advertisements that only appear to local customers.
It’s much simpler to interact with clients now.
Customer conversations aren’t as necessary.
A better understanding of how clients behave when shopping online
He has the ability to update the look of the company’s logo.

Which types of enterprises have a lot of promise because of the rising use of the Internet?

Each and every business
Owners of small businesses
Businesses with a global reach
Small businesses in your neighborhood

The process of starting a business online might include numerous steps. Which of the following activities could be included in the beginning stages of this process?

Sending out brochures with your website’s URL on them to potential clients
Adding your company to local online directories
increased use of print and outdoor advertising
assembling a group of digital marketing professionals

How can website users learn more about a company when they are on the site?

Signing up for newsletters and receiving a free ‘taster’ of one of your items
the audio file that automatically plays anytime someone goes to your web page
I’ve been browsing your product pages and looking through your FAQs.
taking a look at your website’s purchase agreement terms and conditions
For solutions, go to this page.

What are the primary advantages of a company’s having an internet presence?
Direct sales via social media of goods and services to customers
Visibility in online searches for your type of company
Announcing new products via e-mail to customers
Having the ability to provide new consumers with special deals

1st Steps to Online Success: Module 2/26

Examine your knowledge with the Google Digital Garage Module 2 Answers (Skippable)

Your Online Objectives, Part A

Hairdresser Hamish has a thriving business. For him, expanding his business means putting up a second salon. Hamish doesn’t have a website yet, but he feels it will be beneficial in the future. Which of his business objectives could he attain more easily now that he’s online?

Bring in new business through marketing to existing ones.
Collect comments from customers.
Find new hair colorants to try out.
Promote the use of extended business hours by distributing flyers.

B. Increasing Your Online Visibility

Hamish’s salon appointments may now be scheduled online through a custom-built website. He came up with a set of objectives to help him engage with his clients better. Make it easier for Hamish to complete each assignment by suggesting an online tool.

Recognize and act on client feedback Sending a Survey via Email
Inform clients about the new, longer hours – Facebook Page
Demonstrate to clients An online gallery of Hamish’s most recent hairstyles
Locate the new salon for locals using a Map

How to Use Your Google Digital Garage Certificate?

In any established industrial sector the digital world has its roots. This opens up a wide variety of possibilities in the area of digital marketing certification. A digital marketing credential produces the desired results and thus increases the likelihood that salaries will be increased. Aside from this, the digital Garage Certificate offers valuable information to business owners who want to manage their own marketing strategy.


Beginners who want to learn the key ideas of digital marketing and marketers who want to improve basic skills would like to join the interactive nature of courses. When it comes to recruiting, marketing companies trust reputable platform certifications like Google.

If you’re not sure of where to begin with, your digital marketing training, then Google Digital Garage Certificate is the answer. You can get some information about the value of a Digital Marketing certification here.

Going Freelance with Your Certificate

A self-employed Digital Marketer has much expertise, from content and copywriting to social networking, search engine optimization, website development, strategy building and design. Digital marketers are everywhere on the internet, they are involved in online forums, participate in LinkedIn talks, post great content on Instagram and want to make sure their customers hit their goals (sales, generating leads, meetings, calls).

As a freelancer, you must attend to your training and develop the skills you need by taking digital online marketing courses, other web tools and a lot of practice. At this point, the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course is here to help you master your skills in all the subjects mentioned above.

Working as a Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing expert is a skilled professional who uses all available digital commercialization channels to promote a website (business or products).

The specialist must be well-informed in all fields and tools of digital marketing. The job responsibilities are as follows:

  • SEO campaigns design, execute and track
  • PPC campaigns analysis and optimization
  • Content marketing surveillance campaigns
  • Use of social networks (for traffic, awareness, and sales
  • Manage the other digital marketing team members
  • Coordinate all digital marketing activities
  • Fix priorities and assess digital marketing channels’ success
  • Identification of trends and perspectives
  • Marketing investment allocation
  • Managing content types like blogs, videos, audio podcasts etc.
  • Monitoring traffic on the website
  • Quality metrics implementation and analysis
  • Measurement and evaluation of ROI objectives
  • Conversion tests and experiments with devices
  • Providing daily internal reports
  • Implementing innovative and imaginative technological and platform partnerships

Completing this course will definitely help to improve your career or your business. Therefore, all future young professionals and entrepreneurs need this kind of course.

Launching Your Digital Marketing Agency

Companies spend more than ever on digital ads for their marketing budgets, and everybody needs something to do. So the first move to your dream agency is your Google Digital Certificate.  You can start your agency and achieve your bigger goals after gaining valuable experience as a freelance company or as a full-time digital marketer with a strong business plan.

As an important move, it is vital to identify your digital marketing niche. Then you will concentrate on a smaller audience interested in the offering.


Google understands that in this online era, businesses and individuals alike require sophisticated learning. Google Digital Garage’s primary goal is to make digital skills readily available to the general public. A well-structured training program is provided to each individual in order to help them learn and progress quickly.

We all know that setting and tracking objectives is critical in today’s ever-changing world. Millions of users are benefiting fromGoogle Digital Marketing certification’s goal-setting and prioritization tools. This learning platform helps you construct a realistic strategy to achieve your aspirations by offering a variety of workshops, events, short courses, and much more.

Professionals in the industry create online lessons and training materials. These professionals have been in your position before, so they know how to give you sound advise on all of your business concerns. One-on-one mentorship sessions are also available in person in a “garage.” In order to make a positive impact in the commercial world, everyone at Google Digital Garage is polished to a high degree.

The more you know, the more you’ll grow as a person. With the help of Google Digital Garage, you may learn new skills or advance your current ones. You’ll be able to see your progress if you use a testable learning method. Furthermore, getting a free yet valuable credential makes learning at Google Digital Garage even more fun.