What is the Value of a Digital Marketing Certification?

The Internet became the seed for the emergence of digital platforms. Thanks to the technological advancement that today’s generation is privy to, the virtual world is now available at our fingertips. With such a huge presence in the social life of people, digital platforms are an obvious choice for businesses when it comes to marketing. 

The following estimations will give an overall picture to understand the importance of Digital Marketing better. In the data collected as of 2019, about 20% of all humankind is on Facebook, and every internet user has at least 3 social media accounts. It is also a derived fact that 30% of people mention at least one brand name online. Imagine the amount of traffic a business can secure through Digital Marketing.

But what exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is advertising through digital mediums. These digital platforms include websites, social media, emails, search engines, and mobile applications. The advantage of digital marketing is its ability to target specific demographics in multiple social media channels. Other benefits of Digital Marketing are listed below:

  • The cost incurred by choosing to market through a digital medium is comparatively quite low.
  • Digital marketing has a global outreach.
  • Customized targeting is the specialty of Digital Marketing because the algorithms that make up the online platforms collect and accurately assess the consumer needs from their online activity.
  • Digital Marketing makes it easy to reaffirm marketing strategies by providing ample metric tools to measure client/customer conversions.
  • Digital marketing is also faster and more convenient for both the advertiser and the consumer.

These advantages make Digital Marketing a popular choice for both businesses and potential consumers or users. This led to the inception of Digital Marketing Certification as a strong academic pursuit of the present decade.

How can you get a Digital Marketing Certification?

Digital Marketing Certification can be obtained by completing a Digital Marketing course in an offline or online medium. The most embraced medium, though, is through online Digital Marketing Courses. There are a plethora of Digital Marketing Courses in numerous niches of Digital Marketing available online.


DAN Institute lists the best digital marketing courses for various specifications. You can explore the best digital marketing courses here and reach your career goals with certifications of top online learning platforms! 

Which Digital Marketing Certificates are more valuable, and why?

Once a decision has been made to study and get certified in Digital Marketing, it becomes an even more difficult task to choose a niche to gain expertise in. Even though all the subcategories of Digital Marketing are quite useful, certain certifications hold greater relevance to today’s culture and attitude.

With that in mind, it is also important to choose the right tutor for gaining the necessary skills to be industry-ready. Mentioned below are a few things that one must consider before choosing an online certification course:

The Range of Acceptance of the Certification:

A certification is only valuable if it is recognized by industry professionals. Thus, a widely accepted certificate is a better choice to get if the aim is to secure a lucrative career.

The Experience of the Tutors

Digital Marketing course is dynamic. Thus, rather than being book smart, a digital marketing certification that is street smart is much more useful. To achieve this, a certification course taught by industry level professionals who have abundant experience in the field would be the right choice.

Practical Knowledge Offered by the Courses

Digital Marketing is a subject that is more hands-on and practical than it is theoretical. Thus, a certification that offers knowledge of Digital Marketing more on the practical side will be a wise choice.

Now, coming to the niches of Digital Marketing that are most useful today.

Digital Marketing

This certification covers subjects of importance like analytics, marketing automation, customer behavior, and branding. Along with these, digital marketing tools used by industry experts, best industry practices, and much more are also a part of this certification.


Ecommerce is currently the most profitable model of business. That is why a certification in E-Commerce is in high demand. In this certification, one can learn how to optimize an e-commerce website, write appealing emails for customers and market through them, strategies of generating traffic for e-commerce websites, etc.

Web Design & Development

Websites are an integral part of Digital Marketing. A good design with a friendly user interface is the bait that results in a successful digital marketing campaign. This certification equips the student with skills like web designing, coding, and programming necessary for Digital Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the largest online platform of the current times and is likely to be in the foreseeable future. Thus it is an obvious medium of Digital Marketing. A Social Media Marketing certification entails content creation, algorithms behind social media giants, end-to-end social media campaigns, and much more.


Search Engine Optimization helps a platform stand at the top of the virtual world. A digital marketing strategy designed to follow the SEO rules has a higher chance of reaching the target audience. A certification in this includes SEO strategies, lead generation, and different conversion models like Pay Per Click (PPC).

Are digital marketing certifications good for finding a job?

The answer to this simple question is undoubted yes! The first and foremost reason for this unwavering confidence is the reach of digital platforms. With the growth of the virtual medium, demand for digital marketing experts is on the rise.

The digital world has its stem in every known industrial field. Thus, a digital marketing certification opens up a wide range of opportunities irrespective of the field. A certificate in digital marketing brings about the desired results, thus, increasing the chance of getting hired and getting salary increments. 

With all the information above, the significance of digital marketing certification in today’s digital world is crystal clear. It is, therefore, an obvious advantage to get digital marketing certifications from reputable course providers listed in DAN Institute.