Gizem Hekim

Gizem Hekim

Gizem works as a Digital Marketing Specialist at DAN Global. She performs market research, creates content for social media and marketing campaigns, and much more. Apart from these, she is a professional swimmer, amateur dancer, cello player, and traveler!

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Why Microlearning Is So Powerful For Employee Onboarding

Bringing new employees into the fold and getting them up to speed with the ins and outs of your organization’s internal processes and operations is a challenge. You need a comprehensive employee onboarding scheme to achieve this, and even then the overload of info can lead to a lot of […]

What to Consider For Making A Graduate Resume Example?

A graduate resume is usually a single-page document highlighting your skills and experience. This type of resume is typically used for entry-level positions. Ensure you have all of the details you’ll want before writing your resume. You won’t overlook anything or include inaccurate information, that could sabotage your interview. The […]

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UI vs UX: What’s The Difference Between Them?

UX and UI are two words that are deeply connected. While UI is concerned with the interaction of people with computer systems, software, and apps, UX design focuses on the total experience of a user with brands, products, or services. People frequently mix up UI design with UX design since […]

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Top GDPR Courses to Understand the Requirements in 2022

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became enforceable on May 25, 2018. Its goal was to bring uniformity in privacy and data protection laws across Europe. It is also intended to empower EU citizens with insights on their data protection rights, like how their data is supposed to be […]

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Best Instagram Marketing Courses You Can Take Online in 2022

Instagram has become an integral part of our social lives and businesses. Gaining organic traffic on any platform is hard right now. Let’s not forget that Instagram has 2 billion active users worldwide, and even though Instagram’s potential is endless, its algorithm is ever-changing. Getting started on such a gigantic […]

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The Best MOOCs and E-Learning Platforms

Learning from MOOCs has gained huge popularity in recent times. Students benefited greatly from these online course platforms, especially during the pandemic when all the offline institutions were shut down. It makes studying limitless and gives you the knowledge to broaden your perspective of gaining knowledge and learning. Unlike traditional […]

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Most Valuable Online Entrepreneurship Courses in 2022

Do you have the capacity to become a budding entrepreneur? If your answer is yes, this era is perhaps your chance to shine. We all know that new enterprises are constantly evolving today, thanks to the plenty of startups in every corner of the globe. But do you think it […]

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How to Use Pinterest for Marketing & Business in 2022?

Pinterest is a social networking site where individuals may discover, post, and save visually appealing information they find interesting, useful, or amusing. Pinterest marketing is a collection of methods that leverage Pinterest in the social media marketing strategy to find potential consumers and increase brand awareness and product visibility. Pinterest […]

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Top Online Personal Development Courses, Classes and Training Programs in 2022

Have you heard people talking about their goals, achievements, and successes? You must have. All of these come from investing in yourself. When you invest in yourself, you experience personal growth that is important for all of your goals. Personal improvement is a key to committing to becoming the best […]

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9 Proven Ways to Get Google to Index Your Website Right Away

To rank on Google or any other search engine, the pages on your website must be indexable, including landing pages, blogs, homepages, and other online content. An index is like a database. Search engines index the sites and provide relevant information to users. However, Google search engines won’t find your […]

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Best Tips for Entrepreneurs to Grow Their Online Business in 2022

In today’s world, it’s getting harder to find new and innovative ways to grow an online business. Every entrepreneur dreams of generating stable incomes throughout the year. The rapid spread of technology offers numerous online business opportunities. However, these are not just for us. There is a huge competition out […]

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Best eLearning Design Examples for 2022 and Beyond

In the modern world, the path of learning is rapidly changing. Nowadays, the devices used in teaching are helping teachers to evolve with students and allowing them to explore the knowledge. And this is where the part of eLearning has come into play. But what is eLearning? How does it […]

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Why Digital Transformation Should Begin with Employee Training?

In the 21st century, digital transformation has gained a rapid pace due to increasing competition. Today, companies have adopted various digital means to excel in their business operations. The digital transformation has laid a strong foundation for the future of corporate. Numerically, experts have predicted that the digital experience platform […]

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Best Free Online Web Design Courses with Certificates

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced web designer, here are a few free online web design courses you shouldn’t ignore. The internet boasts a plethora of information, colossal online tutorials, and courses. However, not all of them offer the same value and quality. If you start in the wrong place, […]

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What Are The Different Types Of User Segmentation?

The various initiatives and efforts taken by any organization to regulate and promote its sales can be defined as marketing. Marketing involves disciplinary actions taken by the company to draw the attention of potential clients and target audiences. It focuses on promoting the company’s growth through advertising, selling, and delivering […]

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