How to Use Pinterest for Marketing & Business in 2022?

Pinterest is a social networking site where individuals may discover, post, and save visually appealing information they find interesting, useful, or amusing. Pinterest marketing is a collection of methods that leverage Pinterest in the social media marketing strategy to find potential consumers and increase brand awareness and product visibility.

Pinterest has become the 14th largest social media channel around the globe, and thus you cannot ignore the benefit of the platform. The benefits of the platform are as follows:

  • Helping in engaging with your customers by allowing the user to save, like, and comment on the pins.
  • The platform allows companies to drive more traffic by promoting ads.
  • You can promote content related to any niche such as finance, education, health, family care, etc.
  • It provides a face to your brand in the market.

The Best Niches Where You Can Use Pinterest for Marketing

Competition in the market is ever rising due to the number of online businesses increasing drastically. Thus, choosing the right niche to promote via Pinterest Marketing is very important. Here are some of the most popular niches over Pinterest:

1. Travel

If you enjoy travelling, marketing your information over Pinterest is a terrific method to attract more people to visit your website! Individuals who love to travel frequently look for tips related to planning, packing, cheaper accommodation, and they browse through Pinterest to get an idea about the same.

2. Health and Fitness

People have become conscious about their health due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and thus the industry has heavy competition and has become quite saturated. As a result, generating organic traffic directly from Google is tough. Pinterest has this feature that displays the latest content, and the concept of domain authority is ruled off here. Thus, even new pins get ranked easily.

3. Food

We all love to see pictures and videos of food. You can find millions of pins related to food over Pinterest, and you can even locate popular culinary suggestions and dishes on the website.

4. Finance

Suppose you enjoy providing financial advice or discussing methods to generate additional money. In that case, Pinterest has a large specialty in subjects such as generating money through content writing or hot side hustles that will help you generate a seven-digit income. So, if this interests you, you may publish your insights on a site and lead Pinterest traffic to it.

5. Fashion

Pinterest has a large market for clothing and cosmetics. Even while male users are increasing, most users are still females, and many of them are eager to buy goods or are looking for tutorial overdressing. Whether you run a grooming lesson or sell or advertise women’s fashion, you may get an advantage over your competition by promoting your website on Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing for Beginners

If you are new to Pinterest, you might have no idea about Pinterest marketing strategies. To make your job easier, here is a list of the way beginners can implement their marketing strategy:

1. Brand Your Profile

Creating a brand profile over social media platforms is the first step to establishing a presence on any social media channel. If you want to access analytics, rich pins, and other features, the platform requires creating a Pinterest account. After creating an account, add the following things to the profile to attract an audience:

  • Complete your bio
  • Add a profile picture
  • Add covers to your boards
  • Define the type of cover board
  • Link your website to the platform
  • Select the relevant showcase boards for the profile

2. Identify the Content Strategy

Pinterest has various types of content over the platform. You need to decide the type of content that is right for your Pinterest marketing strategy. Pinterest has infographics pins, product pins, blog post pins etc. Let’s discuss some in detail for your understanding.

a) Product Pins

If you run an online business, you will capture beautiful product images. You can pin these images on Pinterest. When people search for products they need, they browse over several platforms to look at different prices, brands, etc. Pinterest will act as a discovery engine for people looking to shop, as when people go through credible images, they tend to buy the product.

b) Blog Post Pins

Blog post images that highlight the items you post on the site are another wonderful pin type. The blog post image should be of stellar quality and must be unique from the crowd, and the pin should be bold and easy to read.

c) Infographics Pin

Sharing necessary details with the help of infographics is yet another excellent approach to advertise your brand. Such graphics help in data visualisation and help communicate data better. Since most infographics are aligned vertical and have long lengths, Pinterest serves as an ideal medium for promoting them.

3. Participate in Community Boards

Participating and establishing a community or team board is another wonderful Pinterest marketing method for spreading your content over the platform. Pinterest users may request individuals to contribute to the board, which is an excellent method to get your material in front of fresh viewers.

Look for renowned Pinners in your field and see whether they have any group boards related to your industry. All you have to do is email the administrator or fill out an inquiry form and follow their account so they can add you.

Beginner Level Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest has developed a reputation for itself as a graphical search engine, with loads of photographs, images, connections, and ideas for everything you can think of..

This implies it’s a wonderful social media site for firms with a visual component, such as photos or creative designs. In addition, 55% of visitors expressly utilise the site to locate photographs of new items, and thus this platform is incredibly effective at boosting site traffic.

Some tips for Pinterest marketing are:

  • Please use the rich pin as they add more details to your content. They enable you to link the article, place, product etc.
  • Create a “pin for later” link to simplify your viewers to pin your information.
  • You should pin the infographics of other influencers. It acts as a follower magnet, bringing folks back to your account even more.
  • Keep a check on the “Popular” tab as it provides you with a better understanding of what people find appealing, allowing you to post similar content.
  • Including multiple items in one pin helps in increasing interaction. This strategy may bring value to a particular pin for the following reasons: firstly, it shows consumers how many brilliant things you have to provide; and second, by showcasing more alternatives, you have a higher chance of attracting more customers.

Pro Tip:

You must enroll yourself in social media marketing courses to understand exactly how the various social media platforms work and generate money from them.

Advanced Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Suppose you already have an account over Pinterest and have been using it as of recently. You find that the account is not witnessing an increase in the number of followers.

In that case, you should follow these Pinterest marketing strategies to boost your profile.

1. Optimizing the SEO of the Profile

Pinterest is primarily a pictorial search engine and thus has its separate algorithm and SEO regulations. To watch your rating rise, you must concentrate on Pinterest SEO and apply these principles to your very own profile.

During your Pinterest marketing plan, you should focus on three distinct areas for keyword usage:

a) Profile

On Pinterest, you have your profile section, which allows you to add 65 words, and similarly, you can add up to 160 words in your bio. Now you must add as many keywords here naturally so that your profile appears in the search result.

b) Pins

You should always add keywords in the title and description of the pin. Add the keyword in a natural form, and do not stuff the description. You should try to add keywords in the pin title and description. These keywords ensure that people and the Pinterest algorithm understand what the pin is all about, increasing your pin’s visibility over Pinterest.

c) Boards

You should ensure the names of your pinboards include search terms rather than charming, amusing names. At the same time, you may enjoy having a bit of fun in the board’s title but never ignore the keywords. You should also provide board descriptions that explain what they will find over the board and include your primary and secondary keywords in it.

2. Using Pinterest Ads

Ads are yet another excellent strategy to sell your product on Pinterest. Marketers on Pinterest may target advertising specific keywords, preferences, geography, gender, and other variables and characteristics.

Furthermore, comprehensive targeting allows marketers to reach out to particular categories of individuals such as:

  • Individuals who have viewed your site.
  • Individuals who have interacted with your boards.
  • Individuals who have an interest in similar content.

Pinterest advertising offers a variety of ad kinds, including video advertising, collection, and sponsored pins. Choose the one which is right for your business.

3. Promoting Your Profile

An effective Pinterest marketing plan is based on statistics. This means you track, measure, and analyze the important Pinterest data, and this collection of the customers’ behavior towards these posts assists you in choosing the right Pinterest marketing strategies. The tracking will also help in optimizing your Pinterest advertising.

Frequently Used Pinterest Terms for Marketers

Like every other social media platform, Pinterest has its own jargon that you need to learn, and here’s a vocabulary to assist you out.

1. Pin

A Pin is a post that has been posted on Pinterest. Pins can incorporate videos and photos, redirecting you to the source.

2. Board

Pinterest boards are digital boards that help you save, gather, or organize pins. They help people organize their pins into various categories.

3. Re-Pin

A Re-pin occurs when the audience pins a post they enjoy to their board.

4. Audience Insights

Audience Insights is a feature provided by the Pinterest business account that provides insights about the users.

More than 300 million individuals use Pinterest every month to get ideas about new products and services. What’s more, many users use Pinterest to search for the project and then purchase. You cannot ignore the power of Pinterest.

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