Best Video Marketing Online Courses

With the advancement of the marketing world, as we enter a new era, video marketing is steadily gaining importance as a marketing trend with high returns. The number of marketers and corporations leveraging video as a marketing tool is growing at a staggering rate. No one wants to be left behind! It is an entertaining and engaging form of visual media that has never failed to turn viewers into potential customers. This has led to the emergence of different video marketing training courses that seek to transform your marketing strategies. But, which video marketing online course to choose? Which one will meet your needs and transform your business digitally?

There are a lot of factors to consider. But we’re here to help you in choosing the best course that is available out there- an all-comprehensive course that teaches you ways to reach your target audience. But first, here’s a little information about video marketing and its relevance in the present era.

What Is Video Marketing?

A recent development in the digital marketing arena, video marketing refers to using videos for marketing content and for reaching your target audience. It involves leveraging engaging and creative videos to promote your brand, service, or company on a digital channel. Marketers & creators use video marketing to enhance brand awareness, communicate with prospective customers through videos, and educate them about the service you’re providing.

It has gained relative importance in the modern context as most customers prefer watching short, attractive, and interesting videos rather than going through pages and pages of text. In short, video marketing is one of the recent trend developments in the marketing world. And small businesses with not a lot of resources at their disposal can use this method to compete with the bigger brands and build a brand presence.

What Is The Relevance of Video Marketing In The Modern Context?

Technological advancement implies growth in the innovative methods used by creators. Video marketing has established itself as a reliable way of getting great ROIs. Since the internet is filled to the brim with textual material, video marketing has been a saviour for customers who are fascinated by visual media. Several video marketing courses are being taught to aspiring digital marketers and social media marketing students, as it is a much more powerful tool than textual media these days.

According to Hubspot research, over 50% of consumers prefer content in a video form over any other form source. Presently, it’s not about who can pitch the most information to a customer, but who can pitch that information in a creative and engaging way. Because in the end, it is all about your creativity, and video marketing offers you the opportunity to do just that.

As the present generation spends more and more time on social media, it has emerged as the number one marketplace for customers. People prefer watching videos on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and videos attract 10x the customers than normal text on Twitter source. So, it is safe to say that online video content is gaining preference not just among consumers but among creators as well.

What Are The Best Video Marketing Online Courses Available Out There?

There are several digital platforms offering video marketing online courses, ranging from SkillShare to LinkedIn Learning. All of these platforms have carefully crafted and curated video marketing courses that are designed to boost the reach of your product and service. The best video marketing training courses have been mentioned for your convenience. Choose the one that suits your needs and fulfills your purpose!

1. Video Production For Non-Techies By Gnowbe Learn

An asset to the field, this course will teach video marketing to learners who are not proficient in using technology.

It will teach the students to:

  • Turn a story into an engaging and invigorating ‘Digital’ story.
  • Understand basic technology and storytelling skills
  • Narrate a script through a visual medium

The course is designed for social workers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers who wish to use video marketing for the growth of the business. It will help non-techies utilize the resources at their disposal to create visually moving stories for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

2. Storytelling For Business Video By LinkedIn Learning

Another platform offering a comprehensive course about marketing through visual media focuses more on how to organize your video for marketing using storytelling skills. It is a course for writers who wish to make their business videos more persuasive and compelling for customers. Instructed by Roger S.H. Schulman, the course presents its take on video marketing by using different tools and resources.

The course will help you present your brand’s story to the audience. Be it to sell a product or just to create brand awareness. Moreover, the course consists of an example story being built up step by step to make the storytelling techniques clearer.

3. Video Marketing Made (Ridiculously) Easy By Michael Clarke, Udemy

Udemy features really detailed and comprehensive courses on its site, which is why many learners prefer this platform. The course is straightforward and to the point- how to boost your sales and increase profits through video marketing. This course comprises:

  • Learning and planning an effective and creative video marketing campaign
  • Producing a high-engagement video for YouTube and improving your video production skills
  • Generating leads and brand awareness

Every business wants to expand its reach by taking a shortcut without employing the proper methods and techniques. This course will teach different corporations, small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, etc. to leverage videos in the right way. It will help them increase their sales, boost profits and increase brand awareness, something that is necessary for the modern era.

4. Video Marketing Skills By Salford Professional Development

A professional guide for video marketing, the course focuses on the concept of video marketing as a powerful advertising agent. The course consists of learning how to shoot videos for marketing as well as video production skills. It will teach you video marketing exactly concerning your business objectives. You’ll learn about the implications of video marketing in the present context. The course aims to:

  • Enable creators and businesses to shoot their own videos for marketing
  • Make the learners understand what types of video suit their business the best
  • Make businesses and entrepreneurs understand social media and how to leverage it as a marketing tool

The course is made for beginners as well as experienced marketing professionals. It can be attended by business owners, producers, content creators on social media, and marketing professionals who wish to understand the concept of visual storytelling. The course is the perfect amalgamation of the right tools and resources required for video marketing.


In the modern era of growing social media platforms and visual platforms, video marketing is a necessary skill for all digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and people in business. It can not only expand your reach but also boost your income by quite a bit. If you’re a learner, make sure to employ the right video marketing techniques. If you’re an experienced video marketer, you can easily outshine your competitors. Because your storytelling skills through the visual medium will be the deciding factor when it comes to video marketing.

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