LearnWorlds VS Teachable: A Hands-On Comparison (2022)

Teachable VS LearnWorlds are the two leading course creation platforms and course creators often have a hard time choosing one of them. We shall draw out a comparison between Teachable and LearnWorlds based on their similarities, differences, and core features to know which one is better for your cause.

Similarities In Teachable And LearnWorlds

Teachable and LearnWorlds have a few notable similarities that interest course creators:

  • They offer certificates after students complete their courses and grade quizzes for them
  • Users charge transaction fees when users make a sale through the basic plans, but there are no transaction fees for the higher-priced plans
  • They have similar marketing features like coupons, payment options and free courses
  • New users are offered free trials, although the number of days is different
  • They help to create courses for online schools with custom domain connections
  • They offer SSL certificates with all plans for free

Differences Between Teachable And LearnWorlds

After knowing the notable similarities, we can proceed towards the notable differences:

  • LearnWorlds allows its users to create student communities, while Teachable does not offer this feature
  • The courses offered in LearnWorlds focus more on video content
  • LearnWorlds offers a vast range of quizzes and assessments while Teachable stays focused on MCQs
  • The price for a white-label website is higher in LearnWorlds’ plan than in Teachable’s plan
  • The customer support of LearnWorlds is available 24/7 via email and telephone, while the customer support of Teachable is not available 24/7

Comparison Between Teachable And LearnWorlds

If you still feel confused between Teachable and LearnWorlds, we have prepared a summary of the core features of the two platforms. This comparison will help you find the winner in the ‘Teachable VS LearnWorlds’ battle:

Course Creation

The courses at LearnWorlds focus on video content. You can make it easy to navigate by using interactive transcripts and attractive images, links, questions and titles. You have the freedom to design the learning pathways for the students. Also, you can choose drip-feed content or preset performance thresholds to analyze the children’s growth.

The web builder page at the Teachable platform is intuitive and offers drag and drop features to the users. Once finished, the work becomes responsive and gives off a great experience. You can also run a website by linking it with Teachable, which means you can either start from scratch or resume your progress. Your creations are safe on platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox once you upload them.


You can create different types of quizzes and tests on LearnWorlds. You think of it, and you create it in no time. Whether it is graded or ungraded, open or closed, you can choose whatever you want. You can also create a question bank through the LearnWorlds pro plan.

Teachable offers graded quizzes to monitor students’ progress, however, it offers only MCQs and true or false questions. These quizzes act as compliance measures to help you know whether the students are prepared and can proceed further.


On LearnWorlds, you can reward your students with certificates that you can create through the PDF templates and online PDF editor. You can design customized certificates and upload them on the platform for your students. You also have the power to decide whether your students can share these certificates on social media platforms. However, LearnWorlds does not provide its users with the official authority to edit the templates.

Teachable offers quick and simple templates to its users. These templates are professional and provide an excellent foundation for the student’s future. You can easily add your logo, signature, and text to modify each one of them. If you do not like the template and have creative ideas, you have the freedom to design your custom certificates from scratch.

Community Building

LearnWorlds offers an in-built social networking feature, where the enrolled students get a public profile. Your students shall face no problem in contacting and discussing with one another and with you as well. It allows building a community sense within the students innovatively.

Teachable does not provide this feature. The users cannot create a forum for discussion regarding the courses or the material taught in class. You would have to create a private group on other social media platforms for discussions.


LearnWorlds does not offer an in-built affiliate marketing program to its users. To compensate for the lack of this program, LearnWorlds allows its users to create sales pages with one-click funnels. They are easy to publish, and customers can easily know what you offer. You can also provide customizable experiences for checkouts to your customers to upsell your services through coupons and subscriptions.

Teachable has an in-built affiliate marketing platform, allowing brand advocates to publicize your services on their social media platforms. It means that when you gain a sale, the brand advocate earns a commission. This marketing strategy enhances your gains. Moreover, you have full control regarding which courses you wish to offer for affiliate marketing and the percentage share the affiliates will receive.

Payment Gateways

There is not much to offer in the Teachable VS LearnWorlds battle when it comes to payment gateways. LearnWorlds has a wide range of payment gateways like PayPal, 2Checkout, PagSeguro, Stripe, and Shopify. Moreover, you can offer your students many flexible payment structures like memberships, subscriptions, course bundles, and one-off payments.

The payment gateways of Teachable are almost similar to the ones in LearnWorlds. Teachable has similar payment gateways like PayPal, Apple Pay, Mobile Pay, and Google Pay. You can offer your students payment structures, like membership subscriptions, single payments, course bundles, and payment plans.

Customer Support

LearnWorlds provides 24/7 customer support to all users and calls to pro trainer plan subscribers. Learning Center plan subscribers receive experts to provide them with branding tips, importing courses, customizing school design, and much more. The customer support teaches you how to migrate on LearnWorlds, and the LearnWorlds Academy offers dozens of courses to boost your business.

On the other hand, the hours to contact Teachable’s customer support are limited to business hours through tickets and live chat. The Business Plan subscribers can contact the customer success manager to get advice regarding the course and business guidance. The paid members of Teachable have access to the exclusive community where they can participate in interesting discussions. Teachable groups the users at similar stages together in communities for healthy discussions and tips. Moreover, the TeachableU feature provides training courses to its users.

Priced Plans

LearnWorlds has three plans for its users:

  • The Starter Plan is the basic plan at $24/month with $5 transaction fees, three web pages, and other features
  • The Pro Trainer Plan is $79/month with five admin-level users, unlimited courses, no transaction fees, and other features
  • The Learning Center Plan is the most expensive plan at $249/month with 20 admin-level users, bulk upload for students, interactive videos, and other features

Teachable has four plans for its users:

  • The Free Plan familiarizes the users with the platform’s core features and has limitations and transaction fees
  • The Basic Plan is the cheapest package at $29/month with no limit on the number of students, TeachableU, and other features
  • The Pro Plan is the most popular package at $99/month with no transaction fees, set-graded quizzes, priority customer support, and other features
  • The Business Plan is the most expensive package at $249/month with custom user roles, theme customization, and other features

This comparison between Teachable and LearnWorlds must have made you realize that both the platforms have their set of pros and cons. It is up to the users and the needs of their business and students to choose the right one. With the right platform, not only will your business boost up, but your students will also have a brighter future.

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