Industries That Benefit Most from Digital Marketing in 2022

The fast-changing online landscape has mushroomed into diverse marketing tactics, digital marketing being the most important. In 2021, digital marketing is a need. It is the backbone of the modern marketing strategy.

Social media has only served as a catalyst for digital marketing, which has now branched out into influencer marketing, live streams, video content such as reels or TikTok, and others. Industries for digital marketing strategies have reached out to influencers which have increased their engagement and lead generation.

The key tools for any successful digital marketing campaign are search engine optimization, paid digital advertising, and social media marketing campaigns. B2B industries for digital marketing strategies rely on SEO to drive multiple buyers to their online presence. Statista has predicted that ad spending is only slated to rise in 2021, with growth projected at US$398,762 million.  65% of clicks on advertisements result from high-intent searches.  Industries that benefit most from the digital marketing campaign have a precise, target-based strategy.

Why is digital marketing important? Well, most industries that benefit from the digital marketing tool gain credibility through their online presence. As most potential buyers are also performing exhaustive research online before buying anything, they need accessible services.

Digital marketing won’t cost you much, but you need to be well informed to deal with the regular evolution of digital marketing strategies. Several industries have survived the pandemic because of digital marketing, such as the healthcare industry, fashion, food and beverage, education, law firms, attorneys, and real estate services, among others.

Different industries that benefit from digital marketing in 2022

Here is a list of all the industries that benefit most from the digital marketing services in 2021:

Healthcare industry

Online access to healthcare has boomed since 2020. This is why most medical professionals are taking their business online. Social media has changed the way doctors conduct their sessions and has opened up portals of global opportunities. Blogs on healthcare, video content, and other forms of social media marketing have changed the healthcare landscape of the world. Since most users look up answers to their health concerns online, healthcare blogs are able to maximize reach.

Food & beverage industry

Whether you have an aggregator business model or own a restaurant, the food and healthcare industry has become dependent on e-platforms. The food and beverage industry relies on influencer marketing and SEO tactics to boost leads. Several e-commerce sites have come up with their own grocery section.


The food and beverage industries for digital marketing also make extensive use of social media marketing for brand awareness and reach. This is combined with a strong online presence that can digitize orders for takeaways and delivery.

Law firms & attorneys

Law firms are one of those industries that benefit most from digital marketing campaigns. A study showed that 25% of law firms in the USA had organized digital content. Law firms use online platforms for blogging about frequently asked questions. They also have websites with CTA options for easy consultations.

These websites depend on paid advertisements and SEO tactics to reach potential clients. The ROI is high, as their reach increases when their target consumers click on legal questions. Law firms and attorneys are also taking over social media platforms like Instagram by creating short content in the short video format to maximize their reach.

Real Estate

Real estate agencies are almost completely dependent on search engine optimization. The sector has spread far and wide due to digital marketing services. This is because digital marketing isn’t limited to urban metropolises. It has a reach in small towns, tier-2, and tier-3 cities. Among industries that benefit most from the digital marketing revolution, real estate firms have been very successful campaign runners.

With website building, brand awareness, and an acute knowledge of search engine optimization, the real estate sector is increasing its reach to untapped locations. Funnels, multilingual marketing strategies, drip email, and blogs have been most helpful for real estate in terms of digital marketing.

Social media engagement is also an important aspect of any online business now, and real estate firms are no different. Brokers, estate agents, and others are easily accessible on social media. However, some of the real estate firms thought social media marketing could be enough. We explained the differences between social media and digital marketing before.

Financial services & banking

Digital marketing has unsurprisingly hit the banking sector and other financial institutions. With online payment solutions, digital banking, and online stock trading, the financial services, and banking sector has become one of the industries that benefit most from the digital marketing evolution.

Some of the most popular tools used in the financial services and banking industries for digital marketing are pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization for websites and blogs, content marketing via social media, email drip campaigns and IP targeting.

Education industry

A UNESCO report shows that the coronavirus pandemic has had an effect on 1.37 billion students in over 138 countries. This has compelled educational institutions to go online, and several affordable online courses have been designed to fulfill the current need of students, from regular courses to specially curated vocational courses on content marketing or social media management.

Industries that benefit most from the digital marketing strategy use diverse tactics to check what works best for them. You can also find free industry reports to check the situation in your sector.

Digital marketing is a fast-evolving field. In order to keep up, marketing firms have to constantly churn out trends to stay ahead of the game. It requires an exhaustive study of the market and a good engagement with clients. Digital marketing provides better ROI due to its versatility and affordability. The cost is very less as compared to traditional marketing.

Digital marketing is the only industry that did not lay off employees in the pandemic. There has been an ever-increasing demand for digital marketing managers and consultants. Being a fast-evolving field, experimentation and learning is very important.

You can upskill yourself through digital marketing courses. Such courses have been curated by professionals in these respective fields and aim to inculcate dense information in a short period of time.