How to Get Industry Reports for Free in 2022?

Industry reports usually offer an overview of the industry, sector, or market in a specific geographical region. It typically includes concepts, key trends & outlooks, leading companies, competitive environment, industry data (size, cost, sales, proportions), core economic indicators, and other related information.

By reading an industry report, one can get detailed information about the industry they’re operating in. This industry information is useful for making effective decisions. Let’s see how.

To understand the benefits of reading an Industry Report, it is imperative to understand Industry Reports’ importance so let’s get started.

Importance of Industry Reports

“No business exists in isolation; it is part of a network of suppliers and consumers with diverse operating conditions, risks, and opportunities.” – Griffin James.

Let’s analyze this statement with the help of an illustration.

Suppose there is a decline in crude oil prices. There are a total of 28 industries that’ll be directly affected by a decline in the prices of crude oil! This shows how a shift in a single factor can have a major effect, impacting so many distinct industries from one supply chain to another supply chain. Industry reports notify you which industries are affected and how they are affected.

Furthermore, based on the resource, your industry information should also provide you with exposure to financial ratios to forecast the company’s performance such startling events happen. Companies may use these financial ratios to determine warning signs and potential problems.

Granularity is Vital

One more explanation of why knowledge about the industry is relevant is that companies operating in the same sector can act differently. For instance, consider the manufacturing sector. Just 45 out of the 194 industries working in the manufacturing sector score just beyond the national average.

A few significant exceptions are the wind turbine manufacturing industry as well as the clothing knitting sector.

An industry report resource that offers such granularity will enable you to identify those most appropriate industries for your needs.


Benefits of Reading Industry Reports

Now it’s time to discover how you can use the information contained in industry reports, no matter which industry you function or are concerned in. Critically going through and analyzing Industry Reports benefits you by enabling you for:

  • Immediate Solutions: In case you need the correct answer right now, and you know it’s not profitable for you (or your team) to collect the information on your own, particularly when you’re dealing with a bunch of different industries.
  • Exposure to Industries: When you always deal directly and indirectly with several different industries. That’s why you need access to all sorts of information.
  • Strategic Mindset:>When you are focused on enhancing the business, be it emerging businesses, individuals, or divisions. For instance, you’re focused on cost reduction, but you want to do it strategically. Or if you’re concentrating on risk reduction and you realize the importance of risk management strategically.
  • Throughout Availability: If you have an ongoing need for analysis and knowledge throughout the year, you need the data from a trustworthy, reliable provider.

Components of an Industry Report

An industry report usually includes the following:

  • Definition of the industry: An industry report provides a detailed definition of the industry, showing what is included in the industry and what is beyond its scope.
  • Major players of the industry: it lists the names and other important details about the major companies producing the industry’s major revenue.
  • Market share: The study provides an overview of the industry’s various markets and their market share.
  • Historical and current trends: These trends embody facts and figures(namely sales, revenue, and profits) of multiple industry companies. Industry historical trends are usually listed for five to ten years, and the latest trend for the previous financial year.
  • Employment stats: This provides an account of the overall employment figures and the breakdown of employment in various companies within the industry. Key figures also contain the proportion of men and women in the workforce.
  • SWOT analysis: It is an overall analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the industry.
  • Achievements: It lists the industry’s important achievements and accomplishments. This could include new industry developments or the contribution of the industry towards socio-economic development.</liThe industry report includes graphs, charts, and tables, largely supported by written comments. This allows even non-professionals to acquire knowledge of the industry.

How to Find the Most Useful Industry Reports?

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