Udemy Vs Coursera: Which One To Choose In 2022

Technology has made everyone march to an advanced level in their life. Whether it is the corporate world or daily lives, it has raised the standards in every sector. One of the most benefited sectors due to technological advancement is education.

With the introduction of online learning, eLearning platforms have given people more convenience and upgraded the learning interface. There are various excellent platforms like Udemy and Coursera that have defined the new age education system.

But there is a high confusion in people’s minds while choosing an online platform between Coursera and Udemy. People have started comparing both service providers and given a new angle to Udemy vs Coursera looking at the benefits of these sites. The article provides a detailed guide to which is the better option between the two. It will help you choose the best choice between these two in 2022.

Udemy vs Coursera: Features

Many people think that online courses are not as beneficial as offline courses. Their value is not significant. They spend money on Coursera or Udemy courses and think ‘Is a Udemy or Coursera certificate worth it?’

Udemy provides users with a learning system that considers decent technological elements mixed with experiential learning. Learners can use any smart device to connect to the Udemy platform anytime.

On the other hand, Coursera has a flexible interface. The expert team consistently upgrades the platform with new features. It gives users an excellent level of convenience to learn new concepts with smooth interacting elements.

Udemy’s Features

  • Lectures can be accessed through the official website (Udemy.com), mobile website, android app, and iOS app.
    It provides lectures in the form of audio, video, and text. This feature aids the member in gaining full-fledged knowledge about the concept.
  • Full access to quizzes and competitions.
  • Learning through video lectures having subtitles.
  • Asking questions below the video section.
  • Posting questions and answers in the Q&A section for every video.
  • Access to supplementary resources, exercises, and post reviews.
  • Dark mode feature available in android and iOS app.

Coursera’s Features

  • Enrolling in any course on Coursera gives accurate suggestions for courses using machine learning tools and algorithms.
  • Provides personalized homepage and browsing of courses.
  • Users can set every day and weekly goals for their courses. This assists the learner in finishing the course on or before time.
  • Special data-driven tools are set up for helping users to track their progress and skill development.
  • Regular question banks are provided to users for having an actual examination practice.

Udemy vs Coursera: Catalog

Here, the catalog refers to the whole set of courses offered by the two elearning giants, i.e., Udemy and Coursera. There are a plethora of courses offered by both. On comparing these two platforms, it is challenging to count the courses. They both launch new courses depending on the market demand and the need for different courses.

Udemy currently offers around 183,000 video lecture courses against over 7000 courses with vivid skills sections and specializations. These courses are categorized under various umbrella heads shown hereunder.

Udemy Courses Catalog

The principal heads of Udemy under which different sub-courses are offered are – Design, development, business, marketing, IT and software, personal development, photography, and music.

These courses are offered after getting impressive discounts. The most popular courses in these categories are – python, web development, financial analysis, SQL, ethical hacking, cyber security, photoshop, and drawing.

Coursera Courses Catalog

The categories under which different courses are offered in Coursera include data science, business, Information Technology, computer science, personality development, language learning, math and logic, health, social sciences, and arts and humanities.

These various umbrella courses contain various courses under them. The most demanded courses are – machine learning, MS Excel, business foundations, python, graphic designing, and many others.

Udemy vs Coursera: Pricing

The pricing model of Udemy and Coursera differs on a standard level. They have an affordable pricing system with various courses offered free of cost. Contrary, there are various courses offered at premium prices with incredible features.

Coursera provides a 7-day free trial for some courses while offering financial aid for a few courses. On the other hand, Udemy uses discounting as a crucial tool to attract potential users. They mark the courses high at $52 but strike the price and offer it at a rate as low as $10. Therefore, people are tempted to buy such courses with a limited discount period.

The pricing of courses on Udemy generally remains affordable to most sections of society. For Coursera, people can also enroll for one year plus membership at a collectively lower amount than the usual monthly price. Various Coursera courses fall in the average price bracket of $39 to $79 per month. People on Udemy and Coursera can also avail themselves of free online learning benefits.

Udemy vs Coursera: Instructors

Both Udemy and Coursera are excellent platforms for imparting knowledge to potential learners. It gives an easily-accessible stage to share innovative and creative ways of teaching and learning sessions.

The process for becoming an instructor at Udemy and Coursera is not complex. The following differences will highlight which platform to choose if a person wants to become an e-learning platform instructor.

Udemy: For Instructors

After becoming an instructor at Udemy, a person can experience the following benefits:

  • They can publish courses of their choice with as many modules as they want.
  • Instructors have the flexibility of having control over the course content. They can have their copyright and other related things.
  • They get an opportunity to explore new things and gain insights about learners’ perspectives on various topics, which is otherwise difficult to get in offline learning.
  • Joining Udemy as an instructor can fetch a person additional monetary benefits.

Udemy also provides a platform for reaching more people and broadening their professional network.

Apart from these benefits, instructors can expect timely payments, status, appreciation, etc., from Udemy.


Coursera: For Instructors

There are various benefits of becoming an instructor at Coursera, some mentioned hereunder. It can help clarify confusion regarding Udemy vs Coursera.

  • Coursera instructors come from various cities and countries collaborating, providing more expertise to individuals.
  • Coursera provides various rewards for instructors of the most demanded courses, apart from the growth professionally.
  • The platform allows instructors to be handy with various software tools and algorithms which are challenging to learn otherwise.

Other than the above points, Coursera pays the instructors according to the content, enrollments, course duration, competitive courses, etc.

Which One To Choose In 2022: Summary

Udemy and Coursera are renowned online learning platforms with expertise in different courses. Both specialize in various courses. A person might find an XYZ course better on Udemy. On the other hand, they might find another ABC course on Coursera better than the other platform.

For instructors, both platforms generate revenue depending on the course design, structure, duration, market demand, etc. Therefore, putting and teaching a course through Udemy and Coursera is equally beneficial. People can view more comparing factors to come to the conclusion of choosing between Udemy vs Coursera.

However, to arrive at a fruitful conclusion, start a free trial for the same course on Udemy and Coursera and select the best. It will give more clarity as to which option will be effective in terms of both cost and learning-wise.

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