How To Create An Email Template For An Invitation To A Live Training Session

When you are creating a training course, it is really difficult to avoid a pile of admin. When you cannot afford a virtual assistant and want your personal touch in all aspects of the program, the best method you can use: an email invitation for training.

Email templates, yes! You heard it right. Here we provide you with a template that you can use whenever you are going live for an ILT session. It will be very convenient in designing your training program at the same time. If you have some last-minute tweaks, they will come in handy.

All you are supposed to do is download and store the template, so it comes in handy when you need it. This can use for many programs, including training sessions, webinars, or workshops. All you have to do is to ensure there are some small changes in the templates concerning the content of the training.

Why Do You Write An Email Invitation Template For Training?

The main reason behind an invitation email is to ensure the people receiving the mail understand the importance of the training. They should also be in a position to bookmark it when it is a mandatory course. Even if the training is optional, it will help them contact you for any doubts related to the program. To ensure that your email looks professional and engaging, consider designing the training invitation template using an invitation maker. This can help emphasize the importance of the training and encourage recipients to bookmark it if it’s a mandatory course.

Content Needed To Create An Inviting Email

The content needed usually changes concerning the compulsoriness of the meeting. However, for the core content, there are a few checkpoints you should consider:

  • The topic of the training session
  • The role of the instructor is very important, including his name and qualifications
  • Whether the meeting is online or offline (and if it’s offline, the exact link of the venue)
  • Time and what would be the duration of the session? (This comes in handy for the attending person when updating it in their calendar)

Whether the event is a single-time event or the beginning of a series of similar training sessions, the most important aspect that you must mention is whether it is an alone event or if it is linked to any other training initiatives. Online training announcement emails to employees should give in-depth details as it will help keep the employees in the loop.

Apart from the information given above, if the meeting is optional, there should also be conducive options for employees to book a slot for the program. The email must mention whether the meeting is not mandatory in bold to bring it to the attention of the trainee.

You must also give clear information on how to book a seat for the training program. You can either provide a link or just an RSVP option along with the deadline within which they are supposed to do it. However, if you lack unique ideas to write a compelling invitation email, an AI email generator can make things a lot easier for you. Simply give a prompt and get the email content ready

Value Addition To The Template

To pique the interest of the prospective trainees, you must mention how the particular training program can aid the employee. Steps to highlighting the same include,

  1. Attach any previous video recordings to give them a glimpse as to what to expect
  2. Testimonials and quotes from either the previous trainees or the experts and celebrities who attended the session
  3. A message from the speaker will make it more valuable. It can be a simple text message, or you could use audio or visual aids
  4. The efficiency statistics of the training, mainly on the skills it imparted on the trainees, can also give details of the respect it has on the business side
  5. These will not just inform the learners but also engage them in the process

Focusing On The Target Audience

The next thing you need to be clear about is the target audience for the email. There should be some minor tweaks in this line. It is the detail that makes the invitation mail more authentic. If the training is for some employees, it can be addressed by HR. It must be from the departmental head if it is for a specific department. If it is for a set of students, the name of a renowned teacher might be used. A training invitation email to colleagues or senior-level officials should follow a different pattern. When to schedule the meeting is another important factor. You must give the trainees or prospective trainees enough time to get settled in but not too much, or they might slip away. Figure out the perfect time to send the personalized invitation email beforehand.

Now the question is how to use this template.

The Training Announcement Template

A training announcement email must include the skills that the program is designed to impart to the people who attend the training or the webinar. The tone of the message being sent is also very important. It must represent the voice of the company. When the email says that the training is compulsory, it is very important to ensure that the tone is more assertive. Therefore, when creating an email template, write it to capture the interest of your audience. In this scenario, rewriting sentences with the usage of AI can help you refine your email language, ensuring that each sentence maintains the appropriate tone and structure to effectively engage your audience in a short period of time. But at the same time, it should not be overly strict or imposing; here are some dos and don’ts:

Non-Acceptable Terms or Phrases For Event Invitation Emails

  • This training/webinar is compulsory for everyone to attend
  • The purpose of the training is to ensure the accomplishment of certain targets or to ensure compliance with certain rules and regulations of company policy or any other law
  • It is imperative for everyone to attend
  • All those who have registered must complete the course within a given time

Acceptable Phrases For Event Invitation Emails

  • Our staff must take advantage of this tailor-made training program
  • This program will positively impact every employee’s skillset
  • Training can help us achieve a particular target or lead to a larger benefit for our employees and in turn, the company
  • Kindly complete the particular session within the stipulated time to meet the deadline

The email is a better replication or representation of the identity of your brand. When we pose a casual outlook, they tend to think your company is a cool, laid-off brand. An excessively stern tone will represent the brand in a bad light.

By customizing the email template as per your needs, you can avoid such mistakes in the long run. All you are supposed to do is to use a proper template.

Training Session Invitation Email Samples

Some of the corporate training email templates are given below:

Example 1: Virtual Live Training

Subject line – Online training invitation: [training course name]. Save the date.

Hi (name of the employee),

We (name of the concern) are organizing this [name of course] on [date], from [start time] to [end time], and would like you to attend. Kindly save the date and time in your calendar.

This training will take place virtually. Another mail with the joining details will be sent very close to the event.

The main objective of the training is to ensure [XYZ]. And we are sure that by the end of the training, you will know how to [skill/knowledge achieved].

You must complete this training. By doing so, we can ensure the creation and maintenance of a [fair, safe, ethical, compliant, secure] environment for us all. Your utmost commitment to the session is expected.

Thank you in advance.

[name] [email signature]

Example 2: Compulsory Offline Training

Training invitation: [Training course name]. Save the date!

Dear [employee name],

We (name of the concern) are organizing this [name of course] on [date], from [start time] to [end time], and would like you to attend. Kindly save the date in your calendar.

This training will take place virtually. Another mail with the joining details will be sent very close to the event.

All the employees are advised to attend the meeting without fail. The main objective of the training is to ensure [XYZ]. And we are sure that by the end of the training, you will know how to [skill/knowledge achieved].

If you have any special requirements or need any adjustments, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Best Wishes,

(Name and signature)

Example 3: Optional Online Training

Training invitation: [Training course name]. Save the date!

Dear [employee name],

You’re invited to attend [name of the course] on [date], from [start time] to [end time]. Seats are limited, so if you’re interested, kindly respond to this email as soon as you can. But at the latest, by [date].

The training will take place online. A follow-up email with relevant details (link and password) will be sent soon.

The session will be led by [name of the instructor] who [highlights their background and qualifications/experience].

This course is optional, but it provides an opportunity to broaden your knowledge on [course topic] and learn how to [skills/knowledge obtained].

I do hope you can join us.

Thank you,

[name] [email signature]

Bonus: You can discover websites that offer free email marketing templates to make your life easier with this content.

Avoiding the hassle of constructing an appropriate email isn’t the only advantage of using pre-made templates. It will also ensure that the reach of the invitation is greater and that there is a learning vigor improvement in the training. Confidence of trainees increases, which significantly impacts enrollments and learning outcomes.

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