How Online Training Should Be Part of the Onboarding Process

The pandemic has forced us to shift most of our work online. Be it big or small enterprises, a chunk of their employees is working remotely. Hiring new employees under these uncertain circumstances has become a tricky job. Now an efficient employee training process has become more important than ever before. Employees who receive structured onboarding training are more likely to continue with their job, as opposed to the ones who don’t. Onboarding familiarizes employees with the company’s environment and goals and acclimatizes them to their role in the company. According to a study conducted by SHRM, 69% of the employees are likely to stick with a company for three years or more if they experienced a good onboarding process.

With everything shifting online, there has been an increasing shift towards online onboarding training for new employees. That is a new way for companies to adapt to the realities of the virtual work environment. Online onboarding has made careers more accessible and employee development easier and faster.
Why Use Online Training For The Onboarding Process?

E-learning is contributing immensely to the expansion of knowledge among individuals. Online onboarding is the rage at present and is often hailed as the future of employee training. Online learning plays an important role in the life of new employees. If you are a new employee at a company, the first few days on the job will be nerve-wracking for you. Without proper guidance and training, things will take a much longer time to settle down. Proper onboarding and training are essential to increase the employees’ confidence and productivity. With more and more effective tools and resources available online, employers must include an online onboarding program to increase employee efficiency, competency and reduce employee turnover.

Here are some reasons why the online onboarding process is important for both a big company and a small business:

Time-saving and Cost-effective:

We all know that hiring employees and onboarding them can be an extremely time-consuming task. Regularly conducting physical onboarding programs can waste a lot of time for the company’s managers.
According to the e-learning industry, e-learning can reduce overall training time by 40%-60%. By shifting the onboarding process online, not only will they be spared a lot of tedious work hours, but the company will also save some money.

Online Onboarding Can Be Extensive

While a typical onboarding program could accommodate a limited number of employees per session, an online onboarding process could make it accessible to many at one time. Therefore, more employees can simultaneously gain the proper training required for the job at hand.

Online Onboarding Can Be Targeted

Not every employee requires the same kind of training in the company. The training depends upon the kind of work the employee specializes in. So, online employee training can be targeted and modified for different groups of individuals depending on the skills they need to develop.

Include Remote Employees

The online onboarding process is not only helpful for employees working from the office but also for those working remotely. The remote workers often feel rather isolated because of not being physically present. Introducing an online training program – for remote as well as non-remote workers – will be more inclusive for everyone.

Instill A Desire For Learning Among Employees

Employees will remain motivated to expand their knowledge and expertise through efficient online training courses. They will want to learn more about the job duties they are required to fulfill. It will create a positive culture of learning among all employees of the company.

Easier For Employees To Revisit and Revise

Not every employee will be able to grasp everything in the first onboarding training session. Some might have queries and confusion and would like the chance to revisit the training process. When an e-learning course is in place, it facilitates new employees to learn at their own pace, from wherever they want. The onboarding program can be accessed by the new employee repeatedly, whenever needed.

These are just some of the things a strong online onboarding process can help in.

What Should Be The Main Components Of An Effective Online Onboarding Process?

An effective online onboarding training program must be welcoming for the new employee while at the same time giving them adequate knowledge about their job requirements. It should be supported by proper training techniques to enhance the employees’ skills and interests. Some essential components of a good online training session are as follows:

  • The online onboarding program must include a brief of the organization’s history and goals.
  • The e-learning content must be broken into small, comprehensive parts.
  • The online onboarding program must make use of videos to make learning more engaging. It must include webinars and live streaming programs.
  • The e-learning course must have enough resources for employees to refer to.
  • Interactive quizzes can be a good way to engage employees and gauge the success of the training.
  • Creating personalized video messages for employees will ensure better engagement.
  • The onboarding program must include time to address employees’ questions.

  • So an effective e-learning program can transform employee productivity and, in the long run, be beneficial for the organization.

    To ensure that your employees get beneficial knowledge through the online onboarding programs, you must select a concrete e-learning course that will contribute to your company’s growth. By choosing an online onboarding and training program, you will be able to diversify your training process and make use of the best available learning resources online.

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