How to Write a Marketing Resume With No Experience?

Marketing is a creative and quantitative job that allows you to use your multifunctional skills. It is an industry with lots of opportunities and ideal for effective, decisive, and strategic individuals. You need outstanding communication capabilities, that you can learn through marketing courses and that nearly everyone around you can relate to.

The Marketing Week 2019 Carrier and Salary Survey states that over half (5 percent) of marketing professionals say that they did not study academic or technical credentials related to marketing. And not everyone found their qualifications to be useful to those who did it.

This doesn’t mean a bachelor’s degree isn’t necessary. It means, even if you don’t have a marketing degree in your resume and no experience, you could be also a candidate. 

Writing a resume for entry-level marketing

Here is our guide for writing the ideal marketing resume with no experience.

Enhance Your Resume with Certifications

Since we live in the industry 4.0 era, the opinions on a bachelor’s degree or experiences started to change. Your creativity, skills, and goals are now as valuable as your prior works and education. So we encourage you to get some credible digital marketing certificates at the beginning.


Based on the clear message that you are serious about marketing to a potential employer or your first freelance customer, it reveals that you try to think about marketing.

A lot of fancy online digital marketing courses are available. We suggest that you obtain a range of basic certifications from leading organizations.

There is a wide range and you should deepen the issues that you are most interested in.

Display them with pride when you receive your certificates! Put them on your resume, post them on your LinkedIn profile and share with your friends your performance. It doesn’t just encourage you to look more professional, it makes you more motivated.

We also explained how to feature your online courses on your CV.

Read a Lot

You need to continue learning after you understand the basics. Spending at least 4 hours per week in marketing on blogs, webinars, articles, and podcasts on the new marketing innovations could help you fill your entry-level marketing resume with no experience. The marketing industry is highly competitive, and you should stay up-to-date while practicing regularly.

Since the books get outdated so fast, your real secret is blogs and podcasts. You will find your favorite ones gradually and start to return to them regularly. 

You can use the advice of marketing people when familiarizing yourself with the digital marketing blogosphere. There are curated collections of papers approved by real people.

Take Action

Reading is fine, but you need to begin applying your knowledge in practice to learn broadly.

If you think that you have no practical experience, you can create your first gig for cutting-edge marketing resumes for the first job.

Create Your Side Hustle 

You should launch something yourself as quickly as possible. For instance, start a WWII tank model podcast on Spotify, grow an Instagram page, launch a blog. Use your enthusiasm to create a marketing project.

While they might not be known quickly, these mediums are just as much marketing experience in the eyes of an employer as a structured job. 

As the marketing process gets flexible, these projects are great to amplify your resume. If you can demonstrate that you can do this on a side project without budgets, this also demonstrates that you can fit a paid project.

Invest in Your Future

You could just start a homemade pastry shop with a friend. Perhaps the dog rescue shelter wants its social media presence to do a better job. Or even for the new term your university must encourage its postgraduate roles.

Tons of initiatives are in desperate need of the help of a marketer. You will have to work with them for a lot of dedication and a “test subject.” At this point, volunteering is investing in your resume and your future job as a marketer. Just try to see the win-win situations and see it as a marketing internship to fill your resume with no experience.

Create Your Network 

  • You now have to find someone to speak with. This is the networking strength.
  • First of all, networking is an ability that you should master. It’s the result of a lifelong aversion of many people I don’t recognize. Don’t take my word, agree on HBR and the New York Times.
  • Let’s go deeper now, as we have a major concern. Networking is not aimed at finding a job at this stage. The marketing experts need to be identified.
  • Wanna visit the local community? A meeting is a good place to get started and Facebook events are also working.
  • Would you like to go virtually? There are several choices then. Groups on Facebook and Slack communities for digital marketers are good places to go deep. 

Choose the Format for Your Resume

Today we use several main resume templates: chronological, functional, and hybrid, all combined. A chronological summary format lists the reverse-chronological work history of a nominee.

A functional resume format is intended to highlight rather than job experience the candidate’s skills and accomplishments. While this functional CV format can be an enticing choice for low-level job seekers, most employers prefer chronological or hybrid resume formats. No matter which type of resume you want, make sure your format is consistent during the work resumption.

Write a Cover Letter

Even if you are not wanted, sending a short cover letter with your CV is always a good idea. Cover letters show you where your personality comes from and why you are the ideal candidate for this role you must use them. A letter in a stand-out cover can persuade an employer to interview you if your curriculum vitae doesn’t contain everything you want to see.

Customize Your Resume for Each Job Application

Various work posts will include different keywords, various tasks, and so forth. The best approach for having your application noticed and potentially reaching your first job is the appeal to the criteria and requirements of each employer.

Emphasize your Personality and Attitude

Have you noticed how many job descriptions speak of a good mindset or a solid work ethic? This is because these characteristics are universally bound to be a great worker. Employment managers also search for a great individual who can then train in the appropriate skills.

Use your CV and cover letter to clarify the personality features that will make you a better colleague and employee. This can be done by including personal accomplishments which show your drive and willingness.

Specify Your Proposal for a Particular Value

You have a unique mix of talents, features, and experiences that distinguish you from other marketers. You have to describe precisely what this particular mixture is, to produce a genuinely successful resume – we’ll call it your proposal for a value.

Think about what distinguishes you from other marketers in order to build your value proposition. Is this your in-depth marketing analysis knowledge? Do you have the capacity to write outstanding headlines? Maybe it’s your talent to create tough videos? Or maybe you have an amazing record of using social media to boost sales? Anyway, you can use it to distinguish your CV from the crowd.