Top 5 Slack Communities & Channels for Digital Marketers in 2021

Slack is a popular messaging app that helps people share the same interests to build up a community and share valuable information and resources. The communities are casual or formal depending on the members and the community’s objective or main purpose. This is similar to Facebook groups, but it is more advanced, having branches known as channels to discuss and share specific topics and resources.

There are some regulations that a member of a community has to follow to maintain quality information in that community. These communities are present to help in the members’ personal growth and the overall growth of the related field in which they contribute their ideas. 

The network of like-minded people in these communities is very helpful for the marketers to work on the growth of the company. Finding support and interesting ideas with the ease of sharing information is what the Slack communities are all about. These marketing communities have become very popular, linking a massive network of people and helped thousands of people to achieve their target.

There are several different channels present within the main community to discuss the projects’ specific topic, like the Slack Channel For Digital Marketing. Don’t worry if you cannot handle social networking on your own; Slack communities for marketers will save the day.


Best Slack Communities for Digital Marketers

There are numerous channels present to help out the marketers in their area of interest. Some of the prestigious and reliable Slack communities for SEO and marketers are discussed in detail below.

Online Geniuses

Founded by David Markovich, this community has digital marketers, IT professionals, and SEO experts from the top companies like Facebook, Viacom, Google, Best Buy, and so on; this community is one of the reputed slack communities for several reasons. There are 50+ channels present in this community, such as #socialmediamarketing and #seo. The members are very active in this community, and the marketers can get quality advice from the experts within minutes. 


Live events, Q/A sessions are held to help others benefit from the resources shared in this community. Each member of Online Geniuses is manually vetted to maintain quality discussions on the channels. The members can hire part-time employees or look for a part-time job in the #hiring channel. 

The members can ask for advice or a solution to a relevant doubt in the #askmeanything channel. Several sessions were held with prominent members such as Dmitry Gerasimenko and Allyson J. Davis. The most interesting thing about this community is that it is free. You don’t have to pay even a single penny to get these advantages. 


Backlinks are also one the most famous communities, which helps the experts to share knowledge and contribute resources, and get inspired by the ideas shared in this community. It is very helpful in providing the best solutions to major issues faced by professionals in the industry. With channels, namely #guestposts, #general, #random, #traffic-boost, the experts can share their thoughts and ideas and chat with ease with other professionals to join interesting projects.

New trends are shared on content marketing and ideas to improve in that particular area. Guest Posts can be viewed or shared in the Google spreadsheet on the #guestposts channel to improve business relations and create an extensive network. You can grab opportunities to get featured as a guest in other blogs. 


It is the most amazing community that specializes in real-time connectivity. Founded by the same name’s social media management company, it is a very active community with thousands of experienced professionals. This community focuses on content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, web development, blogging, and business. 


You can discuss problems, give challenges, collaborate with like minds professionals, get support and quality advice on this platform. This community has specific channels for weekly goals, #buffer-events, #community-feedback, #announcements, #topic-social media, and even channels to share memes or jokes. 

Monthly zoom chats are conducted for the new people to get familiar with the platform and build business relations with other members. 

Traffic Think Tank

This community was founded by some of the best SEO experts, namely Matthew Barby, Nick Eubanks, and Ian Howells. The marketers can get inspired by the ideas and information shared by them on the Slack community. Hundreds of hours of valuable videos are exclusively available for the members. Live events are organized with top professionals present to give valuable insights on the relevant topic. 


Though the members have to pay to join this community, the experts’ private webinars and their resources are worth the money. The members can get the right direction to achieve their targets by discussing their problems with these professionals. 

The members can learn best practices, tips, and tricks implemented by the experts to maintain their company’s steady growth. 


BigSEO, a free-to-join community, was founded by Steven Van Vessum to promote SEO discussions to an advanced level. This community contains over 2300 members. Channels such as #seo, #business, #technical-seo, #localseo, #events are present to share valuable insights over SEO. The members can build business reactions, create networks, exchange ideas, solve doubts and ask for advice in BigSEO. 

Besides the business stuff, the members can also lighten up the community’s environment by cracking jokes on the separate channel or having a friendly chat to know more about each other. The members can socially connect to others and have friends as well as business relations. 

How Slack Communities Can Help Marketers?

Growth is essential for companies, and therefore digital marketers often feel pressurized and disoriented. Slack channels for marketers can help you in many ways.

  • Providing invaluable ideas and resources shared by experienced professionals to inspire digital marketers.
  • Gain more information about the new trends and plans that can help marketers to stay updated.
  • Expert advice is always available whenever the marketer finds himself/herself in a difficult situation.
  • Each relevant topic is available as channels within the community so that all the resources are sorted.