Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates

Without a doubt, the foreseeable future is going to be commanded by the tech industry. In fact, it has already disrupted so many of our traditional ways of doing things. Every product or service is now available online for purchase or sale, which has caused us to think differently about our existence. We need to know at least the basics of how these new processes work and consider them an important part of life-long learning. Online digital marketing courses with certificates can help us at this point.

It might seem scary in the beginning; however, once you grasp the concepts, it becomes easier. Social media management, digital marketing, graphic designing, etc. are a few examples of such concepts. Although each has its own definition, they are not mutually exclusive but are intertwined at many points. Whether it is for your own business or for leveling up your skills on your resume, having a strong online presence or having the knowledge of these will reap massive benefits.

10 Best Sources Offering Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates in 2022

Here, we will be looking at a few free digital marketing courses with certificates so you can have a brief idea about the same. But first, let us get to know what digital marketing is. Digital marketing is the marketing component that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies and platforms to promote products and services.

You can take up either or more of the following courses depending on your requirements and the type of goals you want to accomplish for yourself or your business. Most of them are of a ‘learn-at-your-own-pace’ kind, so you won’t have to worry about time constraints.

1. Google Skills Shop

This platform is an excellent source for people who want to learn about professional Google tools and solutions. There are nine broad categories, and each of these categories has tutorials on related topics. Let’s take a look:

  • Google Ads, from which you can learn anything and everything about advertising your products across the web and expand your reach to new audiences.
  • Analytics Academy. Here, you get to explore and analyze the numbers of your business and find growth opportunities.
  • Google Marketing Platform allows you to take up courses about their marketing platform tools and receive some of the best digital marketing certificates upon completion.
  • YouTube courses where you can learn about Music Rights Management, Content Ownership, YouTube Analytics, etc. 
  • Waze Academy teaches you the fundamentals of Waze ads and how that platform works.
  • Google for Education provides courses about cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software, and products developed and marketed by Google.
  • Google Ad Manager helps you earn revenue for the ads you post. 
  • Authorized Buyers contains courses wherein you learn to get started as an Authorized Buyer and further learn how to meet a client’s campaign requirements with the appropriate deal type and ad format.
  • Google AdMob. Here you learn how to manage and report on inventory, AdMob mediation to help grow revenue, and control the quality of ads with AdMob.

2. Google Digital Unlocked

This one has training programs for small and medium-sized businesses in India who wish to use the internet to expand their business. For the digital marketing category, they have thirty-one courses ranging from subjects like:

  1. Fundamentals of digital marketing
  2. Promote a business with online advertising.
  3. Get a business online
  4. Expand a business to other countries 
  5. Understand customer needs and online behaviors
  6. Content, advertising, Social IMC, etc   

You need to read the descriptions of the courses you are interested in because each course is created by a different organization. The courses are not arranged in any specific order.

3. Google Analytics Academy

It is a great place to get free digital marketing courses with certificates if you are into using data collection tools and analysis to grow your business. Three reputed instructors take you through the sessions. They have courses for all levels. If you are interested in the basics, the beginner’s course would be perfect for you.

Conversely, if you want to get deeper knowledge, there are courses for that as well. You only need to explore. Also, they have a course on how to use Google Analytics 360, how to build Data Studio Reports, and Google Tag Manager Fundamentals. To get an overview of Google Marketing Platform Analytics Products, you can check out the Analytics Mini-courses on YouTube.

4. Hubspot Academy

HubSpot was named the Leader in Marketing Automation for the Enterprise in G2 Summer 2020 Grid® Report. That makes it all the more reliable, and it offers courses and certifications for marketing, which include a few digital marketing topics like: 

  • Email marketing, 
  • Content marketing, 
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO), 
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Lead Generation, etc. 


They have engaging videos where an expert teaches a particular topic and explains how to use certain related tools. This list of resources and tools is attached at the bottom of each video for the ease of the user. So try it up sometime. It’s one of the best online courses to feature on your CV

5.Moz Academy

This site provides Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tools as well as courses. While not all of its courses are free of cost, it still has one course which teaches you how to use your own SEO software tool called Moz Pro for free. So, why not acquire knowledge from wherever it is being given?

The other paid courses related to SEO topics like Agency, Keywords, Links, Local, Page Optimization, Site Audit, and Research provide a more in-depth understanding. You can also find more SEO courses at DAN Institute.

6.LinkedIn Learning

Another great choice is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is already backed by its brilliant reputation in the professional world, so undoubtedly, you can trust its courses. Just enter the subject you want to learn in the search box, browse through your options (the credentials of who is teaching the course and contents of the course as well), choose the course that excites you most, and begin learning.


You get a free trial for a month, and then you have to pay a subscription fee.

7. eMarketing Institute

Every platform will offer you different modes of learning. On this one, you will be provided with an e-book. You can access ten free courses, out of which some related to digital marketing are:

  • Content Marketing, 
  • E-Commerce, 
  • Email Marketing, 
  • Online Marketing, 
  • Search Engine Optimization,
  • Web Analytics,
  • Affiliate Marketing, etc.


Along with the e-book, you get permission to take a multiple-choice test. Upon passing the test, they email you the certificate. You will need to carefully read the e-book before you take the test.

8. Coursera – Digital Marketing Specialization

While most of the above-mentioned courses have examinations at the end to acquire the completion certificates, Coursera certification requires you to finish a hands-on project successfully. It has a Digital Marketing Specialization, and you can subscribe to any of the seven courses under this specialization and earn a certification for the same. These seven courses are as follows:

  • Marketing in a digital world, 
  • Digital Marketing Analytics in Theory, 
  • Digital Marketing Analytics in Practice, 
  • Digital Media and Marketing Strategies 
  • Marketing in an Analog world, 
  • Digital Marketing Capstone.

This course was also ranked in the top five courses across multiple MOOC providers. In addition, the INC Magazine rated Marketing in a Digital World course as one of the 10 Hottest Online Classes for Professionals in 2015. You can definitely rely on their specialization.

9. Allison

Under the umbrella of marketing courses, this website has about fifteen related to digital marketing. Some of these are: 

  • Google Analytics, 
  • Getting more YouTube subscribers and views, 
  • Facebook Advertising for beginners, 
  • Copywriting, 
  • Selling on Amazon, 
  • Building WordPress Sites, 
  • Google Adsense, etc. 

All of them are free of cost and will result in you getting some of the best digital marketing certificates. You can increase brand awareness, promote your business, and reach a wider audience by implementing the knowledge gathered from these courses.

Developed by free online courses pioneer Mike Feerick, Allison was founded in 2007 and was the first MOOC (massive online open course) provider. Also, we can count Allison as one of the best marketing resources for marketing students.

10. Growth Academy

It offers multiple courses on digital marketing skills and digs deeper into each one of these skills. So, it gives you all levels of free digital marketing courses with certificates, whether it is for digital marketing basics, intermediate knowledge, or advanced knowledge in the discipline of your choosing. To name a few, you will be learning:

  • How to set up and optimize your Google Ads account
  • How to layer Facebook demographic audiences
  • How to set up marketing analytics
  • Create comprehensive digital marketing reports, and much more.


Growth Academy, like Hubspot, also provides flexible, on-demand video training sessions for each course. 

11. edX

One of the leading colleges in Scotland via Edx is offering this extensive digital marketing course. The course can be completed in around 8 weeks by practicing for four to six hours a week. The curriculum is complete. This will be one of the top alternatives for students looking for the most inclusive free digital marketing curriculum. Course certificates may be achieved at the premium edX level which also forms part of professional certification. The lessons of each module can still be freely audited. You can read and watch the entire content by auditing the course.

12. Coursera – Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

Courses Fifth of a seven-part Digital Marketing specialization, the digital media, and marketing strategies course of the University of Illinois. It can be completed free of charge in audit mode or the premium version, as with all Coursera programs. A certificate will be sent to students who choose a premium version.

You will be taught a free 15-hour digital marketing course:

• How can your digital assets be optimized

• Online and video marketing fundamentals •

• Email and social media marketing fundamentals

13. Social Media Quickstarter

The Social Media Quest Starter from Constant Contact highlights opportunities in social media marketing to incorporate e-mails, maximizing the effect of both channels. Students can explore digital marketing methods on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and online listings or reviews through several step-by-step lectures. The structure of the courses makes them excellent for rookie marketers, with components such as glossaries and guidebooks, and practical examples of training.

14. Wordstream

Wordstream is a search engine and software firm that assists marketers to deliver their sponsored search and social media campaigns with the highest ROI. These free tutorials and e-books provide readers with different degrees of pay-per-click (PPC) expertise in distilling knowledge and best practices.

15. Quintly Academy

Quintly is a tool for social media analytics, which offers training in five academies. The self-run course offers an overview of social media analysis, benchmarking, and targeting utilizing textual materials and video classes that are downloadable.

16. Udemy

This free social media training is designed to maintain a finger on the pulses of your community and how to monitor what your viewers and clients say online. Whether you are a social media student or an experienced veteran, this course offers actionable social monitoring for people of all levels of expertise.

The subjects are as follows:

  • Google Search Keyword Filtering
  • Google alerts and their advantages
  • Identification of influence and opportunities for content curation
  • Facebook, Twitter, and other surveillance methods

17. Class Central

This free online marketing course, taught by Professor Jonah Berger at the University of Pennsylvania, aims to unravel the enigma of why certain ideas or goods are popular and why others aren’t popular. For social media managers and marketers who want to place their content marketing strategy behind a ‘science.’ It is ideal.

You will begin by studying why things get started and how to use these skills to produce viral content online. Then, using social media and other digital marketing methods, you will share your unique and creative ideas.

18. Coursera – An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing

Comprehension of this topic can assist marketers and companies make data and research-based decisions.

A journey through the basic brain mechanisms of consumer choice will take you and how to keep up to speed with these subjects. The marketing lesson provides an outline of neuroscience’s current and future use in business and how you may implement it in your own social media and marketing strategy.

19. Unbounce

Curious about marketing campaigns’ power of landing pages? Unbounce has the art of a beautiful scientific page. And they share all that information with you, no questions asked, in this thorough online marketing lesson.

The landing pages are guided by the conversion course from “Landing Page 101” through “Copying” and even “Test and Optimize.” This is the best course for you if you’ve ever been inquisitive about the capacity of your landing pages and how they may help you to expand your business.

20. Facebook

Facebook Blueprint provides users with free access to a variety of Digital Marketing Courses. These courses are designed to take account of business requirements so that everyone can quickly discover the advantages of digital marketing for their firm. During courses, you can also enroll in other short video descriptions, like Business Manager, Facebook startup, Facebook Groups to engage your public, and more. Professional marketers, who have extensive knowledge in this area, construct the courses.


“To practice in an area requires around 10 thousand hours,” writes Gladwell in Outliers’ book.

The comment from him simply shows that you can learn anything you want with sufficient work, patience and practice. We hope you will find some amazing social media classes and marketing materials online.

There is always room for more learning. Adapting to changes is all the more crucial for surviving in a world that is slowly but surely being dominated by technology.

While the list we have assembled contains most of the popular sources for taking up free digital marketing courses with certificates, the number of courses you can choose is not limited. With the help of marketing certifications, you can easily get hired from one of the best Facebook marketing companies.

These courses and these online course providers would give you heaps of pointers on how to enhance your digital performance, and you will no longer be one of those who are clueless about the workings in the virtual world of business. Happy Learning!

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