How to Write a CV for Digital Marketing in 2024?

Advertising through digital platforms or channels like social media, email, and websites is known as digital marketing. In the modern world, digital marketing has become a necessity to grow a business.

Below is a complete guide to writing a CV for digital marketing in 2024.

What to put on a CV for digital marketing?

First, you should decide what to put on a CV for digital marketing.

Profile: This is the first section that the potential employers will see, and thus, it has to be short and informative. It is imperative to keep it short. You can include a maximum of 2 or 3 bullet points. You must also make sure that your resume lists your technical skills and not your soft skills. A digital marketing CV example for the profile section is listed below:

Ideal Profile for Digital Marketing CV

  • Digital marketing specialist with a proven track record of delivering growth and profit for the business website through increased traffic and sales conversion.
  • Possesses strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office, SEM Rush, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords.

Work Experience/Professional experience: There is a list of simple things that should be included in this section. You must begin with the company’s name, followed by your designation at the company, and then the duration for which you worked there. After carefully listing this out, you must mention what you did for the company. This means writing down all the roles and responsibilities that you had to handle. Mentioning these points in bullet points makes your resume more reader-friendly.

If you have no working experience, don’t worry; we posted an article about writing a marketing resume with no experience.

Key skills: Under this section, you can compile a simple list of things that make you the ideal candidate for the job. You need to list your skills in digital marketing and present them in the form of bullet points. Key skills for digital marketing CV include SEM rush, Google analytics, search metrics, Google Adwords, and Open site explorer. It should be a list of all the important skills for a successful career in digital marketing.

Skill ratings: In 2021, it is common to use skill ratings while applying for a digital marketing job. Skill rating is a graphical representation of the skills you possess in digital marketing. After listing out your relevant skillset, you should rate yourself on each skill mentioned. You can use several formats to represent your skill ratings like stars, bars, dots, or just numbers. It gives your potential employer a quick glimpse into assessing your skills and expertise in various fields.

Certifications: You must include a complete list of credentials. Any certification related to digital marketing should be listed here because it will significantly boost your chances of employment. As a bonus tip, you can try to use the logos of the certification while mentioning it. It is an excellent practice to do so because most employers will recognize and identify the logo. This will be quicker than reading through a written list of certifications. If you are still not sure how to feature them on your CV, you can get help from the “how to feature online courses on CV” article.

Education: Under this section, your educational qualifications have to be mentioned. You should use the same format used to list your work experience. This means your latest qualification should be listed at the top, and the rest of your education must be arranged accordingly. A digital marketing cv example for the Education section is listed below:



Key achievements: Your celebrated achievements in every company or your accomplishments in college or other events are to be listed under this section. It is ideal to avoid creating a separate section following your work experience or professional experience section. You can add these achievements under the relevant company/place mentioned in the work experience section. Every good digital marketer knows that they should not play with words in this section. You must present your achievements as facts and figures to show the conversion that you brought as a digital marketer in the previous job.

Contact information: Under the contact information section, you need to mention your email id, mobile number, and LinkedIn profile link, providing more information about you as a digital marketer for the potential employer. 

How to improve a CV for digital marketing?

Given below are a few tips on improving your digital marketing CV :

Mirror your job description: Mirroring your job description means checking the roles, duties, experience, and qualifications that have been listed in the job description, and comparing it with your profile to determine whether you are eligible for the job. This will give you a better idea about how well you can fit into the position and whether you have all the required skills.

If you find yourself lacking in any area, you should work towards overcoming this gap by continuing at your current job. You must try to take duties and responsibilities to help achieve your goal and provide you with valuable experience.

Buzzwords: A smart trick is to mark all the buzzwords or keywords mentioned in the job description and match them with your digital marketing CV. Highlighting these words will give the potential hiring manager a clear indication that you are well-suited for the job. 

This tip can be demonstrated with an example. If the job description mentions SEO and traffic, then you should tailor your CV to reflect these buzzwords in your work experience, like generated organic traffic of 18%. You can follow the method for an SEO campaign, which shows an increase of 115% in organic traffic.

This helps the potential employer easily match these skills to the job description. Thus, the chances of your digital marketing CV getting selected will increase. You will be quickly shortlisted for an interview and a potential job.

Online Courses: Online courses are one of the best ways for improving your CV and if you believe your work experience isn’t enough for demonstrating your knowledge you can enroll in prestigious online courses. It will help you to build your digital marketing career.

Accomplishments for Resume

 Writing your accomplishments is a good practice, but most of the digital marketing CV for freshers have no or little mention of any accomplishment. They assume that valid achievements only come with job experience, but this is not the case. A fresher can mention the campaigns and small personal achievements that led to a substantial saving of money or time on their digital marketing projects. 

One important thing to keep in mind while mentioning accomplishments is to keep it relevant to the job description. Whatever achievement you are mentioning should be related to digital marketing and should give the recruiter a clear idea about your digital marketing skills and potential.

Quantify: This tip is an extension of accomplishments. Whatever your accomplishments are, whether it is punctuality or effective budgeting or generating traffic, it should be mentioned in a quantifiable result. You must present it in terms of numbers, percentages, and graphical representations. This gives your potential employer a clear idea of your accomplishments. It is an easy way for the hiring manager to match your skills with the job description and help them make a quick decision. Quantification of accomplishment, especially in a digital marketing CV, will make it much more appealing. Your CV will stand out from others.

Thoroughness: This is an important tip and should be implemented in every digital marketing CV. Being thorough concerning the dates numbers is crucial. While mentioning your work experience, you must mention both the years and the months. This will create a good impression on your potential employer because it does not look like you are trying to hide a gap in your CV. If there are gaps, you must do your best to be thorough and answer any questions regarding the gap.

Bullet points: As mentioned multiple times, using bullet points is a must. Writing paragraphs will not help you get a job. Bullet points make it easier for potential employers to understand the content. Using bullets in areas like work experience and critical responsibilities increases your chances of selection by helping the potential employer to match it to the requirements.

CV Formats for Digital Marketing

They say that the first impression is the best impression. Your CV is your first impression, so it has to be perfect for the job of your choosing. There are several ways to make a digital marketing CV. Here is a list of easy and quick ways to create a suitable CV for your dream job: 

  1. Microsoft Word: This is the simplest way to create a CV. Microsoft Word is the most easily accessible method. You can start your CV by simply typing it out on a word document template of your choice.
  1. Microsoft PowerPoint: A digital marketer is expected to be accomplished in design. Microsoft PowerPoint is among the easiest ways to create a design-oriented digital marketing resume.
  1. Online tools: Several free tools or websites are available to help you make a professional digital marketing CV like CV Maker, Visual CV, Canva, and Resume builder. These websites can be easily accessed and help you create a professional CV for digital marketing free of cost.