Best Growth Marketing & Hacking Courses and Training in 2022

Every start-up looks for one thing as they are setting up in the industry: a greater number of users. Only by expanding the user base can one expect to further business-related goals. Unless a start-up manages to grow with considerable speed, it will be considered a failure. 

The requirement calls for a growth hacker. Growth hackers are marketers whose sole goal is to grow the company exponentially. They use inexpensive and creative ways to ensure that the product reaches a large population, resulting in more company users.

Growth hacking is a recent term coined by Sean Ellis in 2010. With its birth, various start-ups have noticed tremendous growth in their user base. The best examples are Airbnb and Dropbox. Marketers worldwide are looking for innovative growth hackers that can aid the company’s development with their refreshing ideas. Adding this skill to your resume can make you the most desirable candidate.


Top Online Growth Hacking & Marketing Courses

Here are the top online resources that one can use to learn growth hacking. These growth hacking courses have been curated by experts and provide a detailed look at this new dimension of marketing. Enhance your resume by adding the certificates you can gain by completing these courses.

Linkedin Marketing Foundations: Growth Hacking Course

Growth hacking needs to be carried out – organizations need to replenish their staff, business, and customers — but it pays dividends. This course introduces the common tactics for growth hacking to overload your marketing approach. Find out how to construct a growth team, and redefine customer travel and identity growth rates and loops: simple optimizations that can have a major impact on marketing and ROI efforts. Find out how you may start the development process, survive increasing efforts and take advantage of opportunities, for example, your existing client base. Brad Batesole, the instructor, explains how SEOs, influence, content commercialization, social media, and advertising are used to boost your business. Lastly, discover the critical measurements to monitor your growth and performance.

GrowthHackers – Full Beginners Course

Created by the original growth hacker Sean Ellis himself, hosts an online course, “Complete Beginners Course to Become a Growth Hacker.” The curriculum goes in-depth with all the topics and techniques that a beginner should be aware of. Along with it, the course is structured to help you learn the techniques and apply them at your own pace.

Keeping it budget-friendly, the course is available for $299. On the website, you will find a community of experienced growth hackers who can guide and help you at every step of your journey towards becoming one of them.

CXL – Growth Marketing Mini Degree

CXL might be the place for people who want an extensive amount of information and coursework dedicated to growth marketing. Their Online Growth Marketing Course contains around 114 hours of video, making it one of the time-consuming marketing online courses.


The growth hacking training guides you at every step, from project management to defining specific marketing goals. The course is available at $899. The syllabus is the perfect choice for beginners and those who are already working in the field of growth hacking and are looking for a career and skill enhancement.

Reforge – Growth Series

The refuge offers an extensive growth hacking training program through their Growth Series. The course is developed and designed by Brian Balfour for fellow growth hackers who have at least three years of experience. The training program lasts for six weeks.

It is designed to provide more opportunities for the learners to put their skills into use and polish them through various exercises. One will need to give at least 5 to 8 hours each week to the course. For participation in the training, one needs to pay a fee of $3,495.

Udemy – Hypebomb – Growth Hacking for Start-Ups

Hypebomb course is targeted toward people who are setting up their start-ups or small businesses. The impact of digital marketing on small businesses increasing every day. The course discusses marketing strategies that have worked in the past and how new entrepreneurs can utilize them to garner more clients. The curriculum also details strategies that can help you strengthen your online presence and turn your potential clients into recurring. The course is offered at €34.99 and is self-paced.

Skillshare – Basics of Growth Marketing

This quick growth hacking course is the perfect way to get an overview of growth marketing. The minute videos guide you through the strategic model followed by past companies that experienced an exponential boom in their users. These include Uber, Quora, Airbnb, YouTube, and others.


The course also includes a practical workshop to put together a growth marketing strategy on its own. The course works best for those who need a short introduction to the topic. It is available for free for Skillshare members. The membership costs $15 per month.

Growth Tribe Academy

After the pandemic, Growth Tribe Academy commenced its online growth hacking course. They provide live and interactive classes that aid in active learning and ensure that they complete the course in due time. After each online class, the learners receive study material relating to the topic covered in the class. One can enhance their learning by perusing the material. The course is available in various lengths, from 3 day crash course to a 12-week immense course. The pricing is as follows.

  • 3-Day Growth Marketing Crash Course for $1,397.
  • 6-Week Growth Marketing Evening Course for $2,297.
  • 12-Week Growth Hacking Immersive Course for $2,999.

Ryan Holiday – Growth Hacker Marketing Course

The growth hacking training program is developed by Ryan Holiday and includes various exercises and workshops that help you learn the skill by using and practicing it.

It is a self-paced course that begins with the framework that governs growth hacking and can create feasible and plausible strategies. Once you pay $59 for the course, you have lifetime access to it.

Demand Curve Growth Marketing Training Course

The Demand curve course will help you learn the complete spectrum of growth marketing with all of your market and company-specific experiences.

This self-paced training is a way to dive into your landing pages, Google Ads, Facebook Announcements, and e-mails. When you have registered, you have access to all your programming for 1 year, and extended team access for 6 months to more in-depth feedback and growth teachers. You may also buy specific sections of the course. You have to complete this course for an average of 2-3 months.

Growth Hacker Marketing Course Review – Ryan Holiday

ryan holiday-review

Ryan holiday-review

If you want to be updated on the new methods and strategies, we listed top Slack communities for digital marketers which will help you to meet with the growth marketing experts around the world.

Why You Should Take a Growth Marketing Course?

Nowadays marketing transformed into something different. Marketers don’t sit anymore in the room and create appealing slogans. They now need to be more technological, more analytical, and have a large part of the conventional customer funnel owned.

Your typical training and marketing understanding become outmoded. Companies will not hire you to take part in advertising efforts anymore – they want you to plan, build, run your advertising campaigns, influence, and understand your products more deeply.

Marketing Growth courses are just for you if you have a love for marketing and wish to master growth hacking tactics on demand, you want to take the marketing route and go for a concert and you wish to implement growth tactics for your projects and conduct marketing much like a professional company does.


Understanding Growth Marketing San Francisco

Growth will ultimately be what makes a startup/product or tears it down. However, the majority of digital marketers and technologically knowledgeable contractors fail to understand real growth hacking (or growth marketing). This class will examine the basic concepts underlying growth marketing and pave the way for success and quick success.

Learn the basics, including activities and retention of growth marketing. Learn how the growth metrics are tracked and analyzed. Get how growth can be hacked, tests carried out and improvements measured.

Growth hacking is always a trend in the field of marketing. It would be best to find as many opportunities to put your innovative and novel strategies into practice to test them out and detect their loopholes and drawbacks in them. These growth marketing courses are comprehensive training programs, which enable you to build your organization with theoretical and empirical know-how It covers quantitative and analysis abilities, technological competence, qualitative research, writing, storytelling, acquisition of channels, and program management — the whole spectrum of knowledge that you need to develop.